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  • Here I go again I would like a guidance to my feelings or especially feelings to my opposite. I now know how to dance with their tune and I guess I know now when to stop or limit my affection. I wonder why now I wasn't really get mad if I know that his not in to me or why I can always attract my opposite by they can easily pull out. I know what I want but I know that one of the guy I used to hang around is not stable to his feelings. I have now easily blow it up my frustration to him but it doesn't hurt me at all I guess I accept the reality but the good thing is I can still keep them. And I don't really if I could be friend. I was told that I'm the only person who makes him upset and I know I build friendship even though we both struggling but I sometimes wanted to tell him that we don't need each other company and I know I can easily upset him. His wanted to keep friendship with me and he said matter what he will be my friend. So far I don't think he will be friend as a real friend Lol . Inhad no especially feelings to him it's all gone but I know he treated me differently till one day I don't want him anymore. Is there any potential affair to the guy that I meet last year his Capricorn and again way far younger to me I wasn't constantly SMS or calling him but when he had time his there to talk I do like him but I always reminding that his still had heaps of opportunity though I feel his busy and well dedicated unjust let him to do what his wanted to do. Is there anyone that I can defend on or I sometimes had felt someone is coming soon to get to know I felt so much changeom not easy to get upset and love to look at positive way of life and I hope I can attract someone who is what I wanted to be with me though no rushed if I have to take slow I will do that for good

  • annielan,

    You have to know that no relationship is going to be perfect. Why do you upset him? Is it because you want everything your way? It can't be , you have to give and take at least 50% of the time to make a relationship work.

    Why haven't you packed up and left by now. The younger man is just someone that is there, you will not build a relationship with him other than being his friend.

    If you feel that someone is coming soon to love you in ways you want to be loved than be ready to give as much back to him to make the relationship work in balance.


  • Shuabby,

    I'm really ready to let him go I got nothing to him I want to keep him as my friend but it's not worth it to keep him. We can only hurt its other feelings. I must say that I'm tought but when it comes to him

    I break my rule everything it's not what I wanted. I felt unwanted I'm not needy and I don't asked anything in return from him it just I wasn't The right one for him. I'm stubborn I admit that I always wanted to him that everything he said against me it's not who I am. I was mentally unstable unhealthy and weak everything to me is affected just to show him it's not my fault and is the one hurting his self. I opened up everything to him and he felt sorry and I do help him but I never asked anything in return but respect and honesty is more than enough for me. I admit I wanted to win his empty heart but he won allowed me. I was told that he can't give anything to me and I always says to him I'm nor expecting anything in return. Our words and action is like we're having mutual understand. He opened up his heart but I can't stand him to complained on what I'm doing instead of being happy. I always give my best to make him happy u might not touchy person but is love to do that but he hasn't got chance always busy. I let do what he wanted and do my own thing I can easily count on my simple favor to him which is I only wanted him to feel that his welcome to my family and they have nothing's against with him. I went oversea last April to find out his origin overseas I can easily trace that cos my uncle was working in a government overseas I supposed to go with him but he said he can't pushed any button to time out on his job and has no money to travel I knew it and I always offered help and paid me when his ready but I was totally upset when I said to him. Since you wouldn't come I'm going with my aunties his acting do strange then comparing my life style that I wasn't like him can go overseas at anytime. I was hurt and I get back to him. I'm sick and tired hearing those complain and if I bought something it's seems his not happy. But I always makes him important and I always said to him that I'm proud of him and his a smart guy. Every time he was on my place he said he felt unwelcome cos I observed him he always amazed Ina simple thing and when I show something that he can't believe he was thankful and he always mention that his thankful cos he learnt something to me but when his mad he talk shit to me that I'm daddy's girl and spoiled I treated him as a shit when he must be proud cos I trusted him received my belonging or when my family send something cos I was told that I can used his address cos I always missed the courier and when I'm asking him to drop my stuff get mad at me and tellin I always wanted my stuff when I know I needed cos it was my documents. He always makes things hard and I know I will never put down myself the way I was treated. His said to me that he hasn't no thrill to me coz I was the one always made or make plan but I only did that cos I don't see his effort. My birthday is important to me and hearts day two data before but it was ashamed he doesn't know my date of birth till now and if I teasing him get upset instead of talk to me nicely and asking me. His totally different he can't talk to me like an animal now. He showing me his family picture and I do the sand we exchange pxt just to show what were doing but last month while his driving me back home he asking me to show my mobile when I supposed not to give to him since u fly nothing to hide I have it to him and he deleted our SMS and pictures cos I decide to let him go that bight instead I felt sorry for him. I don't feel anything to him and I hope he will understand me now for all I know he always wanted me to go awayand don't bother to be intouch with him. I now starting to enjoy my life I have missed a lot of opportunity I'm willing to know the young men but it's quite difficult his not easy to trust I just know feel that cos I was very opened that I'm dealing to the other and I met him last december if i was on his ages I may be pushed myself to him but his still young and I don't want him to stop when on his ambition. His a hard working young man I wasn't get anything to him and I deleted his number till he akward surprised me for a visit and yes I lately felt good when we changing messages but I guess he felt that im in to the other one. His honest and down to earth his very vocal that he likes me He gave me compliment on my body but I'm a bit worried that his after to sleep with me. I said to him I like him but I'm worried cos after I opened up my situation his telling me that he really one someone but Hejaz no time. I was looking forward to see him but his far away from me and his not na least in his town always away. I continuous my connection to him and I was admit to him that I'm not worry about him bit I am worried to myself cos his very attractive and had a nice attitude his so polite and he has a patient to keep sending message but I do sometimes get upset he never reply sometimes. I thought last month is the end of our story cos I let him go to date the girl but yes I do missing him and pretending wrong swabs till I started chatted again id like the way he said to me that he wanted to buy his own farmer get married and have his kids and enjoy the life in the farm that's what I really wanted but I guess I hurt him cos I insist that I am not sure in or uncertain if I be with him sometimes cos I don't wanna be strap again in the situation by he said to let it happen and he wanted me to enjoy till I certain in how u felt but I don't really know I'd his still gong out to the other girl I guess his not cos his away and his the person distant to people doesn't talk much but our conversation is non stop when we get together. I want my life to be alone I can feel the freedom that I always wanted I can easy breath and started sung on my own life. I hole all is well to you . I really understand that there is no perfect relationship but I'd we tried to work things and be me as I am .

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