Reading request for Shuabby

  • Shuabby

    I am troubled about my marriage.I request you to see if there is a message from my guides in this regard.

    thanks ,Love and Light

  • suramya

    I feel that you are always available for your husband and need to start a life seperate from his, in that I mean go out and make friends and do things with them and don't include him. If you have children , get a sitter and go, you only live once dear. You will become happier in the doing. Your husband is selffish and a bit self centered yet he does have a good heart. He at times feel like you are not doing the best that you can do either.

    I feel he does care about you but wishes you were like you use to be. Only you know the answer to that one. Work on making him miss you more and than try to meet him half way.


  • Shuabby

    Thank you for taking a weight off my heart. You got that right .My husband does miss what I used to be which was a silent doormat:)

    Thank you so much for answering this. i am going to give yr creative solution a try.

    can I read for you?

    Thanks and Lots of Love

  • suramya,

    Thank you for the feedback and yes I will ask you a question.

    Do you do Tarot or just gifted in clairvoyant?

    I would like to know if I will hear from my niece Michelle soon? We had a disagreement on view points and I deceided that I needed to pull away for awhile and deleted her from my FB page in which I was closing the account too. She got mad and let her live in boyfriend send me a mean and uncalled for e-mail. I haven't talk with her since and wondered if I ever will again?


  • Am nor clairvoyant or clairaudient AT ALL. I am empathetic and practice with tarot cards and angel cards ,usually the Doreen Virtue decks. Am getting down to reading for you now .

    sending prayers and best wishes

  • Shuabby

    There are no easy solutions to this problem. Both of you are examining your options trying to make a choice. Its not as if she does not know how nurturing you are. She does fear being judged by you. Her boyfriend sounds like bad news:Chariot shows he is controlling. Also I got a card saying "Shield yourself" from the Archangel Michael deck, which suggests you are susceptible to negative vibes from others. You could use obsidian or some other protective crystal.

    Justice shows me that you will be treated fairly even tho currently yr niece is defiant (7 wands). You may get sm communication soon. In any case the cards advise you to use your heart more than yr head right now. Try not to be critical, and be generous ,patient and emotionally mature as you usually are,it will serve you best You fear being taken advantage of, financially or otherwise.

    At the same time your convictions are right.You dont have to bend or please others because you are on the right path, as the angel card Mystique shows. And you are a blessing to children

    Other cards from the goddess guidance deck show a need to detox,by consuming only wholesome foods and beverages or this may indicate a need to indulge in only positive speech and thought.

    An important opportunity is on its way. You may be travelling for work or vacation.This move will bring happiness, and the angels are helping you make this move.

    You are a healer yourself. When I asked fr a healing card fr this situation in particular I got a card called Healing: your prayers are very powerful. Also look to your feelings for guidance.

    Hope this helps...this is all I got

    Love and Light

  • suramya

    Thank you for the excellent reading. I'm starting a weight loss program and will be detoxing with it. I look forward to hearing from my niece again and I believe that her boyfriend is controlling like you said. You should be reading more for others as you are very good at it.


  • thanks fr the feedback and glad I was of sm help:)

    Best wishes fr the fitness programme

    Love and Light

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