The Closing

  • The Nutty Nuts Lounge is closed. It died as non but the maker unsuccessfully tried to keep it going.

    As maker of that lounge do i apologize.- I just dont have the energy to keep a dead thread alive.


  • Hi CWB ...just passing through...How r u babe? Namaste.

  • HI sweetie

    Im doing so so. Coping as best i can, lower back´s still a mess, my knees r messed up, im awaiting a scan come late august first to see what can be done. seems these days im awaiting outcome fo seeds sowed not long ago. gawds!

    what about u?

  • Sorry about your poor bones, CWB....I'm pretty good these days and very social.....doing a bit of music, a bit of literature, coffee mornings and being a retired 'lady of leisure', I suit myself. Mind you, it took me a long time to get used to not working full-time and being much poorer than I was used to....but I adapted.......Now I would say I'm 'Happy' (crossed fingers and toes here).

    Have all the old gang disappeared down a cosmic plughole now? Namaste.

  • doubt it, they have convened at The Lounge.

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