Could I get a psychic reading please?

  • Hi everyone. I was wondering if I could get a psychic reading about what's going on right now and the future? I wanted to know if I made the right decision ending things with Kyle and also if there would be another man in my life soon? Thank you, I really appreciate it. Also, if you see anything else in the reading please let me know!

  • Hi LeoBethany,

    I did a reading for you, I like it when it’s nice and happy.

    My strength when doing a reading is picking up on feelings so you can see from a different perspective.

    Your feeling bold and you have courage

    I am also picking up that there is still stuff going on..(when people bicker and talk about each other blinders are worn so you don't see a full picture)

    and I’m getting a good feeling with money

    One of your questions is you are ready for the change... it’s a conscious decision

    You just went thru a period of indecision

    You have some luck coming your way

    I get a nice feeling you’re going to meet someone nice

    and happiness

    looks like money or a gift is coming

    Things will happen as they should, Justice will be done

    and winding up all the struggles you felt will turn around and I get a feeling of happiness

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