New meaning to life

  • Hi there. My name is David. I am 41 years old and have recently discovered Astrology and have found myself with what may be the strongest interest of anything I have ever had before. I am what they say about me. A person always looking to the stars for a better meaning to life and I think I have found it.

    I have come here to this site to meet new people so they we may share and learn from each other about how we may use Astrology to better our lives. If you know your horoscopes then I will spare this to be too long a message and just start with what I know of myself from Astrology so far.

    year 1970 Chinese Animal year of the Dog.

    Dec 17. Sagittarius

  • hello & welcome vaporz70 you will find lots of interesting good people here who love to share

    I am a sag too

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