Enlargement program which works very well 4 me, however..?

  • Hey... Ronnie here...Need some help/advice - For the past 6 months or so now I've been a member of this penis enlargement program website which has worked amazing for me.... I'm 1/2-1/2 japanese/chinese.. and unfortunately, at least for me, the steriotypes about asians rang true.. after I hit the end of puberty at like 18, I was about 5"10 height(which btw is pretty tall for most of asian ethnicity) and downstairs I was only 5 inches when fully erect...I did some research and found out that I was almost 1 1/2 inches below average... However ive had about 3 girlfriends and the first two never complained or said anything about it, so i always assumed everything was fine. This was until my last girlfriend who was a total bitch... Her I was with for like 4 months until she broke up with me, seemingly for no reason... So when i asked why she had done it she snapped back at me saying how she could no longer "put up" with me or my "baby dick" .. I kind of just shrugged this off because I didn't really care all too much about the girl anyway.. but the latter of what she said stuck with and ate away at me inside. So eventually I came across this one penis enlargement website that caught my eye and i signed up for it.. Over these past 6 months using all the material and support in their member section... i'm now measuring in at just a little under 6.75! It's definetely not as much as they told me i would gain in that period of time, but im still more than satisfied... because now jamie can take her stupid lil insults and shove it. lol ANYWAYS sorry for the rambling, their website's .. http://www.penisadv.pcti-system.com .. And my question is they offer a couple other programs im kind of interested in and I wanted to kno bout one in particular if anyone has ever tried/tested it??? The program is called "Prejaculation" which claims to show/train you how to have full control over when you cum.. I'm thinkin bout doing it and because of my success with their enlargement program I do trust the integrity of these people.. but before i spend any money i wanted to see if i could hopefully get some first hand insight/advice on this particular program with them.. has anyone ever tried this prejaculation program and know if it works or not?? Thanks!

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