What is wrong with me, as a person?

  • II dont understand something about me, why am i so bad to be liked as a friend, i doing my beat?

    I dont truly understand what's so wrong sometimes?

  • I'm pretty sure its nothing, although you havent given much to go on. have you had a rgument with friends or something. I'm guessing by the pic that your an aries?? if so u are one of the most sociable of signs and are usually the life and soul of the party. just hang in there i'm sure theres nothing to worry about xxx

  • I dont understand, why it so hard for me to make friends, along side people want to be friends with me.

    I have been looking at others, they seem to have friends, some still from school day's, even if they catch up later on again, do seem to want to know em. I've be looking back at the past, all the people, i have had have used me in one way or another, so they weren't real friends, or just take the mickey out of me.

    I did have friends during school,, but things changed when i was twelve some left and grew out the rest, they got ion with their lives, most my friends where boys anyway.

    I have been thinking so much, about it , how many people have friends (the amount) on social network sites, like work colleagues. It been constant and over whelm me, i try get it out opf my head.

    I guess this is happening for a reason, i have something to learn from it.

    II have been doing so much to better my life, thought i was past this/


  • Friends from the past are not necessarily the ones who we have most things in common with, often it's just a habit. If you didn't have any friends in the past - move on, make some new ones. If shyness is your problem, for instance, then why wouldn't you approach another shy person? Talk to someone you would feel comfortable talking to. Boys and men can actually make great friends, there is nothing wrong with having mostly male friends...Just a thought...

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