Can I have a reading please?

  • Have known this guy since late December. He used to call and text until both of us got busy and were traveling.

    I like him but don't know him well enough to want to proceed further. I am somewhat skeptical about us.

    His DOB is 02 January 1975. Mine's 09 March 1980.

    Any insights will be very much appreciated!

  • In a love affair or marriage here, you Dilphinus, would have to step out and assume a role equal to that of your partner if the relationship is to work. There is inherently nothing wrong with your partner being the boss (as he will want to be), however, as long as your views are aired and respected. You have a warm and loving side that will do a great deal to help him open up and express affection more easily. But when you get really upset, he may find himself unable to help you, and may stand aside. He is not as comfortable with or understanding of emotions as you are. The worrisome dynamic of his anger, his solid reality, and his strong ambition, and your emotional delicacy and the big role fantasy plays in your life may bring conflict to the relationship and is best dealt with through a shared commitment to maintaining emotional balance as much as possible - alas, perhaps not always with notable success. Still, this matchup has a good chance of being harmonious as long as you can both keep your extreme feelings under control.

    In the domestic sphere, you two can be quite content with running an efficient household, one in which everything is kept in its place. In most areas of life, you will appreciate your partner's orderliness and management skills. He meanwhile will prize your sensitivity and consideration, though he may become short-tempered with your occasional blasé vagueness about important matters. Here his outburst will usually send you scurrying for cover. If you can toughen up a bit emotionally and not let him push your buttons too easily, and he can accept you the way you are and not want you to change, this relationship has a good chance of success.

  • Thanks Captain for the reading!

    Actually I would like to know what's the possibility between us. He seems to be quite cold lately though still responsive. I'm taking a step back. I'm not really sure what to do, except to move on.

  • It is not a very compatible matchup for either a love affair, marriage, or friendship. A working relationship is the best possiblity of all here.

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