Linda Dillon: What is the Thirteenth Octave – Part 3/3

  • What is The Thirteenth Octave?

    From Linda Dillon, The Great Awakening, chapter 2.

    Surrender Unto Wholeness

    “Greetings from the Council of Love, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth. The misconception of most souls upon Earth is that they believe that they have returned to the planet less than whole. There is a common misunderstanding that you are incomplete and that by service and sacrifice you will earn Love and become whole. That is totally erroneous.

    “Each being whether on Earth, heaven or throughout the galaxies is one hundred% whole. The Love and sense of wholeness being sought is already within you dear ones. You have always carried the spark, the essence of God within. That Love

    is what allows you to operate and exist in what is essentially a dense environment. When you seek opportunity to join in Love with another, you do so to seek a complement, a mirror of your own magnificent perfection. You do not do so in order to fill a gap or to complete thy sacred self. You are and always have been complete.

    “The opportunity for entry into the Thirteenth Octave is not so much a new opportunity as it is an ancient re-awakening and full anchoring of this realization. There are as many who need to go through this doorway as there are grains of sand on the beach. The belief of lack of wholeness became endemic on your planet when generation after generation came to believe this misunderstanding was actual truth. When you have been instructed in an earlier time not to place false gods above you the meaning was twofold. The first was to not allow any being or life form ascendance over your divine self. The second was to never allow any being that is less than the truth to stand before you.

    “The belief system that one is not born on Earth with Love, presently and throughout eternity, is incorrect. This belief became so pervasive that small children, the essence of trust and Love, placed aside their own knowing so as to please their caretakers and parents. Parents similarly placed aside the swell of heart to comply with the demands of ruthless leaders who wished to destroy man and woman on Earth. It was the form of war waged upon Earth during the conflagration of the interplanetary wars. Earth’s technology was so primitive that there was no need to destroy the physical being of planet. The plot was much more subtle and horrendous. The implant of false belief systems, which almost destroyed the essence of knowing, was the tactic utilized against the citizens of Earth.

    “This movement to destroy, not the inner presence of Love for that can never be eradicated, but the awareness of that Love was the work of what has been known as “dark forces.” That conflict has long since been resolved on this side, which is why the denseness now lifts upon your planet; the veil removed;

    the illusion cracking. It is time for all upon Earth to awaken to the call of my horn. I announce a glorious new day when peace shall reign not for one thousand years but forever. The grid and strands of your DNA were rewoven last year (1996). The new strands do not include the false encoding. Wake up Earth beings; celebrate the new dawn of reawakened Love. Surrender unto wholeness.”

    Jesus Sananda gave us even more blessings, reminding us of the full anchoring of our soul designs, and how out of despair, comes new beginnings, new opportunities. The Master reminds us once again the key to everything is to love, to love ourselves, everybody on the planet and to simply be Love.

    Unconditional Love: The Gift of the Thirteenth Octave and Creation

    “Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, brother and friend, fellow traveler. I come this day to speak to you of unconditional Love

    – for it is the only kind of Love there is. There are many expressions upon the planet that speak of Love but they do not truly encompass the absence of expectation or conditions. There is a great deal of despair, of disconnection, of disassociation upon the planet at this time and it is the feeling of disconnection from self. This is a feeling of truly not knowing that you are part of All, and not knowing which way to turn. Where you have need to turn my brothers and sisters is inward, deep to the core of your being. I do not speak of the personality that is present in this lifetime but rather of the soul essence, the full design that has been activated within you. It is time for you to become fully familiar with this design and to embrace it and the wholeness of yourself – that is what this creation exercise is about – it is the co-creation as the expression of your design.

    “What does this have to do with Love? Where there is feeling of pain, where there is feeling of disappointment, of despair, of disconnection, of hurt, there is no Love. Let me be clear about this. Yes my brothers and sisters I know this feeling for I have walked this Earth as one of you – and many of you have walked with me and you have turned to me and said ‘Lord, it has never been this bad, it cannot get any worse.’ And then of course it did, and some of you sat and wailed against the enemy and some of you ran away, some of you ended your life, but many of you saw this time of bleakness as new beginning, as opportunity to touch and open the hearts of many. Because where there is despair there is also the deepest yearning to be and to exist in Love – otherwise there would not be this feeling of desolation – there would simply be a feeling of nothing but emptiness.

    “You look around your planet and see the chaos blossoming from those who would take up arms and destroy your brothers and sisters, to those who simply sit in depression, to those who are leaving the planet by the millions. Once again you say to me ‘Lord it has never been so bad; how can you speak of new beginnings and Nova Earth and the fullness of the unfoldment of the plan of the Divine Mother when all we see is darkness. What can we do?’ And I say to you, love yourself. For if you are not wholly and completely, unconditionally in acceptance and Love of yourself there is no resolution, no Light. There needs to be a complete embracing of who you are. This does not mean acceptance or lack of responsibility. It does not mean to say to yourself ‘Oh, I have behaved badly but it is OK because I love myself.’ No, it is to look at the dark spots within you and say I will love myself, I will change this, and I will shift the energy to an absolute reflection of Love. And how will you do this? You will do it by the actions of Love – trust, hope and forgivingness. The expression of this is not just to love those who are similar to you but also to love your enemies and those you distain; to love those you think are insane. It is to take them into your heart with compassion and wholeness and to hold them close to you, the same way you would hold a child who is throwing a tantrum and is out of control. You will hold them so that they will not harm themselves or anyone else. That is what has need to transpire – not to drop into the depths of despair; for out of the darkness is the Light.

    “Understand my brothers and sisters, as above so below. In the existence in the heart of God, in the Universe, in the heart of One, there is only Love – there is nothing else. It is when you move to this point, the connection of unity that you are home. We bring you home, home to the heart of Mother/Father that you may hold and exist in this Oneness and then express it upon the planet. That is the gift of the Thirteenth Octave – it was to instantaneously heal the hearts of everyone on the planet. It was a gift prematurely given and never before bestowed to be able to be in physical form and simultaneously connected to the heart of One.

    “Make this connection deeper; forge this connection to Love more solidly than you ever have before. Where you are feeling despair, pain, disconnection, love it away. No, I do not mean acceptance of it; I mean complete and total surrender. For it is a myth, an illusion, it is part of the mindset of mankind that has created separation.

    “I have known moments of despair and I have known moments of human love, and in this day and in this moment I know my complete Love for you – for each and every one of you – not just as a spirit you are but for every hair on your head, every smile, every pore on your skin, every action you take, you are Loved. So when you do not know how to proceed, when you feel limited, turn to me and say to me ‘Lord, how will I Love myself?’ And then let me show you.

    “We walk the planet together during this time of momentous change, opportunity and yes my friend challenges like you have never known on Earth before. But let me clear – I have come to walk with you, hand in hand. So I would dearly hope you would not leave and I would dearly hope and trust that you will not turn your head away and absorb the negativity, despair and chaos that are now departing the planet. The chaos has need to ascend, as that is truly the meaning of the Ascension! It is the Ascension of all former emotional beings into new form, into clarity and light.

    “You have hesitated to proceed with your creations and the hesitation has come from the lack of acknowledgement and Love of self so what I ask of you now, your next assignment, is to take time every single day and preferably every single hour to check in with me and to see that you are Love, nothing but Love. That is your soul design; it is the expression of Love. You took the best you thought of the Father, the most glorious expression and you said, ‘OK, I will go exploring now, for I have my suitcase packed – it is called my soul design.’ You are prepared, you have all you need, you are my disciples, my apostles of Nova Earth. Come walk with me now. Farewell.”

    This channeling by Archangel Gabrielle was given to us during the initiation into the Violet Flame Temple of St. Germaine. It is a powerful reminder that regardless of how far we travel

    or how much we learn, that when we really need to detach and heal, all we need to do is go home. Go home, curl up in the arms of the Mother/Father and allow ourselves to be restored.

    Stay in the Thirteenth Octave and Heal

    “Greetings I am Gabrielle, Ruler of Love and Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome dear children. Welcome to this temple and welcome to this circle, welcome home. I come to continue to speak to you of being and staying healthy, of being whole and being one with One.

    “It is time for you and the unfoldment of your perfect soul design to know of the wholeness of your being, and the wholeness and enjoyment of your physical body. We have told you when you have asked why you do not heal and why you do

    not seem capable of healing your physical self, to come home,

    to come home to the Thirteenth Octave and stay there. Many of you have forgotten and some of you have never known what the Thirteenth Octave is and hence we tell you again, it is the heart of One. It is the body, mind, spirit, will, and Love of what you think of as God. It is beyond physicality; it is far beyond what you think of within the available realm of twelve planes and twelve dimensions, the twelve levels of existence. It is a state of being in which you are All; it is a closing of the circle to go home, beyond any existence, any lifetime, any reality, any Universe, it is to simply be with One.

    “There are many things during this time of integration and change that we wish to share with you, to remind you of. Think of it in exactly the same way as when you have gone to a parent, or grandparent or a friend and sat and listened to the story about who you are, about your family, about how things have been and how they can be. It is not simply the stories that we wish you to hear; it is not simply the messages of Love, the words, which are so primitive. It is the receiving of the energy of Love into your heart and very being. When you are fully anchored in this energy there can be no illness, no disease, no war, no pain, and no despair.”

    This final piece is from Jesus Sananda and once again He is inviting us to join him in the Thirteenth Octave. He explains this gift in terms of our Ascension process – it will make our transition smooth, graceful and complete. How could we possibly say no – why would we want to?

    An Update on the Thirteenth Octave – January 13, 2012

    “Greetings I am Jesus Sananda. Welcome seekers of the Light. Welcome to this time of awakening, of Ascension and entering into a reality of inter-dimensional potential and creation. Long ago I have beckoned to you to come and join me in the heart of One. I have asked each of you to come and reunite in the heart of One – in the Thirteenth Octave. So many of you have and for this all of us on this side are eternally and infinitely grateful.

    “I speak to you this day about the Thirteenth Octave in terms of Ascension – both for you personally, and, in terms of the Shift that your beloved Gaia now goes through. The entry to the Thirteenth Octave was opened by the Mother/Father/One in order to prepare for this time that is now at hand. You had need to learn that you are not only Love but that you are united in heart with All That Is – not only with this company of heaven but your star brothers and sisters, the human collective, the galaxies, the grass, trees, elementals and yes, Gaia. You have come to mentally understand this but your heart still needs greater expansion and that is why once again we extend this heartfelt invitation for each of you to join us in the Thirteenth Octave.

    “Many of you say ‘why Lord do you ask us to do this when we are already in the process of Ascension and change?’ I beseech you because of this Ascension process. When you unite in the heart of One you have transcended all dimensions of the human reality and experience. From there you are free to travel to the seventh, the fifth, the ninth or wherever you choose. When you come and join with us in the heart of Love you then float down gently and softly into the reality you wish to occupy. This is by far more effective and possible than trying to climb out of the density of the third dimension through the fourth and hopefully landing in the fifth. When you come home to the Thirteenth you then return immediately as a gatekeeper and extend your energies and being to those who are attempting to make this transition.

    “The plan of the Universal Mother does not require struggle – we have created the gentlest, most loving way for you to accompany Gaia in this transition. So once again we invite you home to the heart of All – we invite you home to the heart of creation. Your journey, your choice of this incarnation is not to remain on this side but rather to return and complete this transdimensional Shift as way-showers, as pathfinders, as teachers and channels, as emissaries from the heart of One. You knew fully that this opening would be made available to you, perhaps years ahead, and for some of you at the last moment. It matters not – the choice is yours, and the door is open.

    “Come travel with me to the Thirteenth and then accompany all of us who return to walk the Earth in peace and harmony – walk with us in the fifth, the sixth, the seventh – for this is where Gaia will be anchored.

    “Time as you know it is short my beloved ones. Do not tarry. The gifts of the Thirteenth Octave are yours to claim, and they will assist you enormously in this final task at hand. Archangel Gabrielle, Universal Mother Mary, Yahweh, Michael, Sanat Kumara – all of us call to you. Listen to your heart and then proceed bravely – we are here to shepherd you through. Go in peace and go with our Love. Farewell.”

    • Listen to the “Thirteenth Octave” audio file to complete your initiation into the Thirteenth Octave.

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