How often does he think about me?? Reading help!!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I've had a crush on this guy for the longest and he seems to like me as well but I wanted to know if he did or did not think about me. The question was "how often does this guy think about me?" The cards I drew were -Justice and 2 of wands- what does this mean?


  • I would say that balance (Justice) is the key to any outcome that you may have with this guy. This balance will involve being openly honest with each other and sharing mutual respect. If you can establish and maintain this balance of respect and honesty, you will put yourselves in a better place to connect in a relationship whether it is platonic or romantic. The Two of Wands means future planning and a discovery. Any suit of wands represents some sort of change in your life. It also means that there is good fortune heading your way, but it is more of a short term thing, and will not lead to long lasting happiness.

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