To the captain.

  • I need to know something really important and I hope you can help me with it. Exactly three years ago on this day; 9th of january 2009 I felt the spirit of a deceaced person in the same room as me. She tried to catch my attention two times and when I suddenly looked to my right side she told me that her name was Aaliyah and she showed me her name with big capital letters and I saw that a plane had crashed. The thing I need to know is: did I knew her in a past life or were we related in a past life? The following year I kept having several dreams of her and in one of those dreams I remember that I asked her if she felt anything when the plane crashed and she said no.

    I hope you can help me with this!! I am a spiritual person myself so I know that there is life after death and that people who have passed are sometimes still around. I don't think it is strange that she contacted me but I just want to know if there is more anything behind the purpose. I am grateful that she came to me and she seemed like a sweet person.

  • It sounds like you have mediumship ability. You should learn more about it.

    I do feel that you knew this person slightly in another life, and that past contact drew her to you at the point where her life on this earth ended. She was confused and needed the reassurance of being with someone familiar.

  • I always knew there was something specail about me. Sometimes when I am alone or with other people I see white light and dark light travelling very fast.

    Do you know what kind of relationship we had in past life? I am very curious to know because she never told me herself.

  • I feel you were casual acquaintances and you were both of Royal birth.

  • Oh, it all makes sense now. I behave like I am used to have everything served on a silver plate. Even my mother has told me that I act like a princess who is used to have other people do things for me. Maybe I am supposed to learn how to stand on my own two feet in this lifetime.

    Do you know how I can develop my abilities as a medium?

  • Meditation, developing your psychic ability, becoming more aware of what is going on around you on both the earth plane and other planes, learning how to ground yourself, and attuning to your personal guides are all important to the practice of mediumship (and other abilities).

  • Do you also now in which country I lived as a royalty? I have a feeling it was somewhere in Asia.

  • I get Siam which I think was the former name of Thailand.

  • Did the other person also lived in the same country as me? Would you mind if I told her brother about it?

  • Yes I feel she did live there too - with a different family however. I think you were educated together. It's fine to tell her brother if you feel he can handle it.

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