Does anyone understand Virgo men???

  • Hey so i'm a 25 yr old single mum and i'm a scorpio, I've had a few exes who are virgos and i've always thought i understood them fairly well (for the record theres always been good reasons for the splits e.g. violence on their part). i've recently met another (oh god) who seems to embody everything i've ever wanted from a partner!! He's good looking, smart, fuuny, kind, cares about my son... blah blah!! Only thing is i dont know if he feels the same. within a few weeks of meeting him i came on to him (having been totally confident he fancied me) but he (very kindly) turned me down, explaining that i'm a client and he's going through a divorce so cant act on it.

    Since, however, he's carried on acting in a way which makes me think he likes me, suggesting we become friends on Facebook (sad i know, but as a virgo a complete no no to sacrifice his professional integrity), paying me lots of compliments like how intellegent, amazing, warm i am, giving me advice without needing to, hinting at meeting up (which we are doing... as friends) and doing liitle things for me like arranging a refresher excel course for me when i metntioned my skills were rusty (i think it took him quite a bit of negotiating too). BUT he never gets in touch, its always me who initiates conversations and sometimes he seems to have better things to do (bloody football) and when i've bumped into him he's been all stuttery and couldn't get away quick enough... so confused!! should i just walk away, although i think i'm in too deep now to even consider it, or make another move??

  • The fact that he is going through a divorce would make him extremely leery of jumping into another relationship before he has sorted out what went wrong in his marriage.

  • thanks captain. his marriage ended nearly 5 years ago and it was his decision??

  • Yes but it can take a long time to figure out what went wrong and he will want to do this before he gets into another relationship. He may be stuck because he cannot work out exactly what happened and how to avoid it next time.

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