Any One Available Can Read Me

  • I'm a Cancer female (07/13/90) and I've been talking to a Libra/Scorpio cusp male (10/23/84) since early April. We met on an online site and he was around my area because of his job but he's really from up north. He lives about an hour away from Canada. He is amazing and he did say that he wanted to take things slow and see where things go however his life is weirdly hectic. I was just wondering if you see this turning into a long-term relationship perhaps by the end of the year? I'm not saying soon, b/c truth be told even I want to take it slow, but at the same time, I have to admit I am attached and am willing to try.

  • Astrology predicts that this is better for friendship than love. There is a strong mental connection here. A love affair will be difficult and intense. The emotional currents will run strong so that it will be hard to be objective or sensible about the relationship. Conflict, jealousy, and competition can be expected. Your insecurities, Yellowlove, will flourish under this man's overly critical and demanding nature which will emerge over time. You both tend to have a penchant for excess and, should your involvement become too deeply passionate, it would be easy for a love/sex addiction (or other addictions like drink or drugs) to occur to your detriment.

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