Chaos in the world

  • Would love to know if anyone else has felt that their envirionments are full of chaos. I felt edgey all month especially at work and last night I almost quit my job. The people who are in charge are really going off the deep end. Every ones on edge and are really treating each other badly. The negativity is very over whelming at times and it feels like some one is going to snap.

    I have even noticed it in the stores or when I walk it makes me want to stay home

    I am having trouble trying to stay calm and out of the way even my crystals are feeling it as a couple of them have cracks in them now

    any insight would be appreciated

  • Hi Shadowmist

    I, too, have felt the chaos you speak of & have been struggling to keep grounded. Many people seem stressed & unkind or self centered. Lots of demands at work, sudden break up w BF of 4 yrs & stress selling house w crazy requests by potential buyers. Not sure whats up but would also like to know. I myself have been meditating & working hard to stay grounded & not absorb the negativity around me

    Blessed Be

  • I feel for you amused I am on the verge of checking with an employment lawyer as I cant stand how our so called management yells & curses out the tech and me I fear that one of the techs will lose it and come to work one day & start shooting thats how bad it has gotten.

  • Oh sounds very difficult. It'd be hard enough for me to control my own behavior but to worry about the actions of others would be very stressful. I hope there is a change soon. I think bad employers are taking advantage of the job shortage, sorry you have to endure such behavior

  • the management in my office are all "A" type personalitys and they all think they are right. They yell in the office and the worst part is they always bad mouth the techs and they all threaten to fire them. They forget it is the techs who pays their salaries.

    I sit right by the front door and if one of those techs snaps I am the first one they see!! I keep trying to figure out the best way out if something happens

  • Shawdowmist...please GO WITH YOUR GUT!! I survived a church shooting by listening to my angels.

  • thanks standingtall I usually do go with the gut feelings when I see the techs coming I get up and move to the warehouse door that way if something happens I can jump off the loading dock !!! I been thru a shooting before and i don't want to do it again as we lost 3 key figures and 2 others were injured and then the business closed

  • Your story reminds me of a post I read on a thread a few yrs ago & it may be helpful.

    It asks for protective support: "With the White Light Of Christ Consciousness I am guided, grounded & Divinely protected" It is possible to include others close to you. I say this each morning for my sons, close friends & myself.

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