Linda Dillon: What is the Thirteenth Octave – Part 1/3

  • What is The Thirteenth Octave?

    From Linda Dillon, The Great Awakening, chapter 2.

    The Thirteenth Octave is a state of being in Divine Union, wholly and completely anchored, and aware of being anchored, in the heart of One. It is being in alignment with the heart, mind and will of God. The gift of the Thirteenth Octave is enormous. It literally changed not only my world but the lives of thousands of people who have said “yes” and stepped forward to join in this state of Union.

    In addition to the initiation and re-connection, the gifts of the Thirteenth Octave are plentiful. Each time the Thirteenth Octave sacred ceremony has taken place the Council has bestowed a gift, ability or tool to assist us in our spiritual journey here on Earth. We have been armed with an array of gifts and tools such as Universal Mother Mary’s gift of removal, Mary’s cloak of invisibility, Gabrielle’s golden infinity, Archangel Uriel’s Silver Flame, Archangel Michael’s sword and shield, Yahweh’s keys to the warehouse of heaven. The list is enormous, in keeping with our human desire for tricks and tools, diversity and choice. But each gift is designed to assist us in completing our missions here on Earth with grace, Love, and joy.

    One of the best explanations of the Thirteenth Octave comes from Archangel Gabrielle. “The Thirteenth Octave is a place, a state of being beyond what had previously been known upon your planet, in terms of conscious awareness. Previously, one would have left physical form – die, to have this experience. The referenced Thirteenth Octave is sound, for it is the point at which vibration and sound is the sound of God, beyond hearing, beyond human ears, but clearly felt throughout the Universe.”

    Our curious selves have always pursued the question of what will it be like, what does it feel like, afterward we will be really creative beings for having been through the Thirteenth Octave initiation? One participant put it this way, “Not much has been said about what we will really be like, what we will be able to do, what we are supposed to do, how long it’s going to take for us to adjust and to actually begin utilizing the benefits, the gifts that are being given to us. I think all of us would like to know a little bit more about that if you would be so kind.”

    Archangel Gabrielle’s reply to these questions reminds us that the first and ever-present gift of the Thirteenth Octave is the ability to heal people’s hearts.

    “You are given the gift of remembering how to heal the hearts of others beginning with yourself. The rate at which this occurs will be different depending on the acceptance and personality factors of each. So for some it will be instantaneous combustion, others it will be weeks, for they edge slowly into the center of the flower. When you edge back out, or when you walk back out, you have the ability to access universal information, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, Love, truth, beauty.

    “It is not that we cram your heart and soul and mind with facts, figures and experience. Rather, we give you connection for full access to all that is required, desired, needed, wished for, and available. It always has been thus, but humans, as a race, have never actively sought this union. When you finish this initiation and return to your world, you have a choice whether or not to share the gifts you have received here. To not share would render the gifts meaningless. Understand that the touching (connecting) another’s heart is a practice, a meditation, that must be done consciously every day. So as you walk within your corridors of your life remember your conscious agreement, and, extend your hand and touch the hearts of those whom you encounter.”

    The Original Thirteenth Octave Articles

    This journey into the realm of the Thirteenth Octave begins with seven of the original articles channeled by the Council of Love in order to help us understand the full significance of this portal opening. The articles were channeled sequentially over a period of about a year beginning in Fall of 1997 when the energy of the Thirteenth Octave became available. The final channeling is a current update on the Thirteenth Octave and clarification

    of where we collectively stand now in terms of that progression and process.

    The energies of transmutation and transubstantiation have increased radically over the past year and particularly in the past several months – so how you perceive and what you receive from these channelings will be different than if you had read them initially in 1997. Additionally, the energy within every channeling in this book has been amplified to the level necessary for Ascension. So please, let the energy and information seep gently into you. I am amazed as I re-read these articles the effect of this information and how I perceive them now in a different light. Everything the Council has ever spoken about from the grid to creation to Ascension is here in those first transmissions. That fact awakens awe in me. It touches my heart and being in ways that make me understand there is really a grander plan, an unfoldment which we have chosen to be part of eons ago.

    The purpose of this initial series of articles is to open your hearts and assist you in understanding the magnitude and gifts of entry into the Thirteenth Octave. The articles are bound to raise some questions – they’re intended to. Write them down, make notations in the margins. Each sentence is packed so pay attention and ask the Council, ask your guides, ask your friends, but think about it, absorb the information and energy and discuss it freely and with an open heart.

    The Doorway Beckons

    “Greetings from the Council of Love. I am Jesus Sananda. The doorway to the Thirteenth Octave beckons you. The opening is premature but it has been accomplished through a miracle, a gift of Love from our One Divine Being to your divine being, united in heart. It is our dearest wish that you enter, it is why you have prepared and endured all the trials, tribulation and chaos of this and many lifetimes. The answers to the universal questions that have plagued you lie beyond this gateway. This opportunity is unique in the experience of your planet, it has never occurred. You are presented with an invitation engraved with the lettering of the celestial stars, the energy of the Divine. Those of you who intend to enter know who you are, and will resonate throughout your entire being to this message.

    “The Thirteenth Octave is beyond your concept of time or space; it is completely beyond your grid or the grid of physicality. It is beyond your dimension. It is the state of being united with God – All which is, All that ever could be, All that ever has been. The cycle of the twelve existences, the twelve planes that the human race is able to experience will continue for the many on Earth who do not choose or are not as yet prepared to enter this state of being. But for those who have chosen long ago, who have been encoded with the genetic and soul desire to enter, the doorway is opened to the next level, the next circle of existence.

    “One of the primary reasons for the opening of the doorway at this time is because of the spiritual progress and self-sacrifice of Gaia. Through her mission of service, in harmony and in conjunction with those aligned with her energy grid, she has catapulted herself to the end of possible experience within your grid. She seeks entry to a new octave, a completely different realm of existence. Her prayers have been heard and answered, and hence the doorway has been unsealed. Those of you who wish to travel with her to the Thirteenth Octave need to do so as quickly as possible. Clear yourself of all blockages and debris, enter into the state of Love and serenity, and align with the Light. The doorway is opened, and time, in the very practical sense of which it is applied on Earth, is of the essence. Earth will exist in the seventh dimension and walk in a new reality.

    “When I spoke so long ago of Love, it was never Love of anything in particular, it was simply Love. The time has arrived for the vibration of pure Love to be permanently anchored upon this planet, and within the hearts of all who inhabit her. When you enter the Thirteenth Octave, you unite with Love, for that is all there truly is. From that place of expansion those who enter through the gateway will begin to travel back to Earth to assist those who continue the path of 12:12. It will not be the same as your earlier travels and transitions, it will not be through your emotional, physical or mental bodies for these will be transmuted, reintegrated with the whole. It will be back through the energy fields of the dimensions, back into the hearts of humans, animals, flowers, of all beings, to touch their hearts, to brush them within the gentle knowing of Love, to spark that essence within them that they may expand to the point of fully knowing the wholeness of the existence with One.

    “In the distant future there will be a time when all go to the Thirteenth Octave. At that point the planet and those upon it will simply become the brilliant gold, only sheer energy; sheer light and it will be done. But it begins now with a small few who have this opportunity. However, all are told of the vision so they will travel their path and know that there is assistance, guidance and hope. It is the lack of hope, the lack of dreams that have held so many on this planet away from Love, away from the wholeness of their being, which has kept them in the illusion of separateness.

    “Wholehearted surrender, not to God but to self is necessary for entry into the Thirteenth Octave. It is the most selfish act and the most selfless undertaking; it is the leap of faith, the believing in the miracles of Love with absolutely no evidence. But those who have chosen, who have nominated themselves long ago, they are fully capable of this exit and entry. They are not alone; look through the door, we all await you, yes thirteen holy ones for certain but also the entire Legion of Light. It is a welcome home party, all has been prepared. Afterward, you will go back through the door altered and whole to assist others in their journey as well. None will be left unaided, even those who refuse will be aided by the light penetrating the darkness. There will be many miracles to observe, prepare and enter.

    The Apostle James continues on the subject of the magnificent opening of the Thirteenth Octave, including insights on what clearing is necessary beforehand, as well as what to anticipate physically.

    “I am James the Apostle of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior, Son of Yahweh, greetings. I am Master of the Green Ray, guardian of the sacred doorway, portal to the heart. Much as the seventh dimension is the dimension of Love, the dimension of wholeness, the dimension where all who exist with the purpose and existence and unity of Love come to be, the Thirteenth Octave is the place for the Ascension of that Love beyond any conscious reality.

    “When one moves beyond dimension, or when there is physical movement or manifestation back and forth between dimensions within the physical, then there is a pureness of being, a sheer energy field emerges. This is the existence of the Thirteenth. One cannot enter that state unless they are one with Love. This entails a total and complete clearing of past, of future, of all existence, and, unification with heart. Only then can you move through. That is why all are not entirely prepared for movement past the doorway. The ticket is clarity.

    “If there is debris, the tinniest speck of doubt, one would literally decompose. The energy is this strong; stronger than anything that has previously been felt upon your planet. So while your feet will remain embedded on this Earth, your higher chakras from the heart upward will exist elsewhere. It is an extension that will leave you breathless. So, as you learn to clear know that it is essential for you to also expand. Clearing is meant to expand, not to decompress. If there was one preparation for the movement through this portal it would be to breathe, breathe the green and gold of my ray. Know that it is beginning for you now; the invitation is now in your hands.

    “On the physical plane, entry through the doorway can be individual or as a group, it matters not. On this plane you must pass through one at a time, it is not a group exercise; it is a soul/ sole journey. In meditation I, or an ascended one who is in hamony with you, will come and walk through the portal where we will be greeted by our only host, the Heavenly Son. The process of initiation on the other side will be slightly different for each individual, but know that it will entail an energy transfer from the circle of thirteen to the individual who stands in the center of the circle. On the outer circle there will be a spiral or coil, all the Legions of Light and the Council of Love will surround you. Following the initiation with your thirteen masters, you will enter the spiral in a clockwise motion and return by coming back into the circle to join again with me and exit.

    “You will return with gifts of energy, but understand everything will have changed. There will never be a similar feeling to how you now exist. The primary gift you will bring back is a gift of the healing heart; simply by looking at another and esoterically touching their heart you will open them. You will see a transparent energy flowing clearly upon a grid. This type of vision can be used for seeing heart blockages regardless of where they are located on the grid. You will be able to see clearly who you are dealing with. There can be no hiding from someone from the Thirteenth, it is impossible.

    “However, those from the Thirteenth can be invisible when they choose. These are the true rewards but you will have other gifts of magic as well because it is all one thing. Know that upon returning you will also be an anchor for the seventh dimension. The Earth has moved but all is hovering, none of the energy has been anchored. There is need for anchoring. This is a time of birthing and know there is a time when the energy could move backwards pulled by the denseness of the energy of those who sit upon her. That is why we all are buoying Gaia up at this time. Everyone is encouraged to do so. That is why there is a huge need for heart opening and surrender to Love. The more of you who pass through the more the energy will be anchored, and, the firm commitment to Ascension will anchor.

    “Only those who have completely cleared will be allowed access to the Thirteenth Octave. Invitations have already been issued although not all are yet consciously aware. It is not clear, given the choice of free will, how many will join but there is immediate opportunity for many within this window of opportunity. It is interesting to us how there are beings who hold a high enough vibration that the opportunity is open to them but who choose not to move. It is a chance to be of such service to so many souls created by the same spark of Light from which we all emanate; it is strange that some will refuse. And some will not be clear enough to complete. But there will be others who will leap ahead, the ones you would term dark horses, who in Light, Love and joy will spread that vibration not only on Earth but throughout the Universe. This energy moves far beyond the planet, when we say it is off the grid understand that it is far off the planetary grid.”

    Archangel Gabrielle steps forward once again to share with us a deeper understanding of the nature of the Thirteenth Octave.

    “Greetings, I am Gabrielle, herald of God and messenger of One. Know that the octave of which we speak is similar to all other octaves. Think of an octave as a universal system of measurement for the process of the beginning and completion of a spiritual undertaking. The process that the Earth has been involved in to date has been the process of the seventh and 8th octave; the completion of the 8th having just taken place. Know that this reference is solely for Earth, for there are those who sit upon her who participate in other octaves as well. It is similar to being in school; you can be in the eighth grade but take classes elsewhere. However, none on your planet have ever been past the ninth prior to this time; the Thirteenth has not been available to you. So it is a new undertaking for many, including Gaia.

    “The doorway of which we speak began opening in June 1997 and will be fully opened in December of this year (1997). If there is not an acceptance by a significant number of hearty souls to accept this invitation to enter and anchor into the Thirteenth Octave, then it is uncertain whether this doorway will remain open. The doorway will be open for the rest of the population at a much later date, the timing of which has yet to be determined but it will be well into the 2000s.

    “The purpose of this rather small group passing through the doorway to the Thirteenth Octave at this time is for those who have self-elected to enter into a state of wholeness, complete awareness by and through association not only with their thirteen Ascended Masters but with the entire Legions of Light, in order to return to Earth and assist others in their spiritual journey. It is part of their service contract, their commitment to the Divine. They have chosen long ago to travel the spiritual expressway rather than enjoy the scenic route. It is a soul decision to act as a catalyst for the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. There has been much preparation, not only in this lifetime but for eons. The miracle of the early opening has occurred. The time is now. The invitations are issued and the guests assembled, plan and intend from the deepest core of your being to attend. Go in peace.”

    As if this incredible invitation to enter into the Thirteenth Octave was not enough, the three a.m. wake-up calls continued. The urgency with which these messages were transmitted was, and still is, incredibly intense. The next article, A Time of Decision, almost demanded that we make a choice of how we wish to proceed, and to make that decision immediately. The hardships and the chaos is exactly what we have been experiencing in the past decade plus, but the invitation is being re-issued once again by Archangel Gabrielle. She never minces her words. The message is clear – decide whether you are in or out and get going.

    (To be continued)

  • These 3 channels moved me to tears in their Eloquence and Beauty and the offering of the "Gifts." Your soul knows, you higher self knows and all the answer's are WITHIN. ENJOY!

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