• Can you Please do a reading for me if you have time (Yessenia 7/27/85 & my Husban 6/5/85)

    thank you

  • Did you want to know your compatibility rating with your husband or individual personality readings?

  • compatibility plz

  • This is actually better suited to a business partnership or a platonic friendship than a love affair or marriage. Your love relationship is intense and explosive, perhaps too intense to last. Marriage should help a little, balancing your energies. The relationship will last for as long as your respect for each other is intact. Neither of you will hold back in your criticisms of one another but, if this testing of each other's personalities doesn't break you apart, it will strengthen your bond (assuming, that is, an equal amount of give-and-take is present on both sides). The passion that exists in the relationship can be good for the bedroom but may explode outside of it in negative ways. Your relationship has tremendous energy and, if you two focus it with determination on an outside goal, you will no doubt be successful. But, if you turn this force on each other in a negative way, the result will be aggression and ruthless confrontations. You must both learn to regulate the flame of your passion or else the marriage is finished.

  • thank you !

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