Difficult times reading

  • Hello,

    I would like to know if someone would please do a difficult times reading for me.

    Thank you and many blessings

  • arieslost

    What is it that is diffcult for you at this time? Job? Lovelife or both?

    I really see that you have the abitity to overcome any and all challenages that you are facing at this time. It seems you are wearing your heart on your sleeve a bit to much lately and need to have some quiet time to yourself. Please send me two questions that matter most to you and I will answer them.


  • Hi and thanks for replying.

    I would like to have a general relationship reading. Where is this relationship with my boyfriend headed and what does the future hold for me.

    Thank you for this and blessings


    This relationship should be headed out to sea so to speak. I see smooth sailing for the most part except for the occassion hurricane that hits and turns everything upside down. You need to pull back is what I receive for you to do regarding your partner as you expect to much sometimes and they can not keep up with your expectations. Not that they are not gifted and capable , they have their destiny to live out also , not just yours.

    General readings can be all over the place and take quit a bit of time to do, so I ask your guides what you should know to help you at this time and received: Stop worrying is what I received and that you are gifted with either voice or music and should be doing something with these gifts, do you dance? New friend is coming in here a woman with light hair or highlighted and she is really a joy to be around , her name starts with a A so look for her to come into your circle soon.

    Ship Ahoy


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