Dear Astra I need you, please can you do a reading !

  • Dear Astra, how are you? I hope you are doing well xx

    So I have not asked a reading in some time and would love to get some insight from you again, please.

    That Gemini man has been back in my life. About 2 months ago he contacted me. We stared seeing eachother again, this time he showed less in emtions but I saw them there through things he said and how he acted.

    Last time I saw him he came over to my place, it was actually going good.

    Only one detail was sort of off but it is small I think.

    After that day I had this feeling something is up. He went out of town to work. Something happened in his head I dont know what. We went 3 days and I was feeling again something is not how it should be.

    When he came back he just told me we should not see each other for some time and that it should stop this moment ( this was said in such a stupid way - over text)

    It got me mad and sad at the same time.

    So what I would like to ask you is

    Do you see this as being permanent?

    Do you see any hope for us two? (relationship)

    Will he pull this again on me if he comes back ?

    Thank you dear Astra

    Love and Light

  • Hi fishyone

    Hey nice to hear from you... I am fine thanks... enjoying some lovely weather here nice and sunny!

    Okay, so he comes back, 2 months later he's in limbo... weird okay lets see...

    I want to first do an energy reading on the two of you before we try to answer specific questions. This should give us a picture of what each of you are working with.

    So, 5 cards for each...

    Heart (central theme right now, the situation for you)

    YOU: 2 of Wands - this is an affirming energy connected to issues of IDENTITY and ROLE in life. So you are very strong in your heart about AFFIRMING a new identity you have been practicing. Balance and harmony as related to roles, self image and such is very very important to you right now.

    HIM: Queen of Wands - He is also practicing (or trying to haha) to be mature and establlished in his role or self identity. He is also a Gemini and I don't know a lot about Gems however I am guessing that role issues are especially touchy for them, and that can already explain why all of a sudden he is Mr. Hyde and left you wondering wtf? He may have hit some sort of role or identity issue that has him feeling like he needs to hide out for a while?

    Head (where your head is right now):

    YOU: 4 of Pentacles. Physical and material and home stability. You are NOT interested in flaky security and practical life situations right now. this is a card of material foundations, so this seems to be part of your thoughts now...

    HIM: The Tower - Comprised of 3 energies, the 4 of swords, 2 of pentacles and the Ace of Wands. So here there is again a theme of a new identity he is working at maintaining (Qw) along with very foundational thinking about that. It is very important to him right now to believe in himself. THe 2 of pentacles also shows he has concerns about material balance (the way all of this comes across), so all together THe Tower is about relying on established thought patterns along with some physical or material balancing act, to express a new identity. IT can be dramatic trying to get all of these energies to play together, hence the Tower haha. Look out below.

    Feet: (path, purpose, passion, hidden ways maybe)

    YOU: Justice - So balance is an underlying path for you, so it is VERY important that your life feels balanced and any flakiness is not going to be allowed in. This is also a 3 sword/2 wand card so this is reflecting that same 2 wand energy in your heart along with PLANNING something related to that. So you could be 'walking out' ways to think about and plan a balanced and nice identity pattern for you. The way you see life, react, all of this is wrapped up in a role.

    HIM: 10 of Pentacles, this is a card of a new physical pattern beginning (Ace of Pentacles) on top of a previous pattern that was completed (9 of Pentacles). This sorta sounds like the previous material pattern that the relationship had and he is wanting to build a new pattern on that of how you are together physically or in the practical expression of the relationship (home, security issues, financial). Sharing of resources is important to him.

    Hand reaching out to each other:

    YOU: 3 of Pentacles - Another significant pentacle card for you, and this is in the hand you are extending to him. This is a card of PLANNING and expansion as regards the physical and material expression of the relationship. You are wanting to dialogue about how to express, how to manifest the physical aspects of the two of you.

    HIM: 9 of Cups - He is reaching out to you with a 9 of cups which is the divine card of love, like heaven takes over. So this is an interesting card that he is showing you, and seems to be saying that his steps emotionally right now toward you are under the control of the Universe for the time being. So the way he is expressing emotionally could be divinely guided in which case you should simply wait and try to learn (the lesson?) from whatever is happening. It is starting to sound like the Universe is working with the two of you in some unique way and that may not make sense at times.

    Hand behind you (previous energies you have been dealing with, something you are letting go):

    YOU: Knight of Cups - SO that is a card of focusing on the emotions, so that means you have been very focused on an emotional issue recently and this is now receding. could be that event you mentioned where there was a hasty breakup for some reason, not sure about that. Your path in general has been very focused on a feeling, emotion or relationship.

    HIM: 5 of Swords. He has been changing his thinking in some area.

    Okay, now we can look at your questions and see what turns up...

    Do you see this as being permanent?

    No, and that is mainly because of 2 things. The 9 of cups is a very strong and pure emotional energy that he is holding out to you, even though he is not 'physically' present, his heart is still with you is what I get. Also, he has a very serious self identity focus right now on this Queen of Wands in his heart (that could represent you). The Tower above him along with the 5 swords behind him shows that he has been going through some serious overhaul in some area of what he believes, could be his philosophy of life, his purpose, and that is settling down with the Tower card. Tumult though while all of that is sorting itself and discarding what he no longer needs.

    Do you see any hope for us two? (relationship)

    That 10 of Pentacles under him says he is very interested in a stable new security pattern with you, he may simply not be sure exactly what. The new pattern could be too new yet.

    You are also extending to him a 3 pentacles planning card of material, so he should welcome that as a sign you are interested in a stable new practical pattern with him. Your thoughts are also all about a stable foundation physically (home, material ways) and so I think you are both basically on the same wavelength.

    I think both of you are protecting new roles and that could be causing the two of you to be apart for now. He may need to be more himself, more relaxed and at peace with you... I think he is still working on something (Tower) that has not completely finished falling.

    Will he pull this again on me if he comes back ?

    Well, we could pull some cards then to see. As long as we keep seeing cards like the Tower in him, I would not expect his behavior to be too different in the future. SO at this point I would say it is highly likely that he repeats this pattern. When you do not like that pattern, you really need to sit him down (when he comes back) and explain that is not working for you and that is inappropriate to just run off without talking it out. I do not understand when we run off like that it is weird.

    Does that help at all? His general energies are more in number than yours...

    9 cups to your 4

    12 pents to your 7

    5 wands to your 4

    9 swords to your 3

    Which could mean he is dealing with more issues at the moment. Overall I would say things look okay for the two of you? I would be patient and take care of yourself, I'll bet he will reappear however I would communicate about his behavior when he does and let him know how you really feel?... can he communicate okay emotionally? Maybe its Gemini, I dunno. Maybe they are a little more difficult to talk to...

    love and blessings!


  • Thank you very much!

    No he does not communicate emotionally well, maybe not at all.

    Gemini are more intelectual and thinking then emotions and me as pisces is all emotions.

    But yes he has some other issues in his life now that I would not like to write here in the site.

    Thank you again dear Astra I appriciate it a lot!

    I will keep you posted if you are interested.

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