Shuabby if you can please shed some light

  • Hi Shuabby,

    I feel I am in a crossroad with my marriage for a long time. I am not happy in it, and the past is a big burden; while my husband is in denial--not wanting changes. he is trying to make changes to accommodate me as much as he can, but deep down I know he can't change, what really makes me unhappy.

    I need to start a new way of living, and I have financial restrictions at the moment. Also, I don't want to force things or hurt any one, and hope for a gradual development of events. This is dragging for too long and has raised my insecurities and fears. I wish it could start with me finding a job and feeling financially independent, which is another main issue of the moment.

    I guess my question would be if you could see any of this changes to come in this year, either in my marriage or employment ? I appreciate any insight you could have for me at this time !


  • Undio1

    Your finding the need to work is a good idea and you will find employment not to far from home . I feel in an office type environment and with a man whom name starts with F. Look at local newspaper to view jobs as that is what I am lead to tell you to do. The money will be OK to get you started and when your husband see's that you are changeing he himself will begin to more and more, I am not saying that this will overjoy you , if the joy is gone from the marriage than you will have to make a deceision after you get a job.

    I feel this happening soon for you. Once you start walking a new path than you will not be stopped with fear any longer as you are entitled to a life of your own making and yes he will have to support you for awhile if you divorce him.

    You will blossom once you find work and feel so renewed that you will stop paying so much attention to your husband and focus on yourself more, which will lead to bigger and better adventures and degrees of happiness for you in the future.

    We can not help but hurt people when endings are made. This is a process of life , just remember that sorrow always will pass with time and JOY will come for those seeking it.


  • Thank You so much Shuabby !! This is an awesome news ! lots of Love to you !! U

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