HELP! can someone do a reading for me?

  • I would appreciate if someoone could do a reading for me. Right now things are awful! my mom is saying she is done with me!

  • Foundation/Basis of the Reading: The Devil

    You: Page of Cups reversed

    Crossing You: The Moon

    Crowning/What's Above: The Tower

    Recent Past: Queen of Wands

    Present: 7 of Swords

    Near Future: The World reversed

    Blocks/Inhibitions: Ace of Swords

    Environment: Wheel of Fortune

    Advice: The Fool reversed

    Outcome: 10 of Swords

    The Devil as the foundation - could be a reference to your boyfriend again as he always shows up as the Devil when I pull cards for you, but could also be about your fears and how you currently operate within your relationships. You have a tendency to live in fear and to give your power away to other people.

    You as the Page of Cups reversed with The Moon crossing you tells me you are way to emotional right now and need to bring yourself back into balance -- utilize your head and the good sense God gave you.

    The Tower above shows that there is an upheaval in your home right now, however it is happening for a reason. This situation is forcing you to face some things about yourself. The Tower is about things tumbling down so that you can rebuild on a solid foundation - liberate yourself from something that does not serve you.

    The Queen of Wands in the recent past is your mother - the things that she had been stuffing down and were simmering underneath the surface bubbled up and came out in a burst of fire. Notice that she is upright, however, which hints that her fire was justified.

    The 7 of Swords as the present situation - once again, this card always shows up for you. It could be pointing toward your boyfriend moving out, but it also signifies self-defeating attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

    The near future and your current environment are both that wheel, circle of life. However the World is reversed which tells me that you will still be struggling within yourself. The World is often about inner fulfillment. This is what you are struggling with -- you look outside of yourself too much for that sense of peace and inner harmony. Find it within and then you will experience it without. The Wheel of Fortune can always go either way. What I immediately saw in this reading was that red devil-looking guy grasping on at the bottom. It is a struggle to hold on to the outside of the wheel. Yes, it can feel exhilarating at the top, but it is grueling on the bottom. Your challenge is to stop allowing outside drama to run you. It's about balance - put yourself in the center of that wheel and let all the commotion go on outside of you.

    Your blocks/inhibitions is the Ace of Swords. This is about seeing things clearly - using your mind and logic. It's also about cutting through the b.s. and seeing things from a different perspective. It is also about a burst of energy - personal power. This is the sign of Archangel Michael who shows up when we need to rely on our inner strength and courage. Once again, a sign that you tend to give your power away and allow your emotions to take over too much.

    The Fool reversed as your advice is telling you to grow up. Once again, you tend to give your power away to others and it is time to stand on your own two feet.

    The outcome is about defeat, but also completion as it is a number 10. It is telling you to give up this struggle - let go of the drama. Focus on getting to a place of self-reliance and self-care and then that sunrise will pop up over the horizon.

  • thank-you for your reading. but im still at a loss as to what im suppose to do. my boyfriend and i love each other, and my mom is on the verge of disowning me cause im still with him. and even if i dumped him now, it wouldnt matter cause she said iv been with him all this time. that i didnt dump him a long time ago that it means i dont care about my family.

  • You're still at a loss as to what you are supposed to do....the messages have been very clear from not only me but other readers that you need to stand on your own two feet. Your mother is disappointed in your choice of a man because he is immature, selfish, ungrateful and has not proven that he can take care of himself let alone you. Your boyfriend needs to step up to the plate and show that he is a capable, mature man. You need to step up to the plate and show that you can take care of yourself. Focus less on emotional drama and more on your goals -- finish your education, get a job which will give you the means to provide for youself instead of living under your mother's roof or relying on your boyfriend to take care of you. Stop making excuses for your boyfriend to your mother and for your mother to your boyfriend. What do YOU think of everything that has been going on in your house? You only seem to focus on what everyone else thinks. You allow fear and drama to run your life. Deep down the fear is that they will abandon you and you do not feel capable of taking care of yourself. You are also afraid to speak your mind because you fear that if you do you will lose their love. Your mother loves you - you are her child. And if your boyfriend will stop "loving" you because you speak your mind then he never loved you in the first place. You need to set some standards for yourself and your boyfriend can either choose to live up to them or not. Your mother will start accepting your choices in life when you start to actually choose for yourself and what's best for you instead of trying to please others. Show her how capable and confident you are. I am saying this bluntly because you seem to need this right now....the message is to GROW UP.

  • I totally agree with you and thats my plan. Im almost done with school and Iv already been approved for a good job. My mom told me she needs me to pay back the money i owe her, and i plan on it. My boyfriend got a place of his own and he is moving out today. he is making decent money now and he said he was willing to take care of me if i wanted to move out now, but i told him no, i need to graduate and get on my own two feet first. and he understands that. most of my money will have to go to my mom however cause i need to pay my own way and rent in addition to the the money i owe her, from not being able to pay rent these past several months.. but i cant complain, i need to pay my way. the problem im left with is that once i pay my mom off she wants me out asap, and that she is done with me for good. when it comes to finances she dont have a problem with me cause i always help in any way i can. she has a problem with the fact that i stayed with my boyfriend, she feels if i cared at all about my family that i wouldve dumped him. My career and money situation is getting better and im making greaqt progress on that, the issues now are the relationships with those i love. I dont like or want drama. I love my family and i love my boyfriend and he wants a future with me. my mom said its already too late that iv already choose him over her. and thats where i feel stuck. am i selfish/wrong to keep him in my life? Should I leave him in honor of my family?

  • I had told my boyfriend that some things he said to her had upset her, he didnt realize how much it had. so after i talked to him about it he had wrote my mom a long apology letter. but she didnt accept the apology. I do NOT want to be caught up in the drama believe me. but i have no choice, im stuck here in the middle. and I cant move out yet, and even if i was in my field already making enough money to live on my own, it wouldnt matter yet anyway, my mom says im not to be moving out until she gets paid back what i owe her. cause once i move out she feels i wont be able to. and she says i should at least give her 6 month notice so she can find another renter to rent my room out.

  • Start thinking for yourself. If you were actually in a rental agreement, the notice would be 30 days, not 6 months. She cannot keep you from moving out because you owe her money, but if you cannot move out AND pay her back then you should stay put until you do pay her what you owe her. If you sit down and come up with a budget for yourself - both for paying your mom back and coming up with what you need to move into a place of your own, then you will have a very clear idea on when you will be debt free and can move out - give her this info as a tentative timeframe. Show her your budget and your plan - set your intention - she will respct this.

    Your mother is still angry with your boyfriend and it will blow over if you would just stop picking at the wound. Give it some oxygen so it can heal.

    And your boyfriend chose the chicken-sh*t way of apologizing. He should have done it face to face. Your mother had no respect for him choosing to text or write her. He needs to man up and face her -- sincerely apologize and then let it go. If she does not accept a SINCERE apology then that is her choice and neither your boyfriend nor you can do anything about it but give her time and space.

    You cannot control your mother. You cannot control your boyfriend. The only person you can control is yourself and you need to learn to set boundaries.

  • Yes I agree that texting is a bad way to apologize, whenever he tried talking to her in person she blew up,so he figured he would get the words in any way he can. at least it was a start. Like you said, pushing right now will just make things worse. Im planning on doing a budget for myself and to get debts paid. with me in full time college Im going to try to work as much as I can without taking away all study time. unfortunately Im only going to have enough $ to pay my month-to-month expenses and the back pay I owe my mom. So saving $ may not be an option,cause Ill barely have enough left to get to work and school. Im going to be making the same amount of $ as Iv been since living at home. So I already know what finances are going to be like. My mom has a set amount she needs and I get whats left,if any. So it will be tough, but hay thats adulthood. The only thing that scares me is that even when I do graduate school,the money a vet tech makes is not enough for someone to live on there own.My mom makes $3 an hour more and she cant even do it,she has a couple roommates here paying rent. when I graduate ill have $500 a month student loan payments, that would be my rent $! When I choose this field I wasnt planning on ever living alone god 4bid, I wouldnt want to live alone anyway, iv always been a family person, either living with family and eventually having a family of my own. But it is definately time for me to be living away from family, im 33 yrs old, and iv been ready to be the woman of the house. Iv already had a taste of that life when I was living with a boyfriend years back, I loved it! and I flourished spiritually and emotionally. Yes I would love to make a home with my current boyfriend, but i want to make sure Im prepared better this time,and not to rush into it, but to build a strong foundation with him. I think Im the most serious relationship he has ever had, he has mentioned marriage to me, and he was always afraid of that word before. He has admitted that being with me has tamed him down alot, I think he is embarking on a new phase in his life, stepping closer to a more stable,committed type of lifestyle. Iv seen many positive changes in him since we first started dating,and I dont want to push him too fast, I want to do things right this time.

  • Ok, so pay your mother off first and then take the money you were giving her and start putting that into savings. Just focus on your goals and let go of the melodrama for now. Your mother will calm down. Showing her how you can focus on your financial obligations and building your future by completing your education will be a big help. Stop worrying so much about the things that are not in your control. Put your energy into the things that you do have control over...yourself, your education, your finances. Your lesson right now is focus on self....self-reliance, self-discipline, and self-control.

  • well the money i was giving her was the expenses for the month. as soon as i start new job i have to go back to doing that again. my cell phone and car insurance are in her name so i give her the money for it,but those are my bills. she is taking the total cost of uilities,food,mortgage,etc and dividing by how many people are living here. so Ill be giving around $600 a month, with my cell and insurance included. then in addition to that i was break up the thousands i owe her into 12 months, so then ill have to give her whatever that comes to. And yes you are right I cant control what others do, just what I do. I just hope nothing else goes wrong in meantime. my boyfriends truck had its engine blew, so he working on get new car, but since he moving out today,im letting him use my car to haul his things over, my mom had threatened to kick me out if i allowed him,but i dont see that happening, but she also said if he leaves this house with it she would report it stolen! so just to be safe im going with him, probably going to spend the night. hhe asked if i would and i would like that. It may not go over well with my mom, but like you said, i am an adult. I do not plan on causing any more drama or starting anything, like you said dont pick at the wound. but unfortunately just me helping him in way way or going over to his place its going to fuel the fire. but i can only do so much you know 🙂 thanks for your support

  • So you really believe my mom will come around and forgive me? I know she said that she will never forgive me,but that could be anger/resentment talking. I mean this is the first time my mom ever said that she was done with me for good! I asked her what could I do to make things right, like break up with my boyfriend, but she said its too late for that now, she said the reason she is no longer going to be there for me is because I still love him after all this. so i dont think breaking up with him would do any good, cause she would know that i didnt really want to and she would see me be sad over losing him.

  • I have other things to say, but for right now there is one burning question...


    Seriously, is it your name on the pink slip/car loan or your mother's?

  • I TOTALLY AGREE! I understand that that her concern is mileage,wear and tear because she wants to see me succeed and graduate school. my sister keeps reminding me that it was my moms coworker that sold me the car and my mom pitched in a few hundred to help me buy it. So unfortunately I have that hanging over my head. but still it is my car. as for letting my sis drive the car, she says my sis has been helping to support me, etc.. so its only right and fair. But she shouldnt be telling me that i cant let my boyfriend borrow it. right now im working out an issue i had with my license, so il letting my boyfriend borrow it today for work, since Im not going to be using it. if she reports it stolen, the police are going to ask me if i loaned it out! lol since the owner only I can press charges correct?

  • Yes - only you can report it as stolen. Actually, if your mother did report it as stolen and the police found out later that she did not actually own the car, she would be in danger of being cited for filing a false report.

    It feels like you have some deeper issues here with regard to your mother that this situation is bringing out to be healed. There is a part of you - your inner child - that wants your mothers love, attention and approval. Did your sister get most of the attention growing up because of her mental capacity? Did you at some level feel ignored because her needs were greater? You will need to be aware with ALL of the relationships in your life that you will have a tendency to NEED their approval and love a little too much - will be afraid to speak up for yourself out of the fear of losing that love and approval.

    Also, your mother may be treating you (out of habit) as if your mental capacity is diminished as well. The probem is - especially since you are currently living under her roof - you have a tendency to revert back to being a child when you are around her instead of a grown 33 yr old woman. It is up to you to begin the process of changing this dynamic.

    For instance, when your mother does something like threaten to report your car stolen if you allow your boyfriend to use it -- do not react from the little child place but with your grown woman logical head. Calmly communicate that it is your car and she can't report it stolen. If it comes up express gratitude for her help in you purchasing the car in the first place, but the fact is it is still your car. Stop allowing her, your sister, your boyfriend or anyone else for that matterto walk all over you. This does not have to be done in an argumentative or angry way. It is indeed possible to speak up for yourself from a place of love and not engage in the threats and theatrics and melodrama.

    This is all part of the growing up message. I am really getting that your goal should be moving out into a place of your own, but that will take some time and dedication. This is why there was the message of self-reliance, self-control and self-discipline. Be careful of putting too much of your energy into your relationship because you will have a tendency to transfer that "please love and take care of me" need from your mother to him. Your main focus should be on yourself and your independence.

    Take care,


  • thank-you for your advice, what you are saying makes alot of sense. My goal right now is to get this job Im going for and get on my feet, and I know then alot will fall into place

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