Advice please

  • Just noticed these forums and wondering how to go about requesting a reading. Been receiving horoscopes and tarot readings for a while and though I have them helpful in my difficult situation at present, I am now at a loss as to what happens next, what to do next and what to expect. I would appreciate any advice.

  • Just give a few details about your situation and what questions you need answered, your birthdate or a photo, and ask here for a reading.

  • Hi bethb,

    I did a reading for you, my strength when doing a reading is pulling on your feelings so you can see from a different perspective and think things thru. I can't tell you what to do but hopefully you can examine why got you to this point (I get that you are feeling sad) Bright point is even though you are going thru things you do have the strength and hope to break thru....

    you are feeling instability in love

    carrying a burden, it’s not helping you think clearly

    I don't know who the guy is but not a good feeling about him...

    Yes you do have inspiration and Hope (work towards this)

    You just had a period of strength (keep being strong)

    You still have obstacles to over come... so the struggle is not over (use that strength)

    openness to new ideas are coming (if feels like something that you don’t normally do so keep an open mind)

    You are still going to feel stuck... it’s going to take energy to break out of the doldrums

    Key is whatever plan you have let it be yours and put your heart into it... if you just wing it or piggyback on someone else and half heart it just to do something... those plans usually don’t work

    You will have luck and things will work out.... (it takes a lot of effort)

    Try not to juggle to many things at once, if you spread yourself out you can't put all your effort into what you are doing. Plan think things thru and you will be fine... the road gets brighter...

    Hope that helps,

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