Captain-Can I please have a Birthday Reading

  • Captain

    when u have the time can u do a birthday reading for me to see what this new year holds for me.So far I have had a long stretch of bad years with the last 3 being the worst in everyway.(06/15/58)


  • It's curious that you say you have had a bad past three years because for you it (2009) was the beginning of a new cycle of change, where you were given the opportunity to do things for yourself and grow as an individual. Maybe you felt rather lost or abandoned during that time because it was supposed to be a new start for you. You may have missed opportunities that were for you alone because you were still attached to serving or controlling other people whom you should have left behind or left to manage on their own two feet. The only thing that could have held you back during this period was not letting go of old situations, responsibilities, or relationships that no longer served you, that you allowed to drag you down. You must fight your tendency to collapse into disillusionment and cynicism in the face of life's challenges, especially this year when you are required to work hard and without complaint for what you want. I know you desire money and material comforts and possessions, but you must be prepared to put in the effort to obtain financial rewards.

    You have a natural sophistication and a desire for freedom, and can be thirsty for a broader experience of life - your inquiring mind will usually present you with any number of chances to increase your personal awareness if you stay open. But this can make it difficult on your relationships, making you feel unsettled by domesticity or normalcy. But love and marriage don't have to affect your right to be your own person. You do love to do things for others but you have trouble giving up control long enough to receive love from those who need you. Vows and long-term commitments can be a challenge for you. Sometimes you can have a 'do as I say, not as I do" attitude that can bog you and everyone else down if you don't expect as muxh from yourself as you do from others. In 2012 you must knuckle down and commit to working hard for your goals, even if they take a while to achieve. If you don't give up, 2013 or even late 2012 will bring you what you seek. This year you must be disciplined and focused, saving your money and making practical plans to meet your goals. This is a hard-working 'nose-to-the-grindstone' sort of year whose results depend entirely on how much you put in. It may seem to be a slow 'one-step-forward-two-back' year at times but if you don't stop trying and keep positive, you will end the year on a high note of triumph.

  • I lost my 20 year old daughter in may 2009 and 14.5 year old job in jan2010.I have had 3 temporary jobs since then which were from 10 weeks to 3 month duration. On the personal level I did feel lost because my main aim in life was my daughters education and getting her settled in life. Physically I feel I have aged 20 years in last 3 years.

    Professionally I am not a slacker and i have always put in hard workbut there are behind the seen kind of stuff (not at the workplace)thats affecting my performance and my health which is not dealt by others .I just dont know how to stop these things.

  • Your health is suffering because you are clinging to things and people that you should have left behind by now as you don't (or shouldn't) need them anymore. You are blessed with a basically strong constitution but when you spread yoursefl too thin, driven by scattered ambitions, you can face burnout. ill health, and possible injuries due to distractions, ignoring traffic laws, or self-sabotage ("if I am incapacitated, people cannot expect as much from me"). You need to balance hard work with rest, focus your energies, and commit yourself to working for a higher purpose than just making money - and this will minimise any self-sabotage. What exactly are you working for or towards? If you have made work your god, then dietary discipline or refinement may have taken a back seat. Watch what you eat and drink. Treat food as a medicine for optimal functioning. A balanced, low-fat, primarily vegetarian diet works best for your particular bodily system. How you eat is also vital - moderation is key - neither overeat nor undereat. Exercise that brings you a sense of personal power such as martial arts, weight training, and individual sports is well suited to your needs.

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