Help for my husband

  • Can anyone tell me if my husband will get better soon. He is in constant pain and the drs. don't seem to know why. He is basically confined to bed because it hurts to much to walk. His name is Glenn and dob is 07/19/1949. Any help is very much apprieciated.

  • I am feeling problems with the very 'foundation' of Glenn's body - hips, thighs, knees, ankles or feet. I feel like he has done too many things in his life that he felt he 'should' have done instead of doing what his intuition or heart told him to do. Now he has no motivation to move forward (literally) because he is stuck in doing his duty rather than following his joy. Get him to talk about what he wants to do with his life, even if it seems impractical or fantastic, or necessitates big or radical changes. He needs to have something that will restore his energy and make him want to get out of bed. Also on a material level, did he have an accident, physical issue, or congenital problem stemming from childhood that could be affecting him now?

  • He wants to get out of bed for sure but the pain is too great. He has been very bored since he retired almost 3 years ago. I think this may be a wake up call for him to get him out more, once he can get out. I know of no childhood issue that would have caused this but we will see what the latest mri said. He just wants to get back on his feet and then we can start getting his heart problems workded out. And you are right about the hip leg and foot area. That is exactly where the pain is.

  • On some subconscious level, he is causing his own pain and illness - his heart problems stem from not following his heart in what he wants to do with his life and the lack of mobility works in tandem with that because he dislikes the life direction he is following (or not following). He needs to do a radical rethink about his life and where he really wants it to go. He must use his retirement to feel useful again by doing something he would love. He must stop using 'should do' and use "WANT to do" if he is to get better. All the medications and surgeries in the world cannot repair the body if the spirit is broken. Your husband must dare to dream and put his dreams into action. You are never too old for anything.

  • Thanks Captain. I feel the same. I am hoping when he gets back on his feet( and he really is trying) that he will figure out what to do with himself. He really has been scared by the sudden health problems. I told him before he retired he needed to find something to keep himself busy. Thanks for your your help. I don't get on here much anymore but I always find help when I do.

    Now if my son would just find someone to complete his life.

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