Help with my Celtic Cross spread for the year please :)

  • Since I study astrology, I made up a Celtic cross spread for my solar year - meaning from one birthday to the next. It begins in a couple weeks, so basically from June 2012 until June 2013. Is really appreciate some help with deciphering it. As far as I can tell, it seems mostly positive but if anyone could take a look at it and give me their opinion is be so grateful. (I will say that all those court cards make me a little nervous though...)

    1 - Knight of Swords

    2 - 2 of pentacles

    3 - The Sun

    4 - King of Cups

    5 - 9 of Pentacles

    6 - The Chariot

    7 - 10 of Cups

    8 - Knight of Wands

    9 - 8 of Wands

    10 - Knight of Cups



  • Hi,

    It's usually very difficult for another reader to interpret your cards and your own spread. I don't use the celtic cross anymore so it would be different interpreting as opposed to someone that uses it. Also the cards can signify different things to different people. I re-cast the cards for you so my guides can give me the message clearly.

    5 of Wands : IV Emperor : XVII Stars : 4 of Wands R : IX Hermit

    I Magician : 10 of Pentacles : 7 of Pentacles R : XX Judgement : 5 of Cups

    You are worried about conflict but you're not going to get as much as you think you are. Be fair when it comes to judging life, it isn't as bad as you think. Don't dwell on conflict or you will manifest it.

    You want to be king of the hill, well you can be, but are you ready to be it? That's the question. If you want it you can take it, the guides will offer it to you, but are you ready to rule at the top yet? You need to make yourself ready...prepare for it.

    Have hope, it does more wonders than you think it does. Don't be so worried about bad things happening, look at the positive & look at the glass half full. You're worry will bring more worry. Don't see what isn't there yet (negative).

    You're not dwelling on the good things in life. You have a lot of be content over but you're not allowing yourself to see it. You're too focused on the bad things or worrying. Change your perspective for happier results.

    Time to do some soul searching. Work on yourself, especially emotionally. It's definitely time to shut the world out a little and grow a lot. Focus on bettering yourself, now's the time to do it.

    You have the skills/tools, now's the time to use them, utilize them in order to grow them and gain confidence in their use. You have more tools available to you then you think but until you use them you won't see the full scope of their power and advantage.

    Time to look at success. You can get it if you want it but you have to be in the right frame of mind to attract it and keep it. Remember you have to earn it through your actions and manifests but it's definitely there on the horizon if you want it. Just work towards it.

    You're thinking you have to wait for something, opportunities or good things to fall into your general area but you don't need to wait for anything, there are already right there in front of you. Time to take the bull by the horns and do something about it.

    You need to make some judgement calls about your life in general. A few things will be popping up in the next year for you to make some decisions about them concerning yourself, but are you ready to judge adequately?

    Time to stop looking at all the split milk, especially since it hasn't even split yet! Time to look and see what's in front of you that you can do something about....and not just something, everything and do it in a positive light. Focus on what you want, not on what you've lost or might lose. You're not supposed to lose anything but if you keep focusing on it, you'll manifest it. Time to move all that energy into doing something positive, especially dealing with the things in front of you that can reap a lot of benefits/rewards. But are you ready to see them and leave the split milk behind?


    Disirnot Tarot.

  • Disirnot,

    Thanks so much for your reading 🙂 I truly appreciate it. I definitely agree with everything you got from your spread. I've been going through a challenging time of transformation and having to leave behind everything that was once 'me' so it's been a challenge to stay positive. In addition, my confidence level has been very low so thanks for your message - it was a healthy kick in the pants 😉

    Also wondering about the Hermit card. I am quite good at being alone and working through things emotionally but spent the last year doing too much of that - to my detriment I think. Is there another way to interpret that card within the scope of your reading? I ask only because for me, dealing with my stuff is the norm and if I'm not careful, I end up isolating myself.

    I am having a problem seeing the good things in my life right now. If you asked me, I would honestly have to think very hard about what those things are.... I am not where I want to be at all and my efforts at working towards those things are full of obstacles, but I will definitely keep on trying and I appreciate your reading.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Oh, sorry, just realized that your name is Serah! May I ask one other question? Typically, what does a Knight of Cups card mean as an outcome card? I know you mentioned you don't do Celtic Cross spreads, but as a general rule, how would I interpret that card from my original reading?

  • The Hermit card usually means blocking outside distractions to focus on yourself, not becoming isolated and alone. Use the Hermit card in this reading to do some self-analyzing. Think about why you allow yourself to become isolate and whether that is for you best interests or not. A lot of the times we think that closing ourselves off to the world is a good way to deal with things but it's more closing yourself off to detrimental emotions and seeing the glass half full instead of empty. So the Hermit card showed up for you to do some thinking on yourself and your current situation in life...and that also means not allowing yourself to be lost in your own isolation, but you've already come to that conclusion by thinking about yourself so you're on the right path.

    Typically when the Knight of Cups is an outcome card it means you still have to growing to do with your emotional level and understanding. Usually Knights mean things are still moving, more action, and continued energy flowing. The Knight of Cups would signify a continued need to expand and grow yourself emotionally, it could also mean that you have come to a point where you have accomplished the emotional growing of the moment or the situation. That you have attained what you needed through your lessons in emotion. You have completed this task in emotion and will now move on to the next one.


  • Thank you very much Serah 🙂

  • Glad to help.


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