Reading interpretation help anyone?

  • hello all,

    i'm in need of a reading interpretation help. i've made a big career change lately, left my old job and looking at things to start from stratch at this field that i've no experience in apart from amateur interest. anyway, to see how things would be for me in this field, i did a 3 card reading and got these:

    page of swords

    three of wands

    queen of swords

    i am using a raider waite classic deck.

    i can't make any sense of these 3 together. yes, this new field is strongly related to intellectual endavors, going back to school again, even. and yes i also think of studying abroad. but what about these three put together for the future? i'm at a loss. i'd be really grateful if you could tell me what you make of them.

    thanks in advance!

  • please?

  • Wow-great set of cards you drew! I'm interpreting this like a 3 card spread showing Past, Present and Future. The Page could represent you before you started on this new venture. He is young and inexperienced, but eager to learn. And learn he shall, for he has the Sword of intellect in his hand. The Three of Wands is offering you advice for the 'Here and Now'. Act ethically. Don't be afraid to explore. This could mean to explore 'abroad' or simply explore all the possibilities open to you. The Queen of Swords is like the mature version of the Page (same Suit). I see this as a very positive sign that you will grow in your chosen field and become more like this mature, wise Queen. Don't be fooled by her Gender. She and the King of swords are very similar, she's just a less of an extrovert. Good Luck!

  • thanks a lot! i was about to lose hope of getting help on this.

    i'm glad the reading could be interpreted as positively as you did. the swords scare me a little bit and i tend to get a bit cautious when i get them.

    thanks again!

  • You are welcome. Another thought about the Queen occurred to me. If she was INTENDED to be in a 'Future' Position, this means she is an approaching influence. Court Cards often represent real people, who share their qualities. I'd be on the lookout for such a person, probably female, who embodies these qualities. She'd make a great Mentor, or just someone who is supportive of you. This is one of the rewarding aspects of reading the Tarot. The more you reflect on your readings, the more you'll get out of them. One could write PAGES on this little spread, alone. I suggest you use my interpretation as a 'springboard', a starting point whereby you can explore (like the man in the Three of Wands!) this spread yourself. You will surely come up with some insights-after all, you know yourself and your situation better than anybody else. MOST important of all, have some fun with it-these cards are way-cool!

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