Gemini or Scorpio

  • I am a Gemini. DOB 06/11/72 I am married to a Scorpio. DOB 10/23/64 We have been together for 20 years. However, I am in love with a Gemini. DOB 06/16/76. I am going to publically admit this......I have been having an affair with the Gemini for 4 years now. The Gemini knows about my husband and the husband knew about the Gemini, but thought that I ended it. I have separated from husband two or three times now...but he finds ways to lure me back home. I'm nervous about the Gemini because we are both Gemini’s! We may never accomplish anything together because we are so busy chasing whatever catches our eyes! LOL! I have tried to break it off at one point or another with each of them and neither of them seems to want to let go! I am at a point where I no longer want to be bouncing between the two. I just can't handle it emotionally any longer. However, I am too scared to break it off with either of them. I'm scared of everything...the unknown and the known. Is there anyone out there who can assist me? I realize that I don't deserve much help after the way I have conducted myself and if you just want to say nasty things about me, well...I am sure I am deserving of that also. Thanks to anyone who takes the time....I do appreciate it.

  • Hi 61172,

    I will give this question a try, but I also want to know if you could me, I m dating a Scorpio dob 10/27/1964 and my dob 6/17/71, how did you get him to commit to you. I'm dating him for 9 months and we have a wonderful time when we are together, but he has times when we don't speak, I'm ready to let it go, because I expect some consistency and true feelings to to say what is what. we had a wonderful night I'm hoping we can fix the problem.

    But while I'm here I will take a crack at your problem as well, If your Scorpio is taking care of home, not lacking try to fall back in love with him. its not worth giving up all those years and a good man, if he is one. as for the Gemini man they are different from the women Gemini's. he might night stick around if you were to commit to him. not to say they can't but there is that Grey area because you guys started the way you did. but I have a Gemini friend too, he is very supportive at times and nurturing but they get bored quick. also the reason why the Gemini guy might be sticking around is because you seem to be a great challenge, meaning your married he wants to win you, but after that...... then what ? you have to figure out if he really has strong feeling first before you make a move. and secondly you have to figure out will it be worth leaving someone the Scorpio ( your husband) if he is good. You did not stick around for 20 years for nothing. .. Good luck. please let me know what you think.

  • Hi, I guess you have to look at the real reason why you are attracted to both. If your fearful of losing your husband (someone that you know better than the other), I would take this matter quite seriously. Maybe you need friendship in your life and this other man serves this purpose. But, I don't know what the attraction is. Is it a distraction to your own lonliness. You know, you can be in a relationship and feel all alone. I would be afraid of losing your husband. I can't believe that the other man doesn't get jealous. He must have issues--that's my gut feeling. Try to connect on a spiritual level with your husband. He must love you if ya'll didn't split after he found out the first time. I think some men are actually jealous of a good thing that another man may have. But, if he's(other man) content on staying on the side something isn't quite right. Maybe he isn't content doing this and this is causing you stress. Don't hang in the balance because I don't think you really want to lose your husband and I wouldn't suggest that unless he's abusive, on drugs.... What I do suggest is a break from the other. Sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone meaning your husband. Good Luck.

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