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  • Cookiie24,

    Here is the 5-card reading I did for you. I just asked for a general reading, basically whatever the guides wanted to tell you. The cards cast were:

    Page of Swords : XVI Tower : 10 of Pentacles Reversed : 10 of Wands Reversed : IX Hermit

    We need to bring you up first before we get to what we actually want to talk about and that is because we need to paint a picture of where you are at currently so it will fit in with the whole message in the end. If you don’t already know who is speaking here it isn’t .Serah. it is her guides so that is who is bringing you this message. We wish you to know who is speaking to lend a little more weight to this message. Right now you’re coasting pretty well in life, you have a few things in the air but overall things are working out fine but you do operate at a bit of a consistent tension level. And what we are speaking about is that you are usually on guard for “just in case” types of things that can happen. And we want to speak to you about that, it’s okay that you operate with some tension just in case things happen but you shouldn’t be operating like that to the point where you are actually attracting or manifesting more tension or even things happening. We understand that you rather have some tension in order to not be blindsided if or when things happen but you can deal with things fine and not worry about them when they aren’t happening. We know that this can be a hard concept because it’s hard to give up control when thinking about things. You want to operate with tension so you can deal with anything at a moments notice but in your heart of hearts do you really think this is the best way. Currently it might be the best because you are comfortable with this type of thinking and operating but in the end this is something you might want to think about working through in this lifetime. Operating with tension can build up over time, it can accrue into stress. The problem is that the stress will be just one step higher than the tension so you won’t realize that it’s the next step. You might feel a little more burdened but you’ll let it slide and when you are on the edge like this you might feel more and more stressed out depending on the situations. But in the end do you really want to feel on the edge about things all the time? Over all things are coasting but if you keep operating at this tension level its going to have side effects. They might not be very apparent and they might not build up very quickly but they will be there and they will start wearing you down. You don’t want to get old and be so used to operating at this stress level that you continue to feel this way, even when there is nothing at that point that you can’t handle. So we are bringing this up as something for you to consider and work on. It will be a work in progress for you because we understand that things can get scary in life and having your guard up gives you that comfort zone that makes you feel mentally better but on the other side of the coin it will be wearing you down and over the years you will be able to start seeing the side effects of it. (Body weakness, wound too tight, etc). We encourage you to do some muscle & mind relaxation like yoga to counteract some of the side effects. Until you feel comfortable enough to let go of this guarded tension level you have at least these relaxation forms like yoga or meditation will give your mind and body more weight to balance against any side effects of it.

    With that said we do have a warning for you. Now don’t freak out, this is a warning to help you so you don’t have to feel like you need to freak out because you won’t be blind sided and the possibility of this happening is probably about 70% on the current path but that can always lessen or change depending on the circumstances surrounding it. This is a warning about finances. Nothing that you can’t get through so don’t worry too much about it but there are somethings things going on around you that might solidify into a situation you might have to deal with. Like we said at this point it’s about 70%, so high enough that we would bring this up, just don’t stress out about it like we already know that you will be because that’s the type of person you are. This warning is to guard your self with money. So just be careful with money because you might need a little bit of a “nest egg” just in case things happen. We know you are going to ask what’s going to happen but we only see impressions and whether or not they happen we don’t want to give you details so your imagination starts running wild with them and then even worse things happen. So for the point of “saving you from yourself” we are just giving you the over view. Yes, we know you don’t like this but we have your best intentions at heart. Just be a little careful with money over the next few days. On the current path, IF it happens, it should happen within the week. Now if the path changes that might be spread out a little longer at this point if we told you the chances of that we would be guessing because we don’t know all the moves that are currently happening we can only see so much because of the “millions” of moves which could take place we are just telling you the overall “what’s going on” right now. So bottom line just be careful with money over the next few days, if nothing happens (at this point on the path) it could just drag on for the next few months before it happens. And we aren’t telling you this to stress you out this is just the current path and we want you to know about it.

    We want to bring up money now because you are going to be thinking about it after this little warning we gave you. And yes, at this point, it was just a little warning and we don’t want you to manifest worse so we want to speak to you about your current financial position in things. Things are going well, whether you believe that or not will be up to you, as far as the guides are concerned you are fine. We just gave you that warning just in case things happen so you aren’t blind sided and if you want more details you can always ask .Serah. to do another reading for you but for the purpose of this message we are giving you what you need to know not what you want to know. Money is fine with you right now, it is, we promise, we see things from the guide perspective so we have a different view on how much money is fine versus what people consider is fine. We always think that the money is fine if you can live happily. Now we aren’t speaking about a standard of living, depending on what you are wanting in life is different. And we aren’t telling you to settle what we are saying is: If you want more money that is fine (even great) but don’t freak out when you feel you have no money and you are doing fine because what’s going to happen, through the law of manifestation, will be adverse effects, but that is for another reading if you want it. For the purpose of this message you are doing fine and we want you to know that because after the warning we gave you above you are going to start thinking about money and maybe even stressing yourself out about it. So for the purpose of giving you this message and not freaking you out you are doing fine with money and the warning above was more for precautionary measures though we do feel confident that (at this point) it will happen on the path you are walking on. Oh and if we didn’t say it enough don’t worry about it because worry isn’t going to get you what you want any faster.

    Now we want to speak to you about burdens. And the burden you feel, not only with money, but about subsisting. You worry about needing to get things in order to persist and we need to speak to you about this. Yes it is true you need things to live that much is obvious but we don’t want you clawing to get things. Things will come, if you work hard and you do what you need to do you’ll get them but we don’t want you overly worrying about things. Most people don’t understand that the level of stress they harbor doesn’t have to be so high all the time about things, usually things work out and the stress they harbor didn’t even help those things to happen. Now this is an example because as far as we are concerned you aren’t to that high stress level yet though that might be on your future path depending on what comes ahead. You are still at that point where you can turn away from letting your tension grow too high where you just feel beaten up by life, but it is a possibility with you in life with your current path so keep that in mind. Burdensome thoughts only go to far to help you, you might think, “Well I’m consistently thinking about things I want so I can snatch them up when they come by” and we want to say, “You’ll see them when they come by anyway so you don’t have to constantly worry about them when you don’t need to.” That is the type of thinking that we are expressing to you through the course of this message and we hope you take this to heart because you are still on that point in your path where you can handle your stress levels but if you consistently stay on the edge with it you can fall over easily and you don’t want to go there if you can help it, and you can, so be vigilant about this as you keep moving forward in life.

    We wish to leave you with this. You have to find a balance between being emotionally closed off with certain things and then being introspective (in the positive way) with others. Sometimes you blur the lines between the two and things can get emotionally dicey. So you’re going to have to tread through situations and figure out how much emotion you need to put out versus how with held you should be on the topic. And yes we know this just sounds like common sense and it is but we are bringing it up because it’s significant enough to speak to you about this. So be aware that this is an area which you need to work on. You aren’t doing too bad, like we said you are currently coasting through things, this is just a update on what you need to be conscious of as you are working on yourself. And we know that you know this stuff but we are bringing it up because we want to make sure you understand that it is important enough to speak to you about this in the course of this message, though not very long, should be informative enough for you to do some constructive critical thinking on yourself and tweak the things you need to make your life better and this just happens to be one of them. So until our next meeting we hope that you take away the advice here as necessary and helpful as we know it to be.

    Good luck!


  • Would I be able to get a love reading?

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    Yes you can, just leave me your permission to cast your cards and I will post the love reading in a few days. Thank you.


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  • Hello DisernottTarot, You gave me a reading about 6wks ago and the guides where strong I have followed their instructions and appreciated you THE messenger. Now I have been told 2 days ago that my son that I have not seen for 13 yrs is coming to visit me next month. I can hardly wait. I feel very positive that things will go well, and is it possible that the guides along with Archangel Michael are helping me I also have a medical issue .. not yet diagnosed.do they say anything about that. I Leinda give you full permission to do a reading for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have assisted me with so far.

  • Hi Disirnott Tarot

    May I please have a love reading from you. I am at a crossroad in my life and I'm looking for some clarity.

    If I can, I give you permission to cast my cards.

    Thanks so much .Serah

  • leinida,

    I am so glad that my message helped you. Due to my hectic schedule I am only able to give so many gratis readings because I have so many requests. So my policy is to only give 1 gratis reading per person when I get a chance. If you'd like another reading from me please check out my services on my website listed below. Thank you for your understanding.



  • RubyRedLips,

    I currently have a lot of readings on my plate. If you'd like a reading just leave me your questions and permission and I will post it when I can. Most likely in a week. Thank you.


  • Thank you .Serah

    I really appreciate the time and details you put into your readings.

    I would like a love reading from you to help me clarify where I am heading with my Taurus man.

    I give you my permission to do a reading for me and to post it on this forum.

    Thanks again .

  • RubyRedLips,

    Thanks I will post it in a week.


  • CodeNameBnna,

    Hi. I'm doing your reading and I think it is personal enough to ask to private email the reading to you so if you can please post your email once I finish it I will email it to you. Thank you.


  • Sure thing! salemheights@hotmail.com

    Thank you.

  • CanIhaveatarotreading,

    Hi again. I was speaking to my guides while doing the reading I cast for you and for some reason they have given me the impression that this reading might not be about you but it is for you. When I tried to get more information they just kept telling me to finish it and give it to you. They wouldn't tell me anymore details about it. If after you read the message and don't get it or might need further clarification just let me know and I'll ask the guides your questions. But right now they are being very hush hush about it to me.

    5-Card Reading : Love

    VI Lovers Reversed : XVI Tower : 5 of Wands : XVIII Moon : XXI World Reversed

    We want to speak to you about love. What do you want in love? What are your expectations in love? Can you meet those expectations or just want to meet them? Why are you asking about love? We ask asking that because we want you to think about these things. We are hoping you will begin a conversation with yourself over this topic and answer some of these questions for yourself regarding love. That would advance you more than us just speaking about love and telling you what to do. We want you to advance in the area of love and asking yourself these questions is the first step. So what do you want inside a love relationship? Can you handle those things you want? Where can we, the guides, lead you if you don't realistically answer these questions for yourself? We said, this is only the first step, we want you to set your feet on a path of expectations in love that you truly want and need and wish to fulfill. You need to be more grounded in love. What is realistic? There are plenty of things that you can get in the area of love which are amazing but out of those amazing things, which do you really want versus which you only think you want? You have to give yourself these answers. Your guides can lead you where you want to go but they want you to answer the question of "Where do you really want to go with love?" Because they can do some pretty interesting, amazing, and even weird & uncomfortable things when it comes to love so the more accurate information you give them the more they have to work with. They are saying, "She thinks she knows what she wants but we need to know what she really wants (can handle) because we can give her these things but we fear she has unrealistic expectations of what she wants to receive and she might not truly want what we give her." So they are waiting for you to reconsider your expectations & wants in love. Your guides keep say, "We've seen what she wants and we aren't sure if she can realistically handle that." So what do you want? They can give you what you want in realistic standards but can you handle that. Or would you reconsider what you really want when tell you that they can give you the realistic standards of it? Consider these questions and give them the answers because they are idly waiting to see what you come up with and if you are truly honest with yourself and really think these through and plan what you really want they can help you. Be firmly grounded in love - how can you expect to handle anything that isn't already realistic. And does realism mean boring? No, but do you think it means boring? Because we can see in the future with what you can "realistically" handle and we think you need to give what you think you want some more serious thought.

    So what can you handle? Because we can give you what you want...if you can handle it. So what can you handle? Because if we give you something you think you want and you can't handle it, all it is going to bring you is drama. So do you want drama? We are being serious. Some people want drama...but do you seriously think you can handle it and want it? We are trying to give you food for thought here because if you can avoid something that you really don't want, you just think you want it, than you can save yourself some trouble. So what do you want in love? Love can be very tricky. You can think you want one thing but when you actually get it, you realize you've wanted the other thing all along. And a lot of that is self-realization of what you really want. We are using the phrase "what you can handle" not because we want you to put the fire out or anything like that. As we said above, realistic love can be just as "out there" as your thoughts of what love can be like for you. We want you to get something you can be happy with, right now we aren't sure if you can be happy with what you want, we just aren't sure if you realize that yet or not. So this is message is for you to have a serious chat with yourself. It's about finding a quiet place you can observe your thoughts about love and say realistically if this happened would I really want that. What would I have to give in return to wanting that, can I give it? Can I meet some expectations halfway if I don't want that? We, the guides, aren't sure of these answers of yours yet, that is why we are asking. We'd like you to think this over and consider "sending up" you new list of wants, beliefs, & expectations in love and we will see what we can do. You can always check back with another tarot reading or ask us yourself if there are some things we can meet halfway about. We are trying formulate a way we can give you what you want and what you can handle in one package you can be happy with but to do that we are going to need to do sit and do some thinking about this stuff. That way when we get your list of cohesive wants and start getting to work on what we can dole out to you.

    We want to speak to you about conflict. Conflict inside a relationship...any relationship. Can you handle conflict? Is conflict what you want? So why have you been thinking of conflict? We aren't sure what you want? Do you want conflict or not? Like we said some people want it so we are asking. On our end here we have been getting thoughts of conflict so we aren't sure if this is really what you want...so is it? Because we can give it to you, but do you really want to handle this. It isn't going to be happy conflict because there really isn't much we can pull from there, it's going to be drama conflict and we can give you that we just aren't sure if you really want or can handle that. So we are giving you the choice. Do you want it? Because we can give it to you and see if you want to swim in it a bit but we just don't think it is something you want. We'd rather have you tell us you want something that you really want. It might be something which isn't as "exciting" as drama....but when you actually have it, you don't want drama anymore. Because we can "stand" here all day telling you what we can and can't give you and what is and what won't be but in the end it call comes down to what you can handle. We can give you things you want but if you can't handle them than we've wasted all that "time" and energy on our end fixing it up for you when we could have "all sat down" and created something for you that you really wanted. So what do you want? We know we are beating a dead horse with this questions, or at least we hope we are, because if you take nothing else from this message take the fact that we need to know what you want so we can give it to you. So we are going to keep bringing this questions up, not to annoy you, but you allow you to answer this because it is the most significant thing in this reading.

    We want to talk to you about the path you have laid in front of you concerning this topic. Your path is the culmination of your goals, expectations, & what's to come. There is an ambivalent feeling when it comes to your path. You know what you want, or you think you know what you want, but the path isn't as strong as it could be because of this want versus what you can handle feel. So you can walk the path and start to change things along the way when you figure out you don't want or need them. But you could also skip all that work and just figure out what you really need right now and then solidify your path because you can save yourself the time and hassle of walking down that path to find something you don't want or like, when you could have use that time to walk down a path to find something you love. So what you lay now with your expectations, wants, & goals will change the path ahead. That is why we are trying to make you seriously reconsider what you have been sending up to us. Because so far we are unsure as to what you really want. Whether you have just been sending up thoughts about fantasies that you aren't seriously considering or you truly want them. The problem with this is we just see the thoughts you send up we don't see the underlying, "This is a cool fantasy but this is unrealistic so I don't really want this. I want this really down to earth type of love but I'm not thinking about that because it isn't that exciting to fantasize about things that are realistic." So we aren't sure what you want? Do you want your fantasies to come alive, we will have to make it realistic but do you want that? Things usually translate differently from fantasy to reality, that is why we wanted to you resend your list of what you want to us. That way we can help you get what you want without all the guessing on our end and you walking in circles on your end.

    So what this message comes down to is getting what you want. Can you get what you want? Yes. You can get what you want, but do you want what you get when it becomes reality? We aren't so sure about that. So visualize what you really want. That way there will be not second guessing on our end because we are trying to set up the events, scenarios, matches, etc that you want but without your firm, "I want this," we are just walking in the dark with your fantasies up here. Fantasies are great for the purpose of being fantasies and we can make them realities but like we said, they might come out different based on the laws and rules of society, people, & realism. So what do you want? Because we can give it to you. This message isn't about what you can't have. It's about what you can have and can get if you want it. And if you want it bad enough we can set it up for you. As we are setting things up we feel like there are some holes or gaps to the information we are receiving from you. So if you could please dust off the old "order" and "rewrite" it and send it back up to us we can figure out what we can do to set what you want up again. That way you can be happy. And we want you to be happy. We are your guides so we want to give you what you want. We hope that we have explained everything there with clarity. It can be hard to describe what we see on our end to you because you don't see the same thing. But everything we have described here is what is going on right now and we need your help to clear it up. So send us up the list of things you want to see happen and we are going to see what we can do to make it happen. And like we said, it might come out a little bit differently because we have to accommodate the jump from thoughts to reality but we can do it. Reconsider your list, answer the questions in this message and then formulate it again in your thoughts and send it up to us and we will see what we can do to make that a reality.


  • RubyRedLips,

    If you are unfamiliar with my readings the guides just come right out and speak through the reading. I asked about love with your Taurus man but the guides focused more on telling you what to do in order to get what you want. So it is more of an advice reading, regardless, I hope it helps you.

    5-Card Reading : Love

    XVIII Moon : Page of Pentacles : 8 of Pentacles Reversed : IX Hermit Reversed : IV Emperor

    We want to talk about you and your path concerning this topic. Do you know where you want to go? How can we help you if we don't know where you want to go because we get our information from you. So if there is anything that you don't have solidified in your mind about what you want to happen then take this opportunity to rethink it over and send it up to us. We can lead you from that point. But for this reading we wanted to speak to you about where you want to go in your future with your relationship. We would rather do that then give you a future reading of what will happen and then it changes because you starting to dwell on it and change the future (Which happens more than you think). We want to talk about the law of manifestation in order to tell you how you can give yourself what you want. Because if we made this a full on future reading the future is never set in stone and depending if you know it you can change whether the good stuff happens or not. So instead of us telling you what's going to happen and then it most likely changing instantly because you know about it. We are using this message to tell you that you can get what you want if you know what you want and send up your list to us, the guides. It might take some time on our end to set it up and that takes time and energy but we can do it for you and we'd like to help. So think about what you would like to happen. Now, like we said, it might take some time and energy on both our ends, and the translation from thoughts to physical might change some things. It might not be exactly as you asked for but if we can do it and you help us by manifesting it we can make it happen. Now what do you want? Because most people don't know that we can do this for them. And it isn't the easiest process, if you can't see the results immediately it isn't because it isn't happening. We are in the non-physical and you can't usually see what goes on "up there" but that is the place where the beginnings of all events which will happen are created. So we will be setting things up for you "behind the scenes" and once you allow us to start sending them down to you by becoming aligned (based on your belief/actions/etc) we can send them down to you. Carve out the path you'd like to traverse with your Taurus man in you mind and then let us know when you have it finalized and we'll take it over from there.

    We want to talk to you about the fears, wants, anticipated future events, & outlook you have in this love area of yours. We want you to know that you are the one carving out your path. Now we know this sounds like common sense but most people don't understand just how much power they have over outside influences that happen. Because we, the guides, are the ones sending things your way, like events, and meetings, and partings, and we take into account what you want when we make your future path. And if you manifest it enough we'll just give it to you, it just depends if what you want is good for you or not, because in life we are meant to teach you lessons too. So if you are manifesting against your lessons it will be harder but that is just an example of why some things are harder to manifest than others. The purpose of this message is to let you know that you can have what you want in the future if you just manifest it and we want to tell you how that is done. Manifestation is just the process of thinking something out, believing in it, and wanting it bad enough until we create it for you. Then, once you see the sign if it around you, you take the hint and act on them to get what you want. Now there might have to be some give and take depending on what is realistically possible but we use as much as you give us as the road map to bump your relationship down. That is why it is so critical that you do this if you want to be part of creating your future path that you want to walk down. So what we want you to do is give us your road map of what you want to happen and we'll start creating that path for you. You just have to make sure that once you see it you start walking down it. Just remember that if you have created a happy path to walk down you have to get happy to see it. You are basically lining up with the path we have created for you. So if you get optimistic you'll be able to see the optimistic signs to the path. Get optimistic and you'll get on that path which you helped to create. You won't get on it by feeling mundane about things you'll just be coasting along not manifesting what you want. So that is the formula to get what you want.

    We want to bring up your anticipations with things down the road. When you work hard at something you expect good things to happen, so you anticipate it. When you manifest you should have similar types of anticipation in order to expect your manifestation to work. That is part of making the law of manifesting work. We want you to expect the things you want to happen or at least expect good things to happen along side of wanting them to happen. That way we can start sending them down to you. In the non-physical the guides create the events and than wait for you to set up the right conditions for us to be able to send them down, until then they are stuck up here waiting for you to come get them. That is why we are telling you to do this. By anticipating them, or at least anticipating the good things to happen, you align with your created wants and goals which have been started by your guides. It's like putting up a request when you pray for something. God hears you and tells us to create them and then we wait for you to want to receive them. You can't receive something you want if you haven't aligned your energy with it because it will be like the same ends of two magnets and you will be warding away what we have created. That is part of the law of manifestation. So create a list of the things you'd like to happen and than send them to us, after that, get into the right mode of anticipating and expecting them....or just get happy. Because once you do we will be able to attach your future path with the future things you have wanted and that is how you can get what you want. Now if you haven't heard of manifestation it can be a little bit weird but that is just because you can't see all these things going on in the non-physical. So let us use the example of God. You can't see God, you just have to have faith that they are there. It's the same with this principle, just because you can't see it form or even see the beginning stages of it happen just have faith that it is there because that is what will continue to keep it coming. When in doubt you can research manifestation more to get more info and do all the steps we've told you. And we know what you wanted to hear with this reading. You would like to know what is ahead but you have to understand our stance on this subject. Do we want us to tell you what is ahead when it is most likely going to change anyway? Or would you want us to tell you about how to get the things you'd like to see ahead? We hope you understand why we are speaking to you about manifestation. It is like knowing the inner working of getting what you want, it is just that most people don't understand manifestation. But if you were "up here" like you will be one day, you'll see how it all works and comes together and when you guide someone you'll be screaming about manifestation to them to hoping that they will get it. So that is what we hope you are understanding because it can be the key to getting what you want in life and we aren't just talking about in love or with this guy but with everything. This is just the first step and we hope we are leading you down it.

    This all comes down to belief unfortunately. And you either believe it or you don't. The problem with manifestation is you have to believe it or it won't be formed, that is the law that God (or whomever you believe is up there) made it. It is belief in this concept which gives it power. We hope that we aren't getting too abstract for you. But you have to understand who you are speaking to. We are the guides and we are the ones guiding you in your life. Teaching you and pulling you through things you might not like but need to learn from and on the other hand we are creating these things that we'd want to give you, like all the wonderful goals that you want to see happen in the future. And this is how you get it. Or at least one way but this is the best way...if you can "crack the code" and figure it out. Telling you is one thing but you actually doing it is another. Once it comes together, and you prove it to yourself, you'll look back at the steps it took to make it happen and then be able to connect the dots better but it all comes back down to belief. Can you believe that it will happen? Because what happens when you want something and try to manifest it but don't believe in it means you aren't aligning with the path in getting it. You can't want something and not believe you are going to get it and then just get it. If that ever happens it is just by chance or coincidence not by destiny or manifestation. And manifestation is how you can carve your own destiny out. So start thinking about what you want to happen down this relationship road you are currently on and than send the list up to us. You can just visualize it and then let us know when you are done. Start doing all the steps we have given you in this message and you can research manifestation to get more info if you are a little unsure. The problem is this is something non-physical so it can't be proved by science. We can get into the theories and concepts associated with manifestation like energy, power, time etc but that doesn't prove anything. It just comes down to faith but if you look back over your life the things that we have set up are the things that you have led us to set up. You have created your life based on manifestation, whether you see it or not. Now guides, God, the manifests of other people etc also have their say in your life but this is what you can use to get the edge on the competition. So find out more about this if this isn't something you are familiar with because you can use it to your advantage.

    We want to speak to you about your idea of "conquering" or succeeding in this relationship. We want you to know that succeeding is completely possible and you can have it plus all the other things you want to happen in this relationship if you can believe that it can happen. So do you believe you can get what you want? Do you believe that this relationship can be extremely successful? Because you can have that, you can make it so, and the process of manifestation can help with that. If any bad situations pop up and the relationship takes a bumpy road you can use the process of manifestation to get you out of it, you can even avoid anything popping up with this technique. Just remember that this will be a work in progress. When you waver in the belief of it working than the work you've put into it will waver and it will take more time for you to get the end results, it might take some time to get the the hang of it. Just stay focused and determined and things will start lining up to help you if you need it. Until then we, the guides, are here to help if you need anything. Just ask because it is our job to create opportunities for you to get what you want, just remember that if you use this concept correctly you can just make things happen yourself. We encourage you to find out more about this technique if you are interested in using it. Also, in closing, we want to say if anything happens which makes you unsure of what to do always follow your heart because that is usually your guides telling you what you need to do in order to get out and back again on a good path.

    Good luck!


  • Very good advice.

    Thanks so much for my reading .Serah

  • Hi thank you for the reading I do think that I need to answer these questions on love for myself before trying to start a relationship with someone. As of right now I don't know what I truly want.

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