Can FWB turn into more for Aries man and Libra woman?

  • Keep in mind this guy is the typical Aries male in every sense and I'm the typical Libra woman.

    I met this guy at work in November at work and it seem that he notice me right away. He would notice everytime I change my nail color or if I did my make up different. He would always ask me questions about my hair and looks. It also always seem like he looked really happy to see me when I came and would strike up random coversations but since we were co-workers and I was seeing someone at the time, there was no real flirting on my part. I quit in April and he got my phone number from a friend and started texting me quite a bit. We went out last weekend and had a really great time talking about lots of things. At one point in the evening he thought he seen me looking at someone and seemed a little jealous asking who was I looking and and who I saw. He also seemed a little like he didn't want to hear about the previous guy I was seeing. We drank a little too much and ended up making out softly and cuddling in the back of his car. He was really gentle and tender (not at all like aries from what I understand). My head was on his lap and he was stroking my hair and holding and rubbing my hands, caressing my body, telling me how I kiss so well and basically giving me compliments (though, he has yet to say I'm pretty but I know he thinks I am) We cuddled for quite a while before it got a little hot. I did not let it progress though and ask for him to take me home for the night.

    We text a lot after that, basically all day talking about everything, music and random things. We have a lot in common. He made a joking bet that if I lost I'd have to be his sex slave.. but I think we make actually go through with getting intimate this weekend. He was telling me that he would want to take it slow in bed and for me to be gentle, with light teasing. I've been with other Aries and this is total opposite! He also told me he was very picky which I believe is typical for aries so I'm suprised he even wants to get together.

    What I'm wondering is if this can turn into anything more him being the sexual aries that he is? It seems like he actually likes me and not just for sex since we do talk a lot about different things and that's just not the typical FWB experience for me. Usually in my FWB it's all sex all the time and if we're not having sex, we don't talk. Or maybe he's just really nice? I'm not sure if I want a relationship just yet but I'm wondering how typical gentle behavior is for Aries.. could this be a sign he actually cares about me? I know Aries don't commit easily but if I'm right he has had a crush on me for sometime. Help. Do Aries commit in these types of situations?

  • My feeling is that if you sleep with him, he will gradually lose interest. He likes his conquests but afterwards looks for other challenges.

  • I am an Aries, even though a female. T . I am also extremely gentle and likes to take it very , but very slow in bed. I believe being an Aries doesn't mean the bed is gone be fast. plus each sign dependent also on the moon and rising signs. I don't look much like an Aries, even though I feel it mostly. I also believe in losing interest after sex. but if there is love, and other interests that connect you than is nothing to fear. Aries people are very trustworthy. good luck!

  • Hi, Im am also a Aries, ok female.

    I can be either way nice and gently, and also bit heavy play, but that is in a real relationship.

    Aries male, if you want more do not give into the sex, unless your sure that he wants more than that, challenge him, see if you take you out, have idea, you soon learn if he only wants the one thing, cause he wont bother.

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