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  • Hi Pisceans, I'm trying to let go of a 4 yr relationship with an Aquarian man. So hard to let go. Although I wish it were different he needs to grow & may never be able to participate in a committed relationship. I know its time to let go but am having trouble stopping the constant doubting thoughts & replaying scenes in my head, etc Any suggestions?

    Blessed Be

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  • Oh dear amused....I feel for you. Aquarian men are hard to let go....I struggled on and off for 13 years, we went back and forth, then were together solidly for four...until a year and a half ago. I have been going through the same thing as is very challenging. You can spend as many years as I have over analyzing the relationship, trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've, happened...or you can just leave it and move on. Once you do, you will attract a new love, one that will commit and give you what you deserve. Aquarians are free spirits, don't like to be tied down...very difficult. I find meditating and sending intentions to the universe does help....I hope you don't waste as many years as I did, it isn't worth it.

    Blessings and hugs,


  • LibraLuli

    Thanks I understand how hard it is to let go...... but as you said I don't want to waste any more years hoping for things to be different. I must admit it is a very difficult challenge.I wish he made it easier but he always leaves his foot in the door......Best to you & I hope you find a different love

    Blessed be


  • May I ask why are you trying to lett go of this relationship?

  • Have you found someone else you prefer to be with?

  • Crazycap

    He told me he wasnt sure he wanted a relationship & wanted to spend more time with his guy friends. At the time I had not been asking for changes in our relationship so this came as a surprise. No I have not been looking for any one.

  • That's so funny you said that about the foot in the Aquarian always did that too. I had to draw the line in the sand this last time. Of course, my back and forth situation went on for over 17 years. It always turned out that there were other women as the real excuse when he would leave....

    I feel he will probably be back, if you want him. Give him some time to miss you and let him know you are still there for him.

    Blessings to you

  • LibraLuli

    I think its a need to play w the guys & probably other women too. I wonder if its worth the roller coaster ride of emotions if he can't let himself settle down. Time will tell if he comes back & if I feel I can trust him & I'm not sure I could take the heart ache again. As you may have experienced, there is a connection thats hard to walk away from...........I can see the need to draw a line in the sand

    Blessed Be

  • If you want to be with him then go and meet him and be with him if you dont do this he takes it as though you arent serious and no wonder thats why he has one foot out the door.

  • The line has been drawn if you dont go meet witthh him, he will go. NOw go leave him alone will ya?

  • Crazycap

    I'm confused by your postings. I met with him a few wks ago & he said he didn't want a relationship

    with me or perhaps anyone. He wanted to spend time with his guy friends. He said he wanted to be "friendly" because we've known each other for 4 yrs so would contact me in a month or so to open communication. When he does I will talk with him. He changed the relationship not me. What line you refer to?

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