Taurus cusp Gemini chick can i kick bad habits and settle?

  • thanx Mille! ok, so i made a commit to slow down smoking trees because i really think i smoke way too much to numb out my boredom or the way I feel. now I will only smoke after work, after the gym when I was smoking at break, lunch, break, after work to eeat, to sleep -step one i guess but habits are hardest to break for me, I'm deathly afraid of bringing what i don't know into my emotional bank. i am entirely in my own head-and I'm deathly afraid of feeling sad, alone, neglected. is anyone else a Taurus Cusp Gemini? it's true i feel like 2 conflicting types within me that are both bullheaded. i have very poor relationships and did a lotta drugs from 15-25 so i'm emotionally like 15! i have AWESOME sex with anyone if i really like them- I am VERY seductive but don't see myself hooking one guy coz i don't put out that "consistent safe low key" vibe.

    I am the best at convincing myself to do something if it will make me feel good, BAD CHOICE and woe is the story of my life now. Inside i want to change, and grow and be the bombest taurus/(gemini) biatch out there (I'm soo generous and loving and protective if I feel love from people), but my childhood depression and ways i've developed to tweak that crappy feeling are sooo strong- it's like how I survive. this is going to take my whole life isn't it, to feel loved? I'm doing 😜 an Aquarius guy who is already with someone and i like him but know i need to stop liking him and like someone else coz i like anyone who gives me attention.. whats UP?? carmen elektra, megan fox bull females- are we all just pretty faces who can seduce but can't settle??

  • ALRIGHTY ~!!!!!

    From reading this post ~~ seems that your spiritual self desires to stay where it is ~~ if you have FEAR then that is what you will attract ~ FEAR is what makes us Envyous Jealous & worst of all Sexual un-satisfying hunger ~~

    That is what earth karma does it's a B **ch & we get caught up in of her BS Ugh 😞

    How many of us have spoken these words over & over


    ~ So with that thought in mind~ everytime a negative toughts comes to mind ~ replace it with " I allow all good things into my life" I AM BEAUTYFUL HAPPY WEALTHY HEALTHY & SMART when you feel the urge to Smoke OK smoke ~ that too is a part of yourenergy"but every time you smoke Ask what is thisdoing for me ~~is it for my Greatest Good ??

    even though these are words ~~ they belong to you YOU take ownership of that energy

    So i would simply send it love " sounds Crazy huh .. But it is NOT Crazy ~

    Trust me it's all about re-programming our mind at how we SEE & how we Feel & how to accept LOVE ~~~~I would seek it through loving myself first ~ heal my own little earth inside me...

    then go out there & heal the Rest of the world.....

    see it this way ::

    our heart bronchi resperatory are theTall Trees

    our Bones are the stones~ pebbles ~ rocks

    our blood is the ocean river lakes....

    if we can visualize ourselves like the EARTH we can NOT help but Heal it... Am I Right !!!!!!!

    your turn little darling.... what would you choose ???

  • that is a good picture >> Pretty

    It show the depth and love in your eyes...

    Mmmmm Forehead great Intelligence YES ????

    Aaah so - u- r -a smarty .. ;)))


    t.h.a.n.k.y.o.u. that is me thoughtfully sad & bored out of my gourd at a desk @ work so thats good i look smart @ tha same time HAHA.

    ur post does not sound crazy at all, it sounds like the rightest thing~I am very intuit with my strength and inner golden sun 😉 when I'm not around my past! my family's intent and judgement swallows me but they're my spot out here..they're very rich and have many things to lend and support but only if we fit the bill (don't even think of getting emotional) an I don't! i haven't even had fun yet so I am unsure of my own boundaries and f*ck, i swear every realization takes forever and a day for me to get thru to myself specially self values and what i'm loyal to or worth.

    buuut I don't wanna go back to prison so i know i must deal w/ my fears and work on my anger/ pain which is INCREASing slowly in this "world" i have to live in right now where I don't even feel like me AT ALL (I've done so much time by now I feel being out HERE is temporary!!) I am an actor everyday- where is the heart or fun or joy or tears or danger or anything in these people?i guess denial that I still chose the security of accepting help from the folks (my living spot) keeps me HIGH. but then everyone is alwayz saying when I get out " don't be stupid, go stay with your family" I'm soso stuck on whats good for me when it comes to my ties out here coz I'm enormously sad/irritated friggin depressed being around any of their energy. i want success too but if I had to choose I want fun and love and laughter 🙂 i'm screwed LOL no I CHOOSE HEART ( same as EARTH right? just kinda rearranged)

    r u saying I have a fivehead? teehee

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Again FB

    Not sure if we are on the same page !!

    you keep repeating yourself ! It's understandible~ you are seeking ~~ & that is a good start ~

    but also are like you Say STUCK with the energies around you !!!

    If I may be so bold~ When we See other's as no good or Evil or Say gosh I don't ever want to be like That ~~~ that is us in them) we are no good we are evil ~ Does this make sense ?

    Remember to put love in a negative situation ~ reverse the cards to always be on your side~ own it and put your power to it ~ YES HEART is ( EARTH ) but first get to clean your little Earth ~ our sister's & brothers are waiting for you ~ you are important to our earth your purpose is of light & love~~~

    peace to you little strong tree ;))))

  • thank you

  • you are very welcome ..


  • FullBull

    on the Thread >>> Taurus and Love <<<

    that thread won't allow me to open it .... not sure why.....

    May I ask, if possible to post & add it on here...

    this thread seems to be working ~ ayeeeee sorry.... lol

    was curious to your Taurus Post....


    xo Mille

  • teehee i'll try right now


  • hey girl--i just copied and pasted! hope this worx

    Thursday, July 30, 2009 5:15 PDT


    Im a capricorn in love with a taurus and he doesnt make love to me. Any help?

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    Thursday, July 30, 2009 6:14 PDT


    Does your guy know your interested??? He may need more mental or physical stimulation from

    you to become interested in making love. I'm a taurus girl and communication is what works best in my opinion. Let him know in some way you want him and he may come around.

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    Thursday, July 30, 2009 9:06 PDT


    wusupper 🙂 i'm a taurus/gemini chick. Taurus at least me loooove being handled sensually like touching, massaging, smelling unless there is trust loss, doubt of faithfulness, or a lot of stress/mental growth happening but even when we're stressed we LOVE making love basically any attention where there is good sexual buildup and satisfaction. we're gluttons for doing it and cumming do you and your honey have ANY chemistry???? that's all u need with a taurus coz we are secretly unsatisfied if we are not wanted all the time in bed by (our) loved one. Honestly tho, i think if you guys aren't a set set couple that knows the score wit each other, then act cool with him, like you got other things (or people!) to do (and look hot doing it) if he likes you he'll have a hard time being patient and playing that game. if he just aint giving u no love girl- ignore his a$$! kick rox! alotta men taurus are mentally stuck on some serious ****. and can't communicate it... well good luck babe

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