What is a Psychic Raeding

  • There are those who believe that a psychic reading is to tell them what will happen to them step by step with time frames and names and even remote viewing to describe people, places and things. All of the above is true for a reader that has these abilities. Except that a psychic reading is not there to take away your own decision making power and some on this site are really using them to replace your own good common sense and personal power.

    I know that you can come here and get free readings from those kind enough to share their gift and time doing so, but I also am seeing that people are becoming dependent upon these readings and again Why?

    My suggestion is to find a good reader even one you have to pay money to and only get a reading when you stand at a crossroads in life. You should not be coming for a reading every other day. Give yourself and life a chance to work out issues that are happening now in your life and accept some responsibility in how you make your personal choices and follow through with them. That way you will grow and mature into a person that others respect and you yourself feel lifted knowing that you have and will become a person that knows how to achieve happiness and work through the curb balls life throws at you from time to time.

    Earth school can be hard and we all have to do research within our own souls = mind, will, emotions to find our way to a lifepath that brings with it good friendships, love partners, right job chooses and how to get that good job. How to reflect the negative and receive the positive. Some need to find Spiritual churches and take classes to help you achieve some inner balance so that you can cope with the world around you in better ways. Others just need to find a good counselor to help them through muddles when they cannot see the light through their own darkness.

    I say all of the above with Love and Light


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  • dmick59

    You are just an all around grand person, that anyone that has your love in their life should count themselves blessed.


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  • Shaubby ,

    You post was very refreshing to readl i agree with you whole heartedly .

    Love , light and Blessings Loap:)

  • Hi Shuby,

    I have often wondered and worry too many , take this site a be end all and not listen to their own inner guidance .

  • Love light Shubby

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