Need help with a reading

  • I asked the cards "Where is the man that God has sent me?" 2-cards, no positions, I got:

    Page of pentacles

    Four of wands

    What does this mean?? Does this mean I'm meet him in a work situation? Does this mean that he's working on some things before we meet? Or does this mean that I need to work on somethings before I'll find him and be happy? Need help.

  • "...before I'll find him and be happy?"

    You need to be happy first and then someone will come along. So work on why you aren't happy. A man will not fix it for you, trust me on this.

  • thank you watergirl 🙂

  • You might try reframing your question to one that asks the Tarot for guidance. Such as "What steps can I take to find a Soulmate for myself?" This is what the Tarot really excels at! Then choose a spread that you feel comfortable with, one that has definite positions, and one with more than just two cards. This will give the Tarot more of an opportunity to communicate with you. Perhaps give a Celtic Cross Love Spread a try. Keep in mind, the Tarot does have 'a mind of its own' and intuitively knows whats best for you. It may tell you the same thing Watergirl18 told you. "Stop worrying about getting a mate and focus on your own growth and happiness!" My cards LOVE to do this to me if I try to force a prediction from them. They'll adopt a snippy and playful attitude-as if they're saying "I'm not here to predict the future for you-I'm here to give you guidance!" Good luck

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