Can anyone tell me what I need to do?

  • I need some insight, I feel so "off" and I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore, for a while I was sure I figured it out but then now it's confusing and off again, please someone help me, Thank you.

  • What kind of help do you need? Do you have a question I can help you with?


  • I just feel like somethings wrong but I don't know what, and I just need to know if anyone can sense what's wrong and tell me what to do to fix it.

  • The guides say to stop being paranoid. Just calm down, relax, and mediate. And during this mediation do some self reflection and boost yourself up.


  • I seem to have lost my direction in life too,Can anyone tell me what i should be doing at this point please?

  • meandkids,

    What did you want to know? Did you have a specific question?


  • Hi,

    I would just like to know what is happening career wise and love life, and to know what is likely to be coming up for me in the next few months if that is o.k.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond

  • thank you disirnottTarot 🙂

  • I'm very happy to help truetoyourheart. Good luck!

    meandkids - I'll see what information the guides have for you and post it as soon as I can.


  • Meandkids,

    I drew three cards for the next three months. Each card should correspond to a month but some might overlap, there will also be information in these cards about things that you need to work on concurrently with what's going on around you in the three month time frame.

    Knight of Swords Reversed : Knight of Wands Reversed : 4 of Cups

    You want things to move fast but they aren't. Don't be frustrated, some things take time to work and form before they are presented to you. Don't be so hasty as to want things right now because not everything can be properly formed to your whims and you wouldn't want unformed things the guides say because that usually turns out badly or they give you crumby half-results. So have patience...actually, the guides say, this is a great time for you to learn some more of that. Learn to have more patience in life, everything can't tick according to your clock and some things you wouldn't want to. Control you're impatient about things because in order to receive proper manifestation, events, scenarios, and opportunities you have to give them time to "season" well or they'll just fall flat in front of you face when you see them, if anything, that's just going to frustrate you more. So calm down, breathe, do some meditation, and use this time to relax and just go along happily with life. Things will come according to their own good time but you just have to find that peace within yourself to accept it and allow them to present themselves when they are good and ready not just when you are. Remember, the guides say, to meditate, it helps a lot more than you think and even a lot more than you are aware of.

    So what's happening with those opportunities I want you are asking. Well, you want those opportunities but they aren't around the bend, so you don't need to feel like you need to wait for them. They will come in good time...if you help them along but you don't need to get disappointed with the fact that nothings around the corner currently. Your path is pointed in a different direction. If you don't like that, well...then you can change it. This is of course your path and you can re-route it anytime you want. But on your current path things aren't going to be popping up anytime soon.

    Time to do some self-reflecting. Go sit under a tree and think about things. How can the guides help you when you don't listen for them? How can they give you great advice when you're constantly moving at a pace where you can't hear them? So go slow yourself down and find a quiet place to sit and think. Once you do that the guides will start to bubble up in your head and they will give you ideas and road maps and opportunities that you can go find. A lot of really exciting stuff is what they say they can tell you. So use that to encourage you and to drive you forward because once you do this you'll be able to open a whole bunch more doors to a whole bunch more opportunities, which is can be really enjoyable. So get out there and manifest with some of your time.


  • Thank you Serah,

    so sorry I haven't got back to you sooner,we have had a few issues to deal with in my family plus some health issues of my own

    Anyhow about your reading , maybe that's why I am now out of work and on meds, I feel as though I am being told 'look slow down and stop trying to to do everything now' if that makes sense.

    You are right I do find it hard to be patient and wait for things I really want, so I guess that is something I do need to work on right now. Did the guides say anything regards me finding that someone special?

    Thanks again


  • Right now they just want you to focus on the content of this message. They might have a different message later on for you but that's all they are giving me currently.

    Hope it helped. Thanks.


  • ok no problem ,thank you for allowing me to hear their message

    Blessed be

  • Don't suppose they say anything about me moving house any time soon do they?

  • I would love to know if I'm going to be able to move soon too lol

  • I'm glad my readings helped. I just created a facebook page and would love if you could "like" it. I post my deals on there so if you ever want another reading from me it would be good to look there 🙂


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