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  • Geminis can be described with many terms: curious, talkative, versatile, bright, perceptive and adaptable. If you're a Gemini, do any of those words fit you? Or do you defy the Gemini norm? The symbol for Gemini is the twins, so it makes sense that Geminis have two sides ... maybe your "traditional" Gemini side is there, waiting to be discovered.

    Have some insight on the complex layering that is the life of the Gemini? Want to know how things seem from a Gemini's dual perspective? This is the place to sort it out.

  • I have a couple Gemini friends--I think. These people are good communicators. Sometimes it seems though that their actions may not follow their words. I would love some help from a Gemini to figure these friends out.

  • Lets hear it for the gemini's - I always get along with gemini' s personally - am I alone on that ?

    • Eric Siversen

  • My moon is in gemini. Im not talkative though, unless im drunk. Im pretty indecisive, open minded. Alot of the time I hear people say that Geminis have a split personality. I think they're wrong, I think that Geminis are very open minded. Their open mindedness makes it seem as though they have split personalities.

    My sister always thought they were evil because of the split personality thing.

    I don't

  • Of course not! I am a Gemini and the thing is Gemini's love people .....I genuinely have friends of all ages.....young, old, extremely old....96! They love cultures ...have an uncanny knack of using and understanding dialects! Communication is their lifeblood!!!!! So, hello Gemini lover..... Bye now on to adventure!!!

  • Um I figured out how to post a photo!!! YAY!!!!!!

  • Hi, I am new to posting.I am a Gemini also.I care very deeply about all people,I have lots of acquaintances but it is rare(unfortunately) that I get very to close to anyone,They make think were close but.......Some people over step boundaries because of our openness,We are complex.I have the ability to see all sides of a situation, even if I like one person better than the other and even if i disagree with the person i like the Best,I find it best to be Honest ,and because of that honesty we don't seem so authentic to the person we disagree with,we appear two faced because of it.We make great communicators because we can feel the pain of the situation(or pleasure)being told to us.I can recognize the good in a person at the same time knowing they have a bad side.I make friends for life, not for short moments in time. But truly like most people.We are open minded and make loyal friends.Never Evil,The only people I don't like are Mean,Cruel,Jealous,Scheming people,People with ulterior motives or an agenda. I am sure they come in all signs of the Zodiac.I personally would never hurt anyone on purpose.All of the profile described above fits.I am definitely a Twin,sometimes I think Gemini's are more like Chameleons. Does that help with gemini questions?My Intuition tells me I probably sound a little Egotistical.I'm not (I think),I have many faults,I can't Devulge them on our first meeting other Gemini's have great intuition?

  • I'm a Gemini....born 21st May! So, I have the stubbornness of Taurus too. I have all the Gemini traits described. Funnily enough, I seem to attract the attention of Virgo or Leo males (my ex hubby was virgo ...current hubby is a Leo). My girlfriends always seem to be aquarius or virgo. And yes, I think I have great intuition too. I have four sons - 2 Aquarians;1 Capricorn;1 Leo; and an Arian daughter.

  • You got that right... I'd talk to the freakin' wall if I could convince myself it was listening! Even then it really wouldn't matter because I just really like the sound of my own voice and most of the time what's coming out of my mouth is really witty and intelligent and needs to be said... regardless of whether anyone is listening or not! Hell, I talk to myself all the time and I must admit, I'm a darn good conversationalist. I've even learned how to speak Cat! People look at me weird because to them it sounds like the meow mix commercial and that I've lost my mind, but Oliver & Mr. Hanky understand... I mean how else can I tell them to clean out their own litter box?? They don't know about vowels and prepositions or that "ph" makes an "f" sound, so pretty much my only option is a sequence of MEOW's and maybe a HISSSS every now and then if I'm really mad, don't judge me!

    LMFAO! I'm just kidding I'm really not weird I promise, I just wanted to give you an idea of the kind of ridiculous nonsense that goes through a Gemini's constantly racing mind sometimes! Besides, I don't even own a cat!

  • Gemini: Jack of all trades but Master of none!

    I've got a lot of ideas and am a ROCKSTAR at starting projects, but my follow through sucks! I'm like the poster-child for ADD! Seriously, I have a 140 IQ but I was so all over the place when I was a kid that my teachers probably thought the bus I rode home on was WAY too long! (Haha now you get it, took you awhile but I had faith in you) Luckily it's gotten better but it still takes all the concentration and control I've got just to stay interested in the task at hand for 15 minutes, much less 8 stupid hours!! Any longer than that and I start to get real antsy and begin looking for the next best thing to come along but luckily he's usually on time!

    Okay, that's enough, it's 2am and I've had entirely too much red wine to continue this lovely conversation becuause who knows what will end up coming out of my mouth!

  • I found out that my thinking is really strange and that my evil twin can turn on automatically and manually Let me explain: automatically if i think certain ppl (bad experiences) or ethical issues my evil twin will activate instantly not that i am crazy or anything its just that my nerves become stucked for no reason other than me thinking about stupid stuff i can store words in my head for certain situations quickly and easy i could just do it i dont know y i just can . I.E if i have someone at mu job i dont like ( it will be for a very good mature reason) or vice versa i would already know the whole situation and pretend i dont care or ill just feel fustrated inside w/o anyone knowing minding my own business at the same time being cool calm and collected which is my whole demeanor most of the time and if the person i dont like have anything to say imean all negative( basiclly i can sense negativity around me if i knew something was said behind my back or past experience i can become very mean if i was confronted or being MESSED with for no reason. "MY EVIL TWIN" will pop out become ferocious right at the drop of a dime. Now manually i can joke at times but being playful at the same time not meanong to be hurtful and ppl will I THINK become irritated with me and then i will always say "im just teasing" then i think thet play it off also like i didnt annoy them sometimes i can become annoy by my own vilician SPELLING i know. but see i tend to hang with positive ppl in my life always with why i think i stay positive the majority of the time. but some ppl just think that i do things on purpose but i dont and then get an attitude with me for childish stuff and then try to confront me. Let me tell u if i get confronted for no reason and i KNOW I DIDNT DO ANY THING WRONG WHAT SO EVER I WILL GET A SILVER TONGUE IN a heart beat. i tend to get devious to the MAX since they say geminis get devious quick i mean i get devious quick i will never get caught though in the act. but i know it is wrong but i try to understand that i coukd control this if i want to but not most of the time i cant. but when i know i need to i will , because i know i probably started but trying to be playful but i think i put things on my self sunconsciously sometimes if not all the time. Manually in other words CONTROLLING MY MOTIVES please give me some feed back appreciated.

  • So, I have read all of the posts here and I have to agree that we Gem's can run at the mouth like a ducks bottom with diarrhea. Born June 14th (that's flag day in the USA) I have been labeled flighty, silly, inattentive and a daydreamer since I was a little child. But, tell me please, why should I stay and listen to; or do boring things when the outcome of what is going on is so much better told or done in my mind? I can see what is going on faster than non Gemini's and give you the conclusion to the situation if that is what you really want. However, just about everyone doesn't want to hear the truth so I have learned to keep quite about it a long time ago. Hence, living in my head more than I live in the world.

    Sometimes the exact truth can get lost in the retelling of something that happened. Embellishment isn't lying to a Gemini, it's telling it the way is should have happened, it's giving a dull situation in a story a little dazzle. The boring meat of the tail is there... I came in, I sat down, I watched a movie. We just seem to have a way to make it POP!

    I came into the living room after a horrible day at work with the boss screaming at me and I let myself flop down into my favorite easy chair and let it envelop me me like warm arms pushing away the disagreeable day. switched on the DVD I had loaded previously and began to be transformed from 9 to 5 working girl to... Zena Warrior Princess? A Hydra? Helen of Troy? Bet Midler??

    Well you get the idea, thoughts are my canvas and words are my paintbrush should be the motto of a Gemini.

    Two Faced! Dah, why are you shocked? Hello, there are two of us in here hence the whole twin thing. But it doesn't mean I will go behind your back and dish dirt about you. Quite the contrary, I will go to the ends of the earth to defend you if you are worthy of being called my friend. What twins mean is I have two ways of looking at everything mine and yours. I have two sets of eyes to see all the flaws and the positives. I have two minds to have a complete conversation with and FIGURE THINGS OUT with. "Boo hoo hoo, I am soooo sorry your cat ran away....sniff, sniff, Lets go have some fun now." That sounds totally NUTS right? Wrong! You are not a Gemini if you can't understand that! Your pain touches me deeper than it probably touches you. I let one side of me feel that and we share empathy together. However, life goes on and why wallow in pain? Pain is NOT fun. Fun IS fun. Lets step away from pain, have some fun and perhaps the cat will have come back by then. Perhaps you will get another cat and be happy again. Perhaps my being with you will help you forget about your pain so I can forget about the pain you just made me feel. PAIN IS NOT FUN! FUN IS FUN.

    Sigh, we are a complicated lot. But lets be honest here. Life would be the same ole, same ole with out the sprinkling of a Gemini or two in the mix. If you are cleaver enough to make us laugh, have an intelligent conversation on just about any subject, and do or say something that completely throws us off balance now and again you will have a friend or lover that will last all the lifetimes you show up for on this planet. I know I will be back... there is just too much I have not done,seen,touched or felt yet to stay away.

  • Okay, I am a Gemini and I will be totally honest here, I am born on May 27th, 1960, so I am 48 years old and unlike the prior post, I am so done with being here, I will never come back. I have learned all I need to know about life on Earth and I am ready to make a place for myself wherever we go from here. I to am very talkative and love the sound of my own voice. I am brutally honest, (just read any of my comments when people ask for advice) and all my rules of life apply to me just as much as they apply to the people around me.

    I love all people, but, unfortunately people usually disappoint me. I once had a very wise person say to me, "You expect to much from people. You are a perfectionist (most Gemini's are) so you expect perfection from the people around you. Stop doing that and people will stop disappointing you." That was the best advise I ever got. I do not get close to people, especially other woman (I am female). I don't trust woman, I have very few females in my life that have not at one time or another done something behind my back that really hurt me, (ie; hitting on my husband, spreading untrue rumors around the office, etc.). Gemini's are very prone to these issues because, we speak the truth so expect everyone around us does, (that's the naive side of a Gemini). But, if you somehow make it into my heart you will be there forever I am true blue when it comes to commitment's I don't take them lightly, if I say I'm gonna do something, I do it, and I expect everyone to be the same, UGH!!! I hate people that say one thing and then their actions prove otherwise. I have no time for that BS in my life.

    Gemini's are quick learners and can adapt very easily to new surroundings, jobs, etc., well I can anyway.

    If I beleive something is true, I have to be heard on the subject, this is hard for the people around me. Sometimes, I can feel them thinking in their heads, "Alright already, we know how you feel, now shut up!" I am OK with this because I am a realist and I know I go on, and on, and on. I try to be aware of that and stop after I say something at least, mmmmm, three times, lol.

    We are good people, but if you are not a good person you don't want to challenge a Gemini, once we've bitten into something we're like pitbulls and won't give up until we make sure that that person is aware they we know they are not good people and we are not afraid to speak our minds, so before you ask a Gemini for advise, make sure you really want to know the truth cause that is what you're gonna get.

    I do live in my own head a lot and that can sometimes be hard. I deal with OCD on a daily basis and it absolutely drives me crazy. Not the type of OCD where you wash your hands a million times a day, but, a type of OCD that wants everything in it's perfect place. I had a twenty six year career in the healthcare field and my OCD served me very well in that career, consequently, I alway's rose to the very highest level I could in any job I took. I am proud of that. Well, that's me.

  • I am a Gemini through and through on my charts I am almost all Gemini we love anything and anyone new and interesting,

    Can get bored very quickly though. May not follow through with things because it can capture our interest and then something better will come along. The challenge for a Gemini is to focus and complete something before moving to the next thing.

    Alothough we can juggle many things at once I know I drive some people crazy and make them tired just talking about all the things I love to do.

    We love to pass on information to others. Communication is what we are, I write and talk, coach, train others, love fitness, do financial planning, natural health, travel, sales. We love people but also need time alone to recharge and also to delve into the information we love to share.

    We care about others and I have been told if there is a friend in need I am a friend indeed.

  • You are so right on with all that I am Gemini and very much like that.

    We are very loyal to the ones we love. Most Geminis stay young and are quick witted and know a lot of information on a lot of subjects and are not afraid to learn new things.

    I think that is why most women hate us and can be very jealous and attempt to hurt us especially Scorpio and Aires women, they will attack and try to destroy a Gemini. I know that for a fact. Believe me I ahve been attacked by jealous women, in fact a young girl became jealous of a relationship I had with a man she was interested in even if she was much younger and attempted through slandering and harassment to destroy me and my daughters.

    I was naive and trusted people, not anymore though, I especially dont trust young girls or women. Be careful who you trust.

  • Yes, I've encountered jealousy amongst women....there are certain women I trust or don't feel threatened by and I have a radar to detect those who I am wary of !! I find that as a gemini I have only had one or two close girl friends but loads of social friends! Maybe the jealousy can stem from the fact that we are social chatty creatures who can flirt and turn on the charm ....

  • I will try to break it down to you all, Gemini and non-Gemini alike, what it means to be a Gemini. I am so glad to find a real forum that will enable me to express myself among kindred spirits. Everyone should be aware that my observations/conclusions are based upon my personal experiences and due to the complex nature of human beings, should not be taken as the ultimate truth. For the truth when told can often be seen as a lie, depending on when and how it is told.

  • Im a retired woman from a job and a family all out on their own.... Being a Gemini born on June 18th My life in the working world for 25 yrs.. I realized I get along much better with men. Women have been very jealous and nasty over the yrs. I always tried to be a happy person and my happy attitude did not go over well at work with negative women. I learned to become a loner and only be around happy people and then I could talk forever. I love going back into the past and remembering everything.. Sometimes my good memory would be a curse to others.. Geminis are very independent which is very hard on relationships. We love to get good advise from others but dont try to rule our lives. I noticed in retirement that being alone now I spend so much time daydreaming .and reading books. I like being with people and talking but seem to find women getting jealous for no reason. I guess my trying to have an up attitude they hate . I have horrible sad life tales as well but when with someone I want to forget my troubles. The women I know want to see me down and sad but that is private for me and I wont show that side to others...Im a good listener and cheerful to others. but I wont get too close to anyone anymore. I wont devulge my private life to them and thats what they want to hear...So im pretty much a loner in my retirement yrs. and have no problems with it.. Have lots of acquaintances to make happy for a short time but no one close anymore.

  • I think that the sun in Gemini people have a split personality. Yes they are open minded, but there is a duality or shifting nature associated with them. This is not to say they aren't good people because most of them certainly are, but there often are two sides to these people, making them a bit 'mercurial'.

  • I knew a moon in gemini person, who was a bit unstable emotionally. Mentally a very acute person, but I couldn't really count on things he said to me... would just tell me that he was going through a sort of 'shift' and never explained what that meant.

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