Need some advice (especially from Scorpio men)!

  • My scorpio broke up with me in October of 2011. We had absolutely no contact for almost six months, and I was getting my life back on track and moving forward. Right around my birthday, he started texting me out of the blue and we kind of struck up a friendship. We talked like old times, and he made several comments I may have read into too much. Things like saying he wanted to be around for a family get together (he's only met my father once, and that was right before he broke up with me), saying how much his sister would like me, just off the wall comments that had me thinking that maybe he was after a reconciliation. Last week, I questioned why he was back in my life and he flipped out. The text he sent me was along the lines of "I haven't asked you out this year, you know I date, yada yada yada, I thought we were good friends" etc. I apologised and told him that things were perhaps misconstrued and that while sometimes I do want him back, I value our friendship and the only way I would risk it would be if we both wanted to try again. That seemed to mollify him a bit and I backed off. Now, we both work for the same company, just on different sides of the department, so there is no need to run into each other at all (remember, we successfully avoided each other for six months). Sunday rolled around and this was easily 3 days after the "disagreement" and he felt the need to stop by my work area both at the beginning of my shift and at the end. I kept things light, and we had no contact whatsoever Mon-Wed this week. I'm off Mon/Tue, and he's off Mon-Wed. This afternoon, he made it a point to come find me on my break and show me pictures of his camping trip he took this weekend, along with the little comment "I was going to send these to you". I remarked on how beautiful the pics were, but was kind of distant as I had a family matter on my mind (and I'm still hurting from the spat), so we only talked for a few minutes.

    My question is rather a WTF is going on???? Is it really possible for a scorpio man to be friends with someone he loved? Is he playing some kind of game with me? I never stopped loving this man, as a matter of fact, I honestly feel like he's the man I'm meant to be with, but I can't help wondering if this is a game to him. Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    I should mention that I'm a taurus (April 21, 1974) and he's November 1, 1975

  • mmmm, in my humble opinion (and sorry I am not a Scorpio, but have some experience with Scorpios) I think he is considering getting back together with you. However, at the moment I think he is enjoying being single as well, so he wants to have you in his life to retain you but at the same time enjoy his time on his own (I do not think this relates to dating other people though, he probably does not care much about that aspect but about having his "freedom" back). I think you are handling it pretty well. If I were you I would not seek him out, let him make all the moves and when he is around be bubbly and happy and let the rest happen by itself. I wonder if your relationship with him was really long before? It is really healthy that you didn't have contact for six months. Just take the role of the observer and watch what he does with curiosity will work!

  • We were together about 7 months. I know he still cares about me, and in my heart I know that scares him. He was finalizing a nasty divorce when we started dating. Now there's the potential for him to move out of state if he gets a job offer in September. I think that's why he's dating, so that he doesn't have to choose between the job and a relationship. I think he knows that he wouldn't be able to choose between me and the job, so he's waiting to see if the offer comes through. Silly boy doesn't realize I'd be willing to go with him.

  • Kg Grace have a very similar situation. I wish I could understand this behaviour... I wish he could let me go I'm so tired of being tortured by him... Im a Taurus too and I can understand just how crazy this relationship can be for them and for us, especially.

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