I need some insights on my ex scorpio

  • I broke up with my ex last month. When we broke up he accused me of cheating on him, which I never had. We were together for 8 months. Please bear with me.. I need your help..

    First week: I didn’t contact him. He did contact me online, said hi and said he’s thinking about me and asking where I am. I was out having dinner with friends. And that was it. I contacted him 2 days later, we chatted a bit and he turned this chat into another drama by accusing me again.I stayed calm and I did in my power to assure him that I never cheated on him. I ignored him and he called me. He was really calm nothing like the words he said on yahoo, which stung me real bad. On this week, he asked whether I'm seeing someone else or talk to someone else, and I said no, because I didn’t.

    Second week: He contacted me again, and he went mad all over again at me, accusing me and bringing everything in the past. He said, “if u felt half as crazy as I am now, you would be contacting me like I am now.”. I said, “I did, but u keep accusing me when I contacted u last time and you’re doin it now. How am I suppose to do?”. He still asked about whether I talk or see someone else after we broke up and I said no. Shortly, I ended up changed the topic and we talked about other stuffs. At the end of convo he said, “maybe we should get together some time.” I said, “sure.”

    Third week: He contacted me again, we talked for 2 hours. I asked if he’s seeing someone else and he said no. He’s too busy right now, he doesn’t even wanna date anyone and feel pretty turn off to relationship after we broke up. He asked me, “Why do u want to?” I said, “All I know right now is I still wanna be with u cause I do still love you.” He replied, “I dunno.. Im going through hard time right now. I mean I dunno what wud happen. We tried and we tried and we tried to work things out. i just feel like we are too similar in ways and too different in other ways and it’s hard because I do love you.”

    Fourth week: he’s getting distant at me so I made a move, contacted him but he’s being passive. Didn’t really asked about anything in my life. I texted him one day, he didn’t reply. So I decided to make last attempt to write him email, I poured my heart out about our relationship, did some self-introspection and where things went wrong. And I did mention I wanna get back but I also give him space if he needs it. Next day, he said he got my mail and he said he needs time to think about it.. Then the day after, he asked if we could meet up on Sunday, which was yesterday. He’s still jealous at me about who I went out with and stuffs. But I was just out with my friends, I haven’t seen new guy.

    So we met, we talked he’s getting talkative. And I brought up the topic about the email. He said he doesn’t have the answer yet, he needs to read it again. Then he continued saying, “you should understand that my life’s changed right now and my job is very stressful (it’s true tho..) and I can’t deal with the issue if we got back together and nothing’s changed. If we wanna get back together, I have to see something’s changed. I do miss you and I wanna hang out with you, let’s just stay friends and see how things are. Al we did was just talk and talk about it but nothing’s changed..”

    I asked him if he still loves me and he said of course I do.. I asked him if he’s seeing anybody and he said no. he asked me the same question and I said no, he asked one more time “are u sure?” and I said no. We ended up having sex that night. I woke up first, I was at his porch then he went to me reminding me to take a shower cause i need to work. Then when I was about to leave, he kissed me 3 times.. When I left, he texted me “good seeing u..” and asked about the traffic. We texted each other for 3more times. At night I found him online and asked how his day was, we chatted for a bit then he went to bed cause he’s really tired..

    I feel like he wants to see how far I wud go to prove my love for him. I feel like he wants to test my patience. At the same time, he needs to see that change but im afraid of getting into this FWB thing.. I know for a fact he still loves me. But i'm just scared…

    I did send him email last night to respond to his wish to take things slow. I told him that I respect his wish to take things slow and I understand his situation. I can’t pressure him more to be in a relationship with me without seeing any changes. I said I accept his decision and I want to gain his trust to see that changes. I wanna make this work for both of us cause I know we both still love each other. I will give him space and at the same time I need him to give effort for us.

    Does it make me seem weak and desperate by emailing him that? Well I just wanted him to know that i'm being sincere and genuine to what I said about what I want from us. He hasn’t replied or said anything until now. We haven’t spoken to each other for 4 days. Last time was on Monday when I found him online. Why is he doing this to me? What is he trying to do?

    Also, he's been adding on his fb.. and his friends said he's been sleeping around with plenty girls ever since we broke up. He's hurt and I can can see he's hurt. maybe that's what he does out of depression? But he's been loyal and never cheated when he's with me..

    My mind’s filling with negatives now that everything he said was just his intention saying in a soft way that he cant get back to me, slowly but sure drifting away, hoping I would get his message. But all he said makes sense to me. He wouldn’t wanna risk his job to be with me without seeing any changes because we have tried and tried in the past.

    Please help what should I do to get back with him? Do u think it's really over and he's just being nice to me when he said that?

    Thank you so much! Especially for reading this... I know it's long but i'm really lost and need some insights..

  • Did you fight about things like who's pursuing who and keeping secrets while you were together?

    I say that because all water signs like to be pursued--it makes us feel wanted. We aren't that good at pursuing. Oh we can draw someone to us, but then we like it when the person makes moves. This is one of those sticking points in the beginning of a relationship between water signs and it can create conflict. Did he ever tell you he felt like he was making all the effort?

    I don't know if its too late or not. You seem to be pursuing--which is fine--but Scorp boy might be thinking, "all this time and now you pursue"? It might feel fake to him or he may not trust it. And vice versa for how you would feel as well. If he never pursued, but then started to in a big way after you broke up--you might not trust that, right?

    Its a fine dance with water signs and if understanding and empathy is applied, these conflicts can take care of themselves.

    Also, again water signs hate when people keep secrets from us but we love to be 'mysterious.' This may have been why he kept asking you if you had cheated--he felt like you were holding something back. He could sense it. Being the paranoid Scorp he is, he immediately thought you were cheating. You could have been holding a completely innocent thing back from him, like a thought you were having that you hadn't decided to share yet, or a poem or whatever. Scorp read "cheating." Possessiveness.

    Finally, I have found in my own life that Fishies are very sensitive and get their feelings hurt very easily over even the smallest perceived slight. This really hurts Scorpio because getting hurt by something that we never meant to be hurtful makes us think you think we are people who would willingly hurt someone we love. It eats away at our feelings of trust. So, if possible, if in future you feel hurt by Scorp--let him know right a way. Holding onto hurt never works. Hope this heps.


  • Hey scorpwithwings… Thanks for the reply..

    No I never kept secrets. Every time he’s jealous, I asked him to see it for himself about my ym or my fb or anything, if that could make him trust me. I’m not scared of it because I didn’t hide anything from him. But he didn’t do it.

    At first, he pursued me, he was all over me and always wanted to hang out with me. Then, after having these fights, he realized we were being codependent to each other. I always came to his place on Friday and stayed over until Sunday.

    We’d been fighting since Feb-march, basically because of his jealousy over my fb and twitter male friends.. I did assure him and I did ask him what he wants me to do to see I didn’t flirt with those guys. I never did flirt and I never did cheat on him. I was being patient and understanding.

    Then on march, I saw a text from his ex sending him a kiss. I confronted him about it but he said there’s nothing between them, I was in doubt but I said ok I trust u. Then in april, he went outta town for 2 weeks (business purposes). We didn’t talk during the day, cause I didn’t wanna disturb him. So I always tried to find him at night. Everytime I called him at dinenr time, he never picked up but then he could sent me a text instantly after I called him. I didn’t need him to talk to me long, I just wanted to say hi. He called every night at 11pm. But I just found it shady he never picked up during dinner time. He said he’s with his friends having dinner, didn’t feel like it’s polite picking up the phone.

    We broke up in mid of may, after he asked for a space. We didn’t meet for 2 weeks but he wanted to be in contact. Then we met, and I became emotional because I was so scared of losing him and the next day he’s acting really cold and didn’t even talk to me. Just quiet. Everytime I tried to talk he would respond but that’s it. So that night, I packed my stuff, I acted really cold and hurt by his behavior and went out to his porch. He came out and asked me, “So I guess we’re done now?”. I said, “yes.”

    Then he started accusing me of cheating on him. I can tell his face that he’s hurt. But I didn’t cheat on him.

    I never did this with my exes, usually after a break-up. I would just disappear, but I love him so I put aside my ego and tried my best to make it work.. I want to contact him, but he’s just being passive now.

    So what should I do now? Should I always be the one initiating the contact? I do know he doesn’t like being ignored but I don’t know what he’s thinking now.. whether if he wants me to pursue him or just give him space.. If I keep contacting him, wouldn’t he see me as someone desperate?

    Or if it’s really over for us.. but what he said seem make sense to me, I know he’s hurt and he can’t be with me until he sees changes.. But how can he see changes if he doesn’t contact me and ask me out again..

    Thank you.

  • You should delete every guy on your Facebook and then tell him and say,"There. Are you happy now?" lol (That's what a Scorp would do.) Don't fight just state it matter of factly. Seriously delete your brothers, cousins every single guy on you FB. Just have all girls. lol

    Ok, I'm Just kidding--but if it wasn't such a pain, that would be excellent to do and so fun to see his reaction. lol

    He doesn't want you to have friends but he gets to have friends. Ok

    Go hang out with friends again and tell him to call you whenever he's ready. Go have some fun!

  • Lol.. i did delete random guys from my fb after we broke up.. but not the ones who are actually my friends tho..

    Just sent him a message saying i miss him.. he's probably sleeping now, just wanna tell him that.

    just read the message we had on yahoo. I actually did initiate the contact almost everyday.. maybe that's what should do..

    Do u think there's still a chance for me? Why is he ignoring me now.. ? Since you're a scorp, u probably know. Im just guessing that the mixed feelings keep him on guard and he actually wants to see me pursuing him... Do u scorps like women to pursue u?

  • I just wish at least he would respond to my mail... 😞

  • You are not the problem so YOU can not fix this. I have been married 40 plus years to a Scorpio--raised two and most my closet friends have been scorpios. I can tell you that right off a Pisces would have a tough time but there are planetery influences that make everyone unique and help that. But from a psychic perspective I do not see a resolve for the this relationship---although I see the possability of a split then a reconnect years later and the man will have matured some. The problem is in his head and part of the scorpio nature. They are very loyalty demanding--it is important as they themselves are loyal and honesty is essential to them. A immature scorpio or a less evolved one will be suspiciouse to the extreme and nothing you do will stop it. I laughed at the advice about deleting all males from FB---that says it all---and the point IS---you will never be able to calm his fears as long as other men exhist on the planet so it''s a waste of your pain to prolong this as it will errode your selfesteem and inner power because it will shift your thinking that somehow you are doing something wrong. You trying to defend yourself only makes you weak in his eyes--another Scorpio traite--they hate weakness in others and can not resist poking at others weakness. They are not for the weak. AND the pisces can be a very gentle meek soul who swims around drama. There is passion but it is different than the passion Scorpios live in. Do not let him get away with this manipulation any more---He has to trust you or not and if he doesn't he has to tell you why. THAT's how you maintain boundries--Scorpios push boundries but deep down they respect others that have them. I'm picking up that he feels these fears in all relationships and it has nothing to do with you. You must muster up an anger--the justice kind--that says to him look I have been loyal to you and will not have you making me into something I'm not--you obviosely have trust issues and you need to OWN it and stop projecting your insecurities on me. Then you tell him altho your heart says love your head says this is not how love behaves and until you get yourself together and respect me without being a suspiciouse tyrant and bully do not call me. You must dump this problem in the lap of were it belongs. I am seeing a deceit from another that fed his fear. There is someone who is feeding his fears---BUT it does not excuse him because if he wasn't so insecure he'd know better as Scorpios when in power of themselves sniff out deceit in others quikly so this other person who is goading him to not trust you would not have any power. If you walk away---let this situation play out and leave it to him to figure out will give him room to learn. As it stands, a Scorpio with trust issues will never work. You will suffer until he heals. Scorpio relationships are not for the weak as it is---let alone dealing with one with seriouse trust issues as they can be ruthless when betrayed and their sting is real so to have one that can not trust is asking for misery. Know who you are! Demand that respect. Do not defend a fear or crime you do not own! Scorpios often when feeling vulnerable will pull away and use that to put the other person in chase mode. Do not chase a Scorpio. It may seem like forever but if it's real THEY come to you and respect that. It's a tricky thing---they act like they want you completely but realy deep down they lose respect for neediness in anyone. If you are determined to stay with him at least change your need for him. A scorpio man prefers an independant woman who has a life when he's busy with his. They can be moody---like their space--tend to keep their fears to themselves and it's best to just know they are dealing with something and ignore their moods--walk away, get busy in your own life and if you do a good scorpio always comes around when his drama is over. If you are looking for calm predictable waters---do not fall for a Scorpio. My best advice---when a Scorpio asks for space--give it to him--and them some!!! Never let them take you for granted---they consider it a weakness and will torture you for it! BLESSINGS! PS i see a new man within six months--a June connection--possibly a Gemini. Something from that PAST brings him forward.

  • Your boyfriend seems jealous and possessive.

    He likes to be in control and he likes having you tied around his pinky.

    I would advise you to move on.

    He's childish, illogical and obviously wants more from you then what he wants to give to you. I can tell you, as a Scorpio, he might never trust you again.

    You deserve so much better as you seem to have so much love in your heart.

    He needs to grow up, and you need to grow apart from him.

  • PSPS--that June connection within six months can also mean someone you connected to in June will reconnect around nov-dec---but am definate there is a June connection to this man.

  • Hey blmoon.. thanks for the reply..

    I’ve been initiating the contact for the past 3 days.. Yesterday he responded passively. Ended up not replying back. I texted him todayand asked him if he wants to hang out tom.. He said he has meeting tom morning and will text me after.

    I love him blmoon, I never pursued him like this ever since we broke up. Usually I would wait for him to initiate first then I made the next move. Should I just leave him now and wait if he contacts me? Usually after 3-4 days he would but I’ve been trying to find him for the last 3 days..

    Do u think it’s over for us? What should I do to get him back? Should I ask him what makes him acting disinterested like this and what makes him hard to trust me? Just wanna get to the bottom of the issue really..

    I did tell him I wanna work this out and I need his effort but I’m not seeing it from him.. instead he is acting passive. He’s the one who wanted to see if there would be changes and I complied but why he is acting this way… What changes he actually want to see?

    I really want to write him email that I’m not into games like this. I’m serious about what I said and I’m not trying to force him back 100% but at least a bit of effort would be appreciated. I agree to take things slow but I can’t tell if he’s seroious or not when he said he wants to take things slow, if he’s acting passive like this. I wanna get to the bottom of the issue why it’s hard for him to trust me again. I am a lady and I do not lower my integrity by doing the things that he accused me of doing. I wanna say I’ll leave him to figure out and judge my sincerity I’ve been trying to work this out. Is it too soon if I write this email to him? It’s been a week since the last time we met.

    this is not how love behaves ->> I agree with this entirely.

    I agree I have this feeling that his friend is talking back behind me as well. My ex met this guy months after he met me, and truthfully he is not a good guy. I’m afraid my ex is getting influenced by his lifestyle. But I never said anything bad about him to my ex tho.

    Am I being weak by showing my sincerity this whole time to him? I dunno I just thought that they like it when someone’s showing deep genuine feelings and I’ve been true to my feelings to him. And I’m not afraid of shedding my ego as well for the one I love but that takes two to tango, right? I never called him 10 times a day, actually I called him once after we broke up but he didn’t pick up. Then I never called again. Does this scorpio think I'm being weak by showing my good intention?

    I tried to contact him every 2-3 days if he doesn’t just because I wanna see his effort as well. Does it make him think I’m not being consistent about my will? I don’t wanna appear like im after him like crazy as well. Im just giving him space.

    Also, about this new guy within 6 months.. Is it a Gemini?

    Something from that PAST brings him forward.--> u mean that could be one of my exes?

    that June connection within six months can also mean someone you connected to in June will reconnect around nov-dec---but am definate there is a June connection to this man. >>> do u mean someone who I met in june will contact me again around nov-dec?

    Thank you!!

  • Hey CodenameBnna..

    Yea he is jealous and possessive. I mean I don’t mind with his jealousy, it makes me feel secure somehow, but I agree he needs to control it. I know I shouldn’t have reacted to it.

    I still wanna try until he really said that he doesn’t want it with me.. cause he said he still loves me and he wants to take things slow. So that means we could still make it. I don’t wanna give up if he still has that love for me.

    I did tell him I wanna work this out and I need his effort but I’m not seeing it from him.. instead he is acting passive. He’s the one who wanted to see if there would be changes and I complied but why he is acting this way… What changes he actually want to see?

    I really want to write him email that I’m not into games like this. I’m serious about what I said and I’m not trying to force him back 100% but at least a bit of effort would be appreciated. I agree to take things slow but I can’t tell if he’s seroious or not when he said he wants to take things slow, if he’s acting passive like this. I wanna get to the bottom of the issue why it’s hard for him to trust me again. I am a lady and I do not lower my integrity by doing the things that he accused me of doing. I wanna say I’ll leave him to figure out and judge my sincerity I’ve been trying to work this out. Is it too soon if I write this email to him? It’s been a week since the last time we met.

    I just dunno why he is acting like this.

    Thank you.

  • Do not try to figure him out--this is a form of manipulation as it ties up your energy. All the guesses and confusion are from your logic--a pisces thinks like a pisces and a scorpio is very different. He will not make sense to you. All I can tell you again is--NEVER CHASE A SCORPIO.. A scorpio man when in love isn't going anywhere. But he will need space--not because he is not interested but because scorpio men are very focused in everything they do so a NON scorpio mate will not be happy if she gets worked up everytime he disapears into some project or work. Scorpio men do not always disapear because they lost interest but because they tend to follow their passions and love to be busy and yes can behave self centered. When they are busy they lose track of time and may not call. That's why they do best with a woman who can keep herself happy and busy when they go MIA. Your scorpio is not just busy--he is insecure--immature and feeling too vulnerable with you so he wants to pretend he doesn't need you and he wants to feel you there--yes scorpios are very intuitive they know you are connected. I would bet you the rent, just try it for two weeks--no thoughts of him--none! Do not call or text--just wipe him out of your head completely--do not be angry--just nothing. Believe me, not only will he show up but he'll charm you silly and may even bring flowers or something shiny. Try it. An immature Scorpio fears the woman he loves will know just how much power she has over him as a scorpio man loves for keeps when it's real. That's why you never need to chase one---they lose respect for a woman who does not realise her power. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you bl moon..

    Should I send the email ? I really font feel like talking to him anymore now. It feels like mind games to me and i prefer effort.

    I really want to write him email that I’m not into games like this. I’m serious about what I said and I’m not trying to force him back 100% but at least a bit of effort would be appreciated. I agree to take things slow but I can’t tell if he’s seroious or not when he said he wants to take things slow, if he’s acting passive like this. I wanna get to the bottom of the issue why it’s hard for him to trust me again. I am a lady and I do not lower my integrity by doing the things that he accused me of doing. I wanna say I’ll leave him to figure out and judge my sincerity I’ve been trying to work this out.

    Or should I just leave no contact and see if he makes effort?

  • Soetimes people do not get the point unless it's drawing their own blood. He is asking you to mind read--figure it out--solve the mystery. How does that feel? How kind and mature of you to not want to return the same treatment. Empowerment is an energy that needs no words as mostly it speaks for itself. I believe you have already spoken up plenty but he only hears himself--self centered actions are often the result of fears that motivate one to go about life with their head up their own S. And you are supposed to crawl up there and make him hear. He wants to take it slow? Be generouse with his request. I repeat, when a Scorpio asks for space for whatever drama is swimming in his confused head it is best to give him more space then he asked. Stop thinking of him and get busy in your life--you do have a life? You may as well see this through because life with a scorpio is never free of disapearing acts so start practicing now. He needs to FEEL the need to find out what's going on in YOUR head. Often, a man needs to see his woman from a distance to remember why he loves her. You do too much of the work of feeling like you must hold this together. Let go--just look up to the heavens--raise your arms and say I do not know how or what but I'm done figuring this out and I give it up to you God. Then take back that energy and get moving towards your own personal goals. Do not e-mail. And if he e-mails quikly do not immediatly go back into plead your case mode. Just say to him you agree he needs some space to solve some things. Then ignore him. And when he does become the man you met and begs to talk and asks why you have not communicated or how could you just disapear. You can ask him how does it feel? Because you've been there and have no intentions of living like that and you hope he gets it. When my scorpio is out of line and he doesn't get it I find that better than butting heads in tiring combat I wait and choose the right moment to help him get it--how I feel. Scorpios are fair when they honestly get it and usualy what they can feel inside themselves is the only way they can feel your side. Mine will then apologize. Mostly, they do not see past their own feelings or fears to feel yours as they are so deep inside themselves with great intensity. At some point, for your own self respect you must make the descion that this man either considers you worth the effort or not and stop blaming yourself if he doesn't--that's the real issue. Stop controling love---let it be--or not. Do not contact him and get back to your own journey. This will serve you to excercise this now as no matter who the mate--you must have boundries and goals and a life whthin your life as a couple. Many relationships come into our life to help us grow and heal. When we are attracted to someone who compromises our boundries--distorts who we really are then it is lifes way of giving us the oportunity to heal that issue. If you do not work on this you will lose yourself again and again. Do not make this man so important you would break your own rules of self honor. Be your own best friend--your own loving mother. The guy is being a childish tyrant of a jerk. You deserve that? Draw a line and mean it. If he respects your boundries he can be in your life. HIS CHOICE! Blessings!

  • Thank you blmoon... I was actually on the verge of stop talking to him before i read your last message. Another drama blew up.. well i was at fault cause said i'd give him some space to solve something out. and i was actually just saying that because he's being passive this entire time and i'll leave him alone to that. and he's gone mad.

    M : you know, you used to be a lot less dramatic.

    M : what happened?

    😄 because i just want something real. the way you behave doesn't match with what u said u wanted. but it's okay, i know u must have lots of thoughts in your mind, that's why i'll give u space. i cannot wear my heart on my sleeves everytime, i wouldn't have gone this far if i wasnt real about this.



    M : you know what...

    M : just fucking leave me alone

    M : i'm tired of this shit.

    😄 what?

    M: you are such a goddamn drama queen

    😄 u asked me question

    M : go back and read the fucking conversation

    M : what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

    😄 noo i was referring to what u've been acting...

    😄 anyway..

    M : yea

    M : anyway

    M : i don't need the drama

    M : and it seems like you can't stop

    😄 well..

    M : i fucking had you over to my house last night and cooked you dinner.

    M : so don't talk about how I'M acting.

    M : so on that note...

    M: why don't you go figure something out for yourself.

    M : instead of trying to make me feel like an asshole.

    M : anyway

    M : i guess you'redone

    M : done

    M : as am i.

    😄 You didn’t give me answer when I’m trying to solve the problem. I told you I agree to take things slow but u gotta understand it takes two to repair something.. You gotta give to get that changes.

    M : and i told you (while we were still dating) that i'm sick and fucking tired of "talking about it"

    M : there's nothing else to talk about.

    M : that's all we fucking do

    😄 yes

    M : i told you

    M : if anything happens

    M: it's going to happen naturally

    😄 yes...

    M : it's not going to happen by you asking me what our status is... (I never asked about our status not once...) or fucking pressuring me in to saying something i'm not ready to say

    M : and you can't see to get that fact.

    M : anyway...

    M: i dunno what to say

    😄 i am not pressuring you to get abck with me.

    M : i'm not talking about it anymore

    M : i'm sick of you making me feel like shit.

    M : i told you where i am

    M : and if you can't accept that...

    M : it's your own problem

    M: not mine

    😄 okay.. im sorry if i make u feel like that.

    M : well i can't even count how many times i've told u that.

    M : so i dunno what to tell you

    M : except i'm SICK of having this same conversation over and over and over and over

    😄 okay then stop..

    M : ha

    😄 i'll stop

    M : is this the part where you just start some off-topic sentence

    M : like "how was work today"

    M : do you know how many times we have said this exact same thing??

    😄 hey.. calm down..

    M : i'm sick of it

    😄 it's fine..

    M: you obviously don't get it.

    M : yea i think we just shouldn't talk anymore.

    M : i really don't think this is going to happen

    M : if you can be at all interested in trying things again

    M: and act like you just acted

    M : and not apologize.

    M : then there's a problem

    M: guess you don't have any intention.

    I totally ignored him now. I'm tired. He texted me"What's our problem?" Didn't reply.

    We met on sunday, he texted me to meet up but i was up until 2pm, watching football until 4am. He's being suspicious if i were in the club or was not even home at all watching the game with a guy. We got through it. We met. It was okay at first, then after dinner his mood gone down again, he acted distant and aloof. I returned his coldness with caring and gentle move.

    Then today that happened. So I'm done blmoon... I'm not gonna try to contact him anymore. Like u said, I'm gonna wipe him out of my mind. He definitely doesn't want that change. So if he really loves me and wants me, he should make his move. I've done my part.

    What makes me really mad is that he doesn't show respect at all to me or at least appreciate my effort. Maybe i was at fault again for doing the things i did. I was just doing those things because i am being sincere and genuine about it.

    Thank you blmoon...

  • and by the way he's 34 years old. I don't see why he's not evolved yet as a scorp.

  • This validates exactly what I have been trying to tell you. When a scorpio says give me space he means it and once you fight that nothing else is heard--even if there is another issue--he will just be fixated on your inability to back off. And keep at him and he will sting. You need to really reflect on who you are and your needs and let him go because there's price for the scorpio wild ride. They need their space and hate needy dramas. They are loyal but only for true emergancy's. If they are busy--well you better find your own busy. They will only call you less if you beg for more. You need a man who is less wildly independant by nature and if you find that too boring then expect to learn compromise. As I said Scorpio men hate deep talks about the state of a relationship and prefer a mate who is secure with knowing how he really feels.If you need a man who calls everyday--look somewhere else. I see you learning something from this scorpio BUT do not expect him to change to the extent you are expecting. Scorpios hate games and can sniff out an intention quik and he is RIGHT--you play it light but really you are still digging in your heals--you want answers! That is the kind of game playing that infuriates them. If indeed he owes you an answer--take my previouse advice and WAIT for the time to make your point as butting heads will only escalate and he doesn't hear you anyway--all he feels is cornered and attacked. He has his own head up his S. Give him all the alone time then some. When he's ready to get in YOUR head then you ask your questions and his ears are open. As for being 34--some folks are 80 and still immature! BLESSINGS!

  • aaah, well ALL MEN hate drama, and ALLMEN love a woman that is strong and independent. get a life girl... I know pisces are a bit insecure and usually emotional.

    so he is very direct and you are just not listening. maybe take a class in men 101 and

    learn to give a man space especially when he ask for it. all men do not like needy

    emotional women. no matter the sign scorps can be really tough, and when they get

    mad, they get mad a nd you better move out of his way. you do not want to be around

    him when he is mad and does not want you to be there being a nag.

  • Blmoon and song4jazz are right.

    If a man asks you to change, or you ask a man to change, there is already something wrong.

    It means you are not right for each other at the moment. I've seen it rarely work when two people do try to change for each other. Oftentimes, it makes the relationship worse.

    It's good that you have finally realized what a butt he is.

    Goodbye little Scorpio. Go back to your cave and sulk!

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