DisirnottTarot, What do the Guides Want?

  • And jillian I didn't forget you as well. Thank you for all of your love and support as well.

  • Oh, Asia - you are so beautiful! I tried to email you, don't know if you still ahve that address. All of the advice has had meaning here, to me - I esp. love what Blumoon wrote.

    Just remember you are still YOUNG, and maybe helping others or accepting where you are - is all part of your soul growth. Because I believe things will happen for you as long as you do not give up.

    And I hope you keep posting every time you feel like you're going to so you can know we all cheer you on! Many, many people - like the woman who made Spanx - started late in life, in a garage or a ktichen, on the side....and they MADE it!!

    I know how badly you want this and I know it's your destiny or that desire would not be there. Have you checked Craigslist? I forget what city you're in but you know I'm in Texas too and there's been a guy here with a film and video group advertising in events for the longest - or check that meetup site.

    If you just do ONE thing every day, if that's all you can do - you can still achieve your dream. And who knows....just the path to the dream may be all you need to find happiness!


  • I just read this again today to give me some clarity or clear thinking on my life. Thank you everyone for all of your support if you are still out there.

  • Asia, are you feeling any better? If you read this, please let us know how you are - sending you love and light!

  • Yes I am actually thanx jlinaangel 🙂 Glad to see you on the forums again :))))

  • Good to hear, my friend. Hoping something wonder-filled happens for you soon and all the best - love and light,


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