What do you want from me?

  • I need help in understanding what this guy wants from me? 1st he says he loves and misses me and then due to us being a long distance thing(I wouldnt call it an official relationship though it does feel that it is that way we havent made it official) we can only contact each other via the computer which is rather difficult to do on a regular basis. I am not sure whether we are in a relationship or not, I have asked him several times tto come and meet me and he doesnt for what ever reason he thinks up and this makes me doubt he is even serious about me also why I dont know what he wants from me. For me its seems hes playing me but the way I feel toward him makes me think well no he cant be like that( itt doesnt feel like that at all). I want to be with him and its got to the point where I must move on. I want to be with him but sometimes I dont coz of what happens out side of this (makes me not like him at all and really pisses me off )(why he does that I dont know) anyway if we arent in a relationship then why is he still around? What does he want from me? and will he ever meet me or is it just an excuse to harass me(which if this is it then why go harass someone else and leave me alone).

  • No, this is not an actual relationship. This guy is not interested in hooking up in real life with anyone. It's just a fantasy for him and he fears that reality would break the bubble. You don't really know this guy at all.

  • I have come to the conclusion that this so called meeting will not happen so I am free to be with who ever I want to be with. I do not want him in my life and have told him to leave me alone and he never listens so I am telling him now to leave me alone online and offline and also stop having everyone in Cairns and where ever I go to leave me alone. We are not in a relationship and never have been. So all that you have done in the last years can stop. Like whenever I go out you have killed two of my exs friends due to some 'reason' to get me to stop going out, you get your friends to get on to me, you even want me to never go out while you go out to clubs and pick women up. We are not in a relationship, you do not own me and you never will.

  • I will be a friend to you but that is all because you were there for me during a hard time in my life it is only fair I be there for you in hard times.

  • That being said I do still want to meet you only if you want to meet me.

  • Goodbye.

  • I will give you a week to make your mind up about meeting me, if you dont meet me after a week then I am free to go, starts from now.

  • I just dont think the meeting will happen at all! Just reread what I wrote and if he hasnt met me yet he never will, best I accept that and get on wit my life. Starting from now.

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