Strange occurrance....Any suggestions on what it is?

  • Sometimes at night I will hear the floor boards creek in the hallway outside my bedroom. It is a very distinct noise as if someone is in the house. I have looked and there is never anyone there. Last night it was a little different, I woke up and thought I smelt smoke, a smell like something was burning. I looked around and did not find anything and the smell was gone instantly. I went back to sleep and was awaken by the floor boards creeking in the hall. Is someone trying to get my attention?


  • LOL-smelt. I mean smelled.


  • Hi luvslife. I too lived in a house that was filled with spirits. I felt complete darkness and a chill when I walked through a certain room at night. I also smelled death on at least one occasion. Finally I had to bring a plumber into my house to fix a faucet--he ended up being a clairvoyant as well. Strange. 🙂

    He told me about all the spirits that were living in the house--10 of them! He then told me that I should talk to them and tell them that they are not wanted in my home and that they should leave. After he told me that, I became more aware of the spirits rummaging around in my house. I got the feeling they were just confused souls and not evil or anything. One day, I decided to take the plumber's advice. I opened up my back door and summoned all the spirits in the house to meet me in the kitchen. I then told them that although they weren't making trouble, they were unwanted in my house and they should leave. 🙂

    Immediately after I did this--after getting over feeling insane lol--my home felt lighter and brighter. I never once felt their presence. I imagine they were floating around the backyard kind of depressed about the whole thing. lol

  • We live among spirits floating around earth. You would be surprised how many spirits are probably hanging around you right now. Its not scary. Many souls have a hard time giving up this plane--they cling here and float around endlessly. Its rather sad when you think about it.

  • Hello Luvslife - Have you ever heard of soul travels? sometimes when dreaming are spirit travels...just a thought, in case it might be your own spirit walking about your body not knowing where to go, for some don't know how to do for the burning was probably related to you, your chilhood or thoughts before sleeping (i.e. conversation, movie, news)

    Just a suggestion.


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