Can someone give me a tarot reading please?

  • I'd appreciate it..

  • I will give you a reading just give me a few days to post it. Thank you.


  • Pisces4Life,

    7-Card Reading : Love

    XVI Tower : 10 of Pentacles : 5 of Cups Reversed : XIX Sun Reversed

    3 of Pentacles Reversed : 8 of Swords Reversed : Ace of Wands

    The guides want to talk to you about your personality. They say that there are a few personality characteristics that you use which make guy want to go running in the opposite direction and the guides say they want to help you with that so you can get what you want inside of a relationship. They say, “Don’t be so demanding,” the guides are likening it to nails on a chalkboard to guys. It’s something about guys, the guides say, they just don’t like very strong willed girls, in the demanding sense, it’s like emasculating them, they just can’t stand it and they’ll go running in the opposite direction whenever you start to use this “technique” so don’t. It’s something that guys aren’t going to just “get over”, if anything they’re just going to keep getting angry about it and leaving and you don’t want that because you do mean well and you do want to have a successful relationship you are just thinking that by using this “technique” that it’ll get the job done…but it won’t. At least not with the way guys think, so the best thing to do is to act sweet when you want to act demanding because you’ll attract more flies with sugar than vinegar the guides say. And this is exactly what you need in order to get them around and keep them around. You need to find temperance inside a relationship when it comes to handling issues and everyday circumstances. It’s time to find some “temperature control” inside of your relationships because that’s the only way you’re going to find that guys stick around.

    You want that really wonderful, well-rounded relationship; well you can have it the guides say. You can have it if you want it you just need to get on the right path and incorporate the right steps into your behaviors. And that’s it, it’s seriously that simple. So its time for you to refocus your efforts in this area in life in order to gain what you want to achieve because you can have it and there is no reason why you can’t. You can get exactly what you want here you just have to temper your behaviors and emotions around men. And they aren’t that hard to figure out, the guides say, they do just basically want a few things and if you are willing to give it to them and be sweet to them in between, they’ll basically be yours for life. Of course, there will always be lessons you will need to learn inside of relationships but this way at least you’re learning the lessons with someone that you love; and if the relationship does turn out to be crumby than you can just consider that relationship as a learning experience. But for the purpose of your reading on your current path it’s definitely time for you to get a guy, that’s of course if you want one. And you have all the tools you need, you just need to moderate some of your behaviors and you’ll be good to go.

    You know what you want in this department and the guides say you’re doing a good job of wanting to get it. The guides want to explain that focusing on something is super powerful. So powerful in fact, that you, and most others, have no idea how powerful focus can be. Because focus can not only line up your energy and efforts, but focus is what the guides use “behind-the-scenes” in order to create good opportunities for you. So you are on a really good path, you just have to keep it up. The guides say that the only thorn in your side at this point is moderating your emotions inside of a relationship. Once you balance out your emotions and start attracting guys or keeping them, you’ll be in a really good place to create a successful relationship. You just have to get there, but the guides say, “You are really not that far away.” You already have the information, provided here, and now you’ve also been given the steps, so all you have to do is implement them into your daily behaviors and you’re all set.

    The guides say you need to get happier; happier with your surroundings, happier when thinking about relationships, just over all happier. But isn’t that something you would want to do anyway? Wouldn’t you want to be happy anyway or at least happier? So don’t take this as negative criticism. This is just a marker of information on your current path, which you can change at any anytime. All you have to do it get into the habit of getting happier and staying there. Because once you do, you’ll see a whole bunch of cool stuff coming your way. Happiness is one of the “ingredients” to manifesting, and the guides say that you are doing a lot of the other things right, this is just one area that needs a little pick me up. So get happy and stay happy, because once you do you’ll be better able to attract and experience a whole slew of new, better, and different things.

    The guides say, “Don’t expect guys to fall at your feet.” Things take time, especially from a guide’s point of view, because they have to manage a lot of circumstances, destinies, choices, lessons, and manifests of many people and entities involved. So getting into a relationship isn’t as easy as it sounds. The guides just want you to have the right expectations so you are at the best place to get the best results. And one of those things that need to be understood is that guys aren’t going to fall at your feet. It’s nothing to worry about, the guides sympathize with you over that not happening but the guides want to ask, “Would you really want that? I mean…really?” In theory it works of course but in real life, those types of situations usually have some drawbacks and those relationships don’t usually work out too well. So don’t expect it because deep down, you really don’t want it, you just think you do. Another thing, don’t worry about this. Don’t worry that this isn’t going to happen because for a lot of reason, which the guides don’t want to enumerate here for the purpose of time, you wouldn’t want it. However, your worry can work against you and against getting guys and keeping them. So keep this in mind and turn your perspective around because when you do you’ll be better able to interpret a relationship the guides say.

    You need to let go of the things which are keeping you bound and holding you back. Any negative voices in your head or barriers which you have set up, well, it’s time to knock those down. You can’t be guarded in a relationship. Even in a bad relationship you’ll want to be open because at least then you gave it a chance. And like the guides hinted at above there are only two types of relationships, good ones and learning experience ones. So don’t be so scared over bad relationships that you use your blocks or barriers to ruin both those and good ones. There are a lot of things to be learned in both good and bad relationships and putting up barriers doesn’t allow you to grow evenly in them. So let your self go and learn how to love without putting up those walls all the time.

    So do you want that opportunity to get a good guy? Do you want to go out there and find the guy of your dreams? Well the guides say you can do it. There is nothing holding you back from this. The guides don’t see any planned nasty relationships or any difficult situations for you to learn love or emotion control in, so what they are trying to tell you is nothing is holding you back. So get out there and find who you want. Now how do you find what you want? Well that’s also easy the guides say because they are going to tell you. You manifest it and through manifestation you can get exactly, or at least reasonably exactly what you want. But you’re going to have to do the leg work. First you have to figure out what manifestation is and secondly you’re going to have to do it. But the guides say that it isn’t as difficult either, you just have to figure it out and implement it. And to start off they are going to tell you how to do it. You do it by focusing on it, focus on exactly what you want and figure it out in your mind down to the last detail, once you do this you’re basically putting an order out to the universe (guides) and they will get the order and get started on serving you it but until you do this they can’t help you and they are powerful enough to really create some wonderful opportunities and meetings and relationships. So focus on what you want because you’ve already figured it out and as you picture it in your mind become it. Gain that fighting spirit of I’m going to get it and then it’s already mine and that energy that you put into it will help the guides help you get it. Just remember that you have to figure it out and then focus on it hard.


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