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  • Dear Dsirnott Tarot:

    Moore98@q.com is my e-mail. Thank You

  • Update:

    I have completed Sporty48's reading and SagittariusGurl's reading and sent it privately. I will currently start working on Doree's reading and I should be able to send it within the next few days. Thank you.


  • Doree,

    I'm doing your reading right. I wanted to give you a heads up about it. You've asked about a person and they, the guides, have so far brought her up and talked about her but they want to give you another just as important message okay. So are you willing to hear what they want to tell you? It isn't specifically what you've asked about so they, the guides, want to make sure you understand and accept what they have to say before I post it, are you okay with that? They say it is important.


  • Doree,

    As I am doing more of this message I'm going to give you a choice. I can just post what the guides have to say about the person you asked or I can post the full message it's up to you. If you want the full message I'm going to need another permission from you. You have to give me permission to post the reading that the guides want to give you. It's a direct reading about what you need to change about yourself and if you aren't ready to hear that then just tell me to post the part about the girl. It's up to you or I can private email it to you, whatever you want. Let me know. But just to give you an idea of the message that they wan to give you. They asked me to draw 7 cards for you and they only talked about the girl for the first card so that should give you an idea of how forcefully they want you to get this other message they have about bettering yourself. It's up to you, either give me the permission or I"ll just post the first part. Thanks.

    P.S. If you are ready to ask the question than you are ready to hear the answer. Are you ready to ask what you need to better yourself over? If so post it. Thanks.


  • Doree,

    If you want I can private email you it because the message is very blunt. Let me know. Thanks. P.S. I just want you to know that I don't sugar coat my messages and if you don't already know that about me then now you know so are you willing to hear an un-sugarcoated message from the guides? It's up to you, either way I've done the reading and it's a gratis reading so I'm not getting anything out of it but helping you, which I am happy to do but you must be willing to read the message with an open mind. I'll give you a taste of what they are bringing up. They are bringing up what you need to do to better yourself, they are bringing up your friends and what they don't like about them and what behaviors you have that they think you need to change, so it's up to you. Most of the time I used to just post these types of readings but some people aren't ready to hear it - so what would you like?


  • Everyone,

    I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who received a tarot reading from me and I hope that the messages helped a lot. As you and everyone else can see that I have very detailed messages and put a lot of time and effort into my readings. If you are interested in getting a reading from me then please check out my website. Thank you so much!

    Website: http://disirnott.wix.com/disirnott-tarot

    Email: disirnott.tarot@hotmail.com


  • I would like to hear everything you have to say, i give you permission. you can post here 🙂

    sorry i couldnt respond before i didnt have wifi connection

  • Doree,

    7 Card Reading : Love of a specific person.

    By the way I'm already getting the feeling that they are going to bring up more than just this person in your reading. They want to speak to you about something else to. If you feel uncomfortable with that then don't read the message. - .Serah.

    Queen of Wands Reversed : IX Hermit Reversed : I Magician : 3 of Cups Reversed : 0 Fool : 6 of Pentacles : VIII Strength Reversed

    You have asked about this person, this girl who you say is a Sagittarius. We want to bring her up but not in the way you think we do. You like her we see that but do you think she is good for you? I mean, do you know that she is on one wavelength of thought and you are on another different wavelength? We don't really see these two wavelengths getting along anytime soon. You think you will get along but we don't see that happening on your current path. You have an idea of the type of person she is and in some ways it's true but there is a side of her you haven't seen and we are going to talk about that part here. She isn't someone you can trust and we are going to tell you why. She has her own ideas of what she wants and that is more important than you or anyone else which approaches her with thoughts of love in mind. She has her own "agenda" and for the most part it isn't good nor does it have any room for any person who wants to love or even just like her. She likes the attention on some level but she has her own plans that she is putting in motion and they aren't the types of plan that you would want to be a part of. Now this is of course information we are giving you to make your own decision about. If you want her than you can go and get her, she isn't that complicated of a person to figure out you just give her what she wants and she'll get "interested" in you but she is very fickle. She'll be interested as long as you are giving her what she wants or until she gets bored of you or who ever else is trying to win her affections. We don't want to paint her as a bad person, she isn't a bad person but she isn't a sweet heart either and you deserve a sweet heart. That's at least what we, your guides, want you to have. If you don't want that then by all means go for her but she isn't the type of person you think she is, she just hides it well. Wait to get to know her more if you want to see for herself she can't hide her claws all that well, she is cunning...crafty, she thinks she knows what she wants but she doesn't, she'll figure that out after she breaks a few hearts and we just don't want you to be part of that bunch. Let her figure out her own problems at this point we have something else we want to bring up to you and it's important okay so listen up. We want to give you the choice to stop reading now if you want. You haven't asked to receive this message we are about to give you so if you don't want to read it you don't have to because you weren't expecting it but it is important or we wouldn't have dedicated 75% of the message to it but it might be something you need to hear and might not want to hear - so read on at your own risk.

    You have some aspects of your personality that you need to work on. They are things that we, your guides, have been wanting to bring up for awhile and now that we get the chance we are interjecting into the message that you have asked about so if you don't want to hear what we have to say about helping you better yourself than don't read on. As everything goes it's up to you, you have full choice whether you want to hear what we have to say or not. It's all about you, sometimes people don't want to hear how they can better themselves because that means hearing that you are acknowledging that you have some less than wonderful aspects that you need to work on. You need to be able to get into a mind set to be able to be open minded as to what we have to say to you when it comes to bettering yourself. If you are willing to hear what we have to say than read on but read at your own risk. You take responsibility of the message when you accept and read on so don't shoot the messenger (.Serah.). Okay, on to the message. You are too closed off. You have set up mental barriers for yourself. Others look at you and they see a brick wall, they feel like they can't get in to be your friend. They get a stand offish feeling from you. You know this but you don't want to open up too much, too shy maybe? Or just not ready to open up? We, your guides, haven't figured that out yet so if you can help us answer that we would like it because we want to be able to help you either way. So what do you want? Do you want us to help you open up or do you want to stay closed off? It's up to you, it's your choice so decide so we can figure out where we need to go from here. When you close yourself off like you are currently doing, you do something weird, it's like you liked being closed off, we know that sounds weird, saying if you are doing it and then saying you like it but the problem with that is we know you, we know your soul and your soul doesn't like that. Your soul is actually pretty open so it's difficult for us to figure out why you are doing this? Are you hurt? Did someone hurt you? Do you like being closed off? What is your mind thinking because your soul is thinking, "What the heck is going on? I'm not like this and I don't know why my mind is acting this way?" Did something happen that you decided to do this? Or are you just shy? Answer this question for us so we know what you are doing because we are thoroughly confused as to what is going on right now. Don't you want to have a more open personality? You'll get more opportunities for more friends, for more people to approach you, you'll get more opportunities to grow yourself and learn more things and get out there and expose yourself to new ideas and possibilities. You can stay the way you are now but you won't get as many opportunities you understand? So we don't know what you want do you want more opportunities or do you want to stay closed off? It's up to you we are just showing you the way and bringing some aspects to light for you it will be up to you to decide where you want to go from there.

    You have the tools/skills/abilities to get what you want but you are closing down on them because you are a closed off person right now. So what do you want? Do you want to be able to use the tools you have at your disposal or do you want to hinder them by keeping your mind closed off? They can't properly aid you unless you have an open mind to them, they won't even produce themselves unless you did allow a conscious thought about them actually existing in you so we don't know what you want. Do you want to use them or not? It's up to you. You have a few skills which can aid you, they can help lead you to where you want to go in life, lead you to helping you make your decisions about life and about love and about careers and all that good stuff. These tools you can us to your advantage but you have to be willing to use them,you understand? So do you want to open your mind and use them or do you want to keep your mind closed off and not use them it's up to you? We are just pointing out that they are there and that they are really good skills to have and they are available to you if you want them you just have to change your perspective around about it and open up your mind. You are so closed off that you have even shut down parts of your mind that offer help in ways that you currently don't want anything to do with but they are there and they are there to help you. You've actually learned these things in previous lives but you aren't allowing them to be brought up in this life to aid you, why is that? Are you scared? Do you not want to know what you really know? Is that why you asked about this person that we have spoken to you above and not asked any personal questions about yourself? Are you ready to hear what we have to say about you? About you personally and what you can and might need to change? Are you ready to hear that you might not be doing things right? That you are closing off your own possibilities and potential, are you ready to hear that? We don't think so, that's why we gave you that warning above but if you have read to here so far than you might be willing to read on. So are you willing to read on and find out what about you needs to change? What about you that we, your guides, don't like? It's like a close friend telling you that you need to work on something but you are sensitive about it so you want to listen but at the same time you don't want to hear it. So do you want to hear it? Don't read it and not listen to it, there is no point in that, if anything you might just get angry that you read it and then take it out on .Serah. or on tarot or on anyone else that tries to give you a message. So what do you want? Do you want to take it out on .Serah. if you aren't ready to hear the answers? It's up to you - read on if you are ready to take full responsibility of your life if not then stop here and don't ask .Serah. to do another reading. She is only interested in giving you the truth. She doesn't fudge up the message so you feel better about yourself. She isn't in the business of allow people stay in denial about themselves. If you are ready to ask the question than you are ready to hear the answer, the thing is you haven't asked the question so we are asking whether you are ready to hear the answer? It's up to you so continue to read on if you want.

    There are some relationships that you need to reconsider having right now in your life. You don't want us to bring up your friends because you are protective of them and that's okay but we are your guides and we are going to guide you so if you don't want to hear about this than don't read on. We are going to put it nicely and say that your friends don't have your best intentions at heart. They are good for "surface" friends, just to have someone to hang around because you want to have someone there but they aren't deep friends. They can't give you the direction you need in life. You think they can, and that's okay, you are entitled to judge as you want but this message is for you to get a second opinion on things that we, the guides, know about. We know about your friends and you and your family and everyone, we aren't hinder by knowing things. So we can tell you the truth about things in an unbiased way. If you are ready to hear the unbiased truth than read on. Your friends are good for a fast ride, they'll get you excited about things and you can share common interests etc...but it's basically a shallow friendship. They aren't going to get so deeply embroiled in your life that they will help give you good direction on how to better yourself, to help give you advice on careers, and love and things like that, things that you need not just things you want to play around with. You need better friends, yeah, it sounds harsh but it's the truth, do you want the truth or not? If you want the truth keep reading on. Your friends are okay but you can get better friends, friends that can help you shape your life for the better so do you want those friends or do you want to keep these shallow friends you have now. You want both? You can keep both but you can't really mix shallow friends with deep friends, they won't see eye to eye and it'll get tricky to keep both. We want you to have good deep friendships and you can get them if you want them but it would be up to you to get them so think about it. Do you want them or not, if you do we can point you in their direction but you would have to make a conscious effort to get to know them they wouldn't just fall into your lap and suddenly you are best friends you would have to put the time and effort into it, but it's well worth for good friendships. You can get a lot of advantage from good people that are friends. You get exposed to different ideas, they can help point you in different directions that might be better for you than the direction you think, they can give you a lot of perspective on your life. If you keep your shallow friends they can help point you but they aren't going to be very involved in your life. So for example they'll say "Go to this whatever college or get this who cares job," and good friends will say, "You need to go here because of this, this and this reason, you need to get this job because of this, this and this reason and you need to get your goals in order, you need to build yourself up strong etc etc." Those are the benefits of having good friends and they can lead you to having other better friends and you can build your network based on good friends not just shallow, we'll be friends for the time that we are around each other and then later on when things get deeper we'll just go our own ways. You want friends that will say, "you have my friendship now and you have my friendship tomorrow and you have it when you need it and when you need it the most." Those are the types of friends we are trying to hook you up with but if you don't want them then we won't bother. Do you want them or not? It really comes down to what you want and what you are willing to work toward. If you want them you are going to have to make a conscious decision to want them and work toward them but you think we would waste our time trying to push something on you unless it didn't really benefit you in one way or another. You think the guides are just sitting up here of fluffy white cloud and saying things like, "Just tell him he needs better friends because he's friends are just okay." No, we are sitting up here and we see all the benefits you can have in your future, we see the different paths your friendship can give you, the advantages, the possibilities, even the disadvantages, we see it all, so why would we even bring this topic up and waste our time on it if it was a crucial piece of information that you need to process for yourself. We can only guide you, we are here to give you the information you NEED it's up to you to figure out if you want it or not. So do you want it or not? If so, read on.

    You are a fool, we don't mean to say it so bluntly but why want the truth and then get it sugar coated, we are not in the business of sugar coating things we are your guides. You hear things first hand from us, we do not lie to make you feel better, what does that get you...only denial. You want denial then go to those other fluffy tarot readers that put a happy face sticker on things and give you a shallow "report card" tarot reading back. We are here, with the help of .Serah. who does sugar coat things, to give you the truth so here it is. How can you expect to get from where you are to where you would want to go if you don't shape up. You are a fool, is that bad to say when it is the truth? We don't mean it as an insult, it is just the simple truth, so what do you want, do you want to read on to find out more? Do you want to know what we think? Do you want to see how to change it or are you happy being who you are right now? It's up to you we just give you the path and it's up to you to follow it. So you want to know what you need to do to change? Have an open mind. Your mind is so closed off that we can't even get to you, to be honest we are very surprised that you would even ask for a tarot reading because you are currently not the type of person who wants to hear the truth about things...at least not real tarot of course, that's part of the reason you asked about a girl and not about yourself. You see, we are very observant about the way your mind works, we know what you are thinking so that's why we are treading lighting right now. We know you will not like what we have to tell you but we are hoping that you are curious enough to read this far without questioning too much because you feel like you can just disregard it and keep doing what you are doing, and that's fine. That is your choice and your choice will decide your path, we are just trying to give you the information for the best path so it's up to you. Open you mind about things. Things aren't so closed off, you limited yourself entirely because you don't allow for other ideas to be presented to you on the various things and beliefs around you that you have. We warn you, the guides don't like when people close off their minds because then they don't move forward, they don't progress very well as souls and it's our jobs to make you progress whether we have to drag you kicking and screaming through you lessons or just give you a message like this and hope you change is for you to decide. It's your choice whether you want to change or not but either which way our way will be presented to you through a variety of ways and it will be up to you to make up your mind on whether you want to do it or not but at some point you do need to see the benefits of an open mind not a closed off one. So open your mind now and have things start flowing toward you, more information, new perspectives, these things will lead you to more information, different events, etc. This is just the stepping stone but we can't talk to you about everything that is to come if you don't open you mind to it you see, because then you'll just dust it off and keep moving blindly forward. Do you want to move blindly forward or do you want to hear the truth which can help you? It's up to you.

    There is an opportunity we are presenting to you and opportunity is not only to open yourself up to new opportunities and see what you find but also to be fair to others around you. Other people have their own beliefs about things too. It's not that you aren't fair to them it's that you are closed off to them because of the way you are currently thinking. If you were more open then you would be more fair, even you can concede that. So we are trying to give you another perspective on things. Be more fair to people and have them want to come around you more, be more fair to people by being open minded to their beliefs and you will be able to get more opportunities to have more information, friends, etc come into your life. Now we aren't saying that you need to accept and concurrently believe in what they believe and we aren't saying you need to force yourself to be anyone friends if what they believe conflicts with what you believe we are just saying to give them a chance because before you know it someone will come along with might have similar or a few small beliefs that you have but will have some different ones and they can help expose you to those and in the end whether you want to believe them or disagree will be up to you but at least you have opened your mind at least you are allowing other ideas and people in infiltrate this box you have set up around yourself. And once that happens you'll be able to get more exposed, therefore you'll get more opportunities, and then you'll be able to make some different decisions, you'll be able to figure out more things, you'll be able to have same or even different goals etc and all this information that you will then be bringing in will be able to help you more more and better decisions about yourself down the road. We aren't telling you to incorporate anyone's beliefs as your own blindly all we are asking is that you expose yourself to more so you can make up your mind whether you want to learn more or not. We are in the business of learning more, we want you to learn more period. We don't care what you believe as long as you are moving forward, just right now you are so closed off to things that you are moving forward at a snails pace and it's like nails on a chalkboard to your soul which wants to move faster or at least at a decent pace. So what do you want to do? Do you want to move forward or do you want to drag slowly by? It's up to you, we are just here to show you the door but we are also here to help you. If you want to try something new, if you want to open your mind and see different things and learn more and incorporate more into your thinking to make better decisions about your life and different paths in life then we encourage you to go this route. Don't take what we have said so harshly, we wouldn't have said it unless you needed it and we say it in the way you need to hear it so you have the best chance of doing something about it. And don't scapegoat .Serah. she is just trying to help, if you don't like these types of messages than go somewhere else where people want to put smiley face stickers on your problems. We are here to help you solve your problems we don't like to cover them up. So dig deeper with us if you want to learn more because we have so much more to tell you but we can't even begin to breach those topics until you start opening your mind to them. So do yourself a favor and open up your mind and then we will go from there. Until our next interaction through whatever message you ask for we are only here to help and hope that you took something from this message.

    -Your guides- (through .Serah.)

  • Thanks a lot. I understand, i'm closed up, i'm scared and i was hurt before, and im nervous and anxious with people , i dont consider my friend as good friends, except my girlfriend i feel like i have no one and idk what to do, im trying to open up.

    but i really have so much things going on, i cant even focus on that.

    i have many issues with my family and uh.

  • can you tell is my gf good for me,i really love her and want to be with her

  • Hi Disortarot.

    I dont think i was necessarily get wound up, it just with on lone dating, it's pain, yes i know i put my picture on there i got a few meet ups, and that used to be my concern. men judge by looks.

    I feel it is just better to get out and join in things and meet people, face to face value first,, even when i first tried on-line date, that what my real gut feel was.

    I understand but i wont do on line date again, speed date is better for a confidence boost for me.

  • Doree,

    Due to my hectic schedule I am only able to do 1 gratis reading per person if you liked my reading I encourage you to check out my website for more of my services. Thanks.



  • Hi DisirnottTarot. I was wondering if i could get a reading also. I dont have any specific questions, just a general reading or anything my guides want me to know. If you can, i give you permission to do a reading for me.

  • Cookiie24,

    I will go ahead and put you down for a reading and I will post it when I get a chance, most likely in 3-4 days depending on my schedule. Thank you.


  • Okay thank yu. Your time and talent is much appreciated.!

  • I don't know where my life is headed to I recently graduated college but can't find a job. My birthday is 3/13/1988. Thanks I really would appreciate it.

  • CanIhaveatarotreading,

    You have posted for a current reading requests multiple times. I put a lot of time into my readings so it's hard to give you a reading if 4 other people will give you the same reading, I will offer you one if no one else takes you up on it. Since you posted many times just give it a few days and if no one answers you back than come back to me. Thank you.


  • DisirnottTarot, I am sorry. I apologize. Thanks

  • Hi Serah,

    May I have a reading? What do my guides have to say? Just in general.

    I give you my permission.

    Thank you.

  • CodeNameBnna,

    I can give you a reading but you would have to wait about a week because I'm pretty backed up right now. If you are fine with that I'll go ahead and post it as soon as possible. Thanks.

    P.S As I am doing the reading it will be best not to ask anyone else to do the same reading until I am done so things don't change. Thank you.


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