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  • Hi everyone,

    This is Serah. I've done a whole bunch of readings on this site so I thought it would be appropriate to put up my new website link here if anyone is interested in getting a reading from me. My readings are highly detailed and my services are super affordable and I would love to cast your cards. I offer tarot, oracles, and even channeling readings. And I sell handmade dream catchers in my shop. I'm usually on this forum when I have a chance to help others out, if you see me around be sure to say hi 🙂 Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.



    Disirnott Tarot

  • Hi Serah,

    Are you open to giving readings on this site?


  • Oh Hi Serah 😉

  • will you do a reading for me please

  • Had my reading with serah before.

    Really detailed and she is really nice and helpful.

    Please support her 🙂

  • Hi hll & pinkrose08, nice to see you guys again. Thanks for the kind words pinkrose08, I appreciate that. Feel free to facebook me if you'd like to keep in touch 🙂

    Tissy 86, you've asked a lot of questions in the past few weeks about a certain gentleman. My guides say that TheCaptain hit the nail on the head with her advice. My guides won't say much different unless it's drilling the same message into you. The guides say you need to reconsider what you are asking and make some decision for yourself. By asking you are only prolonging what you are hesitating on doing. Either ask him or don't and let him be. But don't continually ask about him and do nothing about it. If you have another question pertaining to another important area in your life you can ask.

    Brightmoonshine, looks like you've asked in the past and haven't received a reading too often. I don't mind offering you a reading but I ask that you don't re-ask the same question too soon for another person to read. My readings take a long time and it can be difficult to offer a lot of people a reading and have them turn around and ask someone else. If you are willing to ask me a question exclusively and not re-ask it for at least another week then I would love to give you a reading. I will most likely not be able to finish it until Sunday. Just give me your question and permission to cast your cards.

    .Serah. .

  • Hello DisirnottTarot,

    I would like to ask for a general reading on my love relationship. I would like to know where this is headed and what the future holds for me. You have my permission to cast my cards.

    Thank you and many blessings!

  • Arieslost, you've already received two readings on this topic in the past week. It's very hard to give the same reading so soon because that will only regurgitate the message from the guides, and they usually get more forceful until you get the message. I suggest you wait until some more time has past before you re-ask, the guides say, in order to receive another message which will move you further ahead you have to decide and act on the messages you've already received. That way they can see more into the future and not give you the same message again.


  • ok, I really don't understand how it works. How long should I wait? I just need a clear answer as to what I should do.

    Thank you, I appreciate it and many blessings!

  • Arieslost,

    The guides say that you don't need another relationship reading but you do need a reading. If you're ready to hear what they have to say then just give me permission to do a general reading for you.


  • I'm going to have to cut my gratis readings off at this point after Arieslost & Brightmoonshine as I have already filled up my spare days this week. Thank you and if you like my readings be sure to check out my website. A big thanks to everyone, I'll be around helping whenever I get a spare moment.


  • Hi DisirnottTarot

    I want to thank you for doing this and I give you my permission to do a general reading for me. Can you please explain why I have to give you permission?

    Many blessings!

  • Sure, my guides told me to ask everyone for permission because not only am I shuffling your cards for you but receiving permission also means that you responsibly asking for whatever the guides have to say to you. You are therefore accepting responsibility for reading the message content. Some tarot readers don't ask for permission and that's fine, but my guides were very direct about it. I only really need your permission once so that all parties involved know that you are directly asking me for a reading and I'm not just posting a message which might be difficult to hear, or hard to handle, sometimes the messages are wonderful other times they can be tough love. This permission you give is your acceptance in knowing that.


  • ok, now I understand.

    Thank you!

  • Hello there 🙂 I do tarot readings as well, but I do them more for personal use and for friends. anyway would you be able to help me with something? I did a reading on this site and I need help interpreting it. I usually do it myself but since Im emotionally close to the situation I want to make sure I get an unbiased interpretation. Thanks a bunch

  • DisirnottTarot, thank you for responding. I won"t ask too soon again. I give you permission to do a reading for me about jobs and career is like I just can not get a full time job or take off with the Real Estate career either and I feel like hanging from a thread it is very stressful.Thank you again

  • Thanks brighmoonshine. I'll post your reading by Tuesday (U.S. Central Time), I have a few other readings before yours and if I can post yours earlier I will.


  • Thank you!

  • Arieslost,

    7-Card General Reading

    XVII Stars : Page of Cups : XX Judgment Reversed : 10 of Cups

    5 of Pentacles Reversed : I Magician : 3 of Wands

    You have been asking about a certain topic for the past few questions you’ve had which the guides want to address now. How can they keep telling you the right thing to do when you lack hope over doing it? How can they help you when you are going around in circles with yourself over it? They want to know how they can better serve you when they try to give you the answer through people who try to help you but you keep rejecting it and re-asking again and again? So the guides are asking you, “What do you want us to do to help you, when you aren’t helping yourself?” How can we, the guides, try to help you when you don’t allow yourself to change with the messages that we give? What kind of predicament do you put yourself and us into because when we try to help you, you block the message, and when you try to help yourself you won’t actually change you just ask for change to happen? So the guides are completely stumped. We, the guides, can’t help you unless you help yourself. How can we give you advice when you don’t take it? What more can we do when you aren’t listening? You might be hearing us, but you’re not listening, so what else can we do? You have to answer these questions before you ask anymore questions to us or to others when you ask for help. How can you put us in a position to help you and then not take the advice that we try to give you. And it isn’t like your not listening because you disagree, you’re not listening because you don’t want to change but you keep asking the same question over and over because you don’t like your situation. But how can you expect change when you aren’t allowing things to change around you or allowing yourself to change to change the things around you. The guides are unsure, but regardless, until you help yourself the guides can’t help you.

    You’ve asked about emotional circumstances for the past few times you’ve asked for assistance and the guides want to talk to you about that again. How can you ask others for help when you haven’t looked into yourself to find the answer? How can you expect the help you are looking for when you aren’t looking within yourself first? Even if you hear the right answer from another you might not take the advice because you haven’t done the work on yourself first to find what you are looking for. How can you ask for help when you don’t know what you need? Looking inside yourself will give you the insight you need in order to know what you are asking about. Right now you are blindly asking. Just asking for general help because you don’t understand what specific information you need. But if you looked within yourself you could say, “Well I definitely need help right here, here and here, so let me ask people to help me there.” And then people will give you the answers you really need but to ask blindly they will give you general advice which won’t be as advantageous to helping to you. So how can you expect them to help you when you can’t help yourself first by looking for the questions which need to be answered within yourself? Maybe instead of asking how, you need to ask why, maybe instead of asking about a specific person you need to ask about yourself, but how do you know if you aren’t conscious about what you are lacking? The guides are unsure how to help answer your questions when you haven’t figured out which questions you need answered. Look within yourself first to find the questions you need and then ask for help because only then will you get the help you need.

    You’ve asked about a decision you need in order to do something you want. You want an answer to a question you’ve been having, but why don’t you make your mind up about it first before asking others. Right now, your blindly asking others what they would do, not what they would do if they were in your position because you don’t even know your current position past the overall circumstances surrounding you. You have to look deep within yourself to find your true self and then ask the question and see what answer you receive back. Once you do that you might not even need to ask for any help because the answer will be so strong within you and blatantly staring at you in your face that you’ll know exactly what you need to do. You need to ask your soul what it wants before you ask others who do not know your soul or what you soul wants. Your guides know what you soul wants because they listen but you don’t even ask your own soul what it wants because there is no communication between you and your soul. So how can your guides reach you when you have cut off communication to your own soul by not listening? How can they help give you the answers when you aren’t asking from your soul? It’s just going to be superfluous information that’s general until you can ask direct questions because the direct questions you have been asking haven’t been from your soul, it’s been from your mind and those are two completely different things the guides say. You have to ask from the deepest part of you in order to receive the answer you need to help you. People and guides can only go so far in order to serve you when you don’t give them the proper information or in this case don’t ask them the proper questions. How can they help you when you need one thing but you ask for another? The problem is you don’t know what you need because you haven’t heard your soul screaming at you trying to tell you what it does need. So listen, because that’s the only way anyone can help you. You have to listen to your soul in order to learn what you need and only then can you ask the right questions.

    You want that really wonderful well-rounded relationship but you’re unwilling to ask the right questions to get to the right answers. Make sure that you are listening to yourself in order to gain the information you need to ask the right questions, until then the guides can only stand by idly, shouting general information at in hopes of helping you. Others have tried to help you but you are unwilling to listen and act on what they say. You’re hesitant and scared but the guides can help you get to where you need to go if you are willing to listen to them. You need to focus on learning how to listen. You can do this through mediation. At first it might be hard because people aren’t used to listening to silence, but how can you learn to listen to your heart when you are unwilling to slow yourself down and block out any outside distractions? You have to love yourself enough to set aside the time to work on yourself. Only then can the guides give you the critical information you need in order to give you what you want. How can the guides give you the information to get what you want when you don’t even know what you want because you’ve never listened to your soul? You think your mind’s wants are more important or powerful than the souls? It isn’t but how can you figure that out now when you don’t listen? You don’t listen to people and you don’t listen to yourself. So now the guides are going around in circles trying to get you to listen to them but you still aren’t. That’s why they didn’t want to give you another relationship reading…because you weren’t going to listen to them. This is the only way that you might even listen, by finding out that you haven’t been and that you’ve been blocking yourself. Listen to yourself in order to break past the boundaries that you have set up because that’s the only way for the guides to give you the help you need to move on.

    You’ve asked about a relationship in your recent past questioning. Well the guides have a lot of information they want to give you but until you listen they can’t help you nor do they wish to keep throwing information your way until you do. They can only do as much as in their power and they can’t force you to listen, you have to be the one that opens up to them first. And they are willing to help you with this relationship you keep bringing up and asking about. They want to help you but you have to be able to meet them halfway about it and be open to what they have to say, whether it is good or bad. You can’t ask the question and not expect the truth back. You can’t ask a question and only expect to hear what you want to hear because the guides aren’t going to sugar coat things for you, they are going to give you the raw truth and they do that for a reason, because sugar coating things don’t work. They can’t give you half truths and expect you to get good results out of them. So they give you full truths but you have to be willing to hear what they have to say, the good and the bad, and they do have some information about the guy or person of interest that you keep bringing up but how can they reach you when you aren’t even reaching inside yourself to ask the real questions about him and yourself? Think about it the guides say, because until you figure how to crack open this cage you’ve place around yourself they can’t help you.

    You already have the abilities to break past your barriers that you’ve currently set up and you already have all the information you need in order to start listening and finding yourself. You just need to sit down and do it. So after this reading is over, you don’t need to get back on the forum and ask, “How do I do this? The guides say I’m not listening so what do I do?” Because the guides will answer you right now, they say…listen. Yes, it’s that simple, there isn’t anything mysterious or unknown about this process. Just sit down in a quiet place and listen to yourself and then start talking to yourself and guess what…after awhile you’ll be answering yourself and you know what you’re going to hear…answers. Answers that you no longer need to ask forum users or tarot readers for anymore because these answers are deep within you and they have always been there it’s just that you have never listened, and now, when you listen to yourself, you’ll have a wealth of information answering you back. And that’s because you’ll be speaking to your soul, which can access information that you mind can’t and you’ll never have to feel like you need to get back on a forum and ask because now you have your soul who will answer and you’ll get exact, correct, and appropriate answers back. And your soul knows way more information than what you can ever get on a forum board the guides say. So, do yourself a favor and sit down and listen because what you hear back can be pretty amazing if you crack through the initial silence and have the patience to allow the soul to come forth.

    You have a lot of opportunities and goals that you can set for yourself but you have to put yourself on the right path for that and the guides can help you do that. Whether it’s through a tarot reader or through your soul or your mind, you should access this information in order to get the benefits of it. To be put on the right path you need the right information and to get the right information you need to ask the right questions. So go now and figure out the right questions and then come back and ask us because only then can we help you. And until then just keep positive and keep moving forward, don’t go around in circles and second guess yourself. Don’t ask the same questions and then not do anything with the information. The information given to you is only as good as if you act on the positive pieces of it right? So how can anyone, especially the guides point you in the right direction unless you are willing to walk it too? These are questions you have to ask yourself before you get out there and ask for answers again. And remember that most of the answers you seek are already within you. So dig deep and find your inner voice because there is a lot of information that you haven’t tapped into yet and it’s all right there inside of you so work on yourself and then come back and ask the guides what you need to do next and they will help you.


  • Hi disirnott tarot

    Could you please do a reading for me too?

    I am interested in knowing about the person I am going to meet in future who will be a significant relationship. I don't know him but have been told that I will meet him soon. Could you please tell when will I meet him and what kind of relationship I will have with him? I am struggling to find a direction in life myself and don't know yet which way to follow . I have been to,d that he will help me in this regard somehow . I am interested in knowing about him and what he will be doing in my life? Anything that you could give your insight about would be greatly appreciated . Thank you so much for your time and insight in advance .

    Oh and if you need permission to read I give you permission to read for me.

    Thanks once again .

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