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  • Hey fellow Twins out there....also with Leo place so ex was a Gemini and both of my children....eek there were really eight people in my house. The son was born on his dad's B-day....and the daughter born the day after me (mom). Whew,,,,it was a complicated 20 plus years....I flew the coop when the kids were grown....too much drama. My girl is ssoooo much like me, indecisive and fun, we are great friends and share many things in common. My son is just like his dad, Gemini men suck. Of course no males need a twin , right ladies !!

  • Finally a place where I have others like myself!! lol.. I was born May 21st which also makes me part Taurus. But mostly the twins are active. I have been in a relationship with a Scorpio male and after 15 years I am sick of it. Yes it may be mysterious and thats because they are secretive. They are also liars too and once you betray the trust of a Gemini its hard to get it back ever.. and that the problem my husband and I are having now and frankly I am bored with him and the BS and its time for us twins and bull to move on. Yes it is fun and exciting in the beginning but I dont think its meant to last between the Scorpio and the Gemini. The relationship will have its ups and downs but there will never be total peace for long because both are strong willed. Is there anyone else now who is going through relationship issues at this time?

  • Hello Geminis! I am invading your turf to say hello, and to comment on this obviously common attraction between Scorpios and Geminis! I am a Scorpian woman, with Gemini rising and a moon in Libra, and my Gemini man is Sag rising (Oh boy!), and a moon in Virgo. Needless to say, he is quite the nut to crack! We are so drawn to each other, and have a deep emotional (and physical-very steamy!) connection, but he is quite indecisive right now. He's been hurt in the past, and is having a tough time getting past it. He is also not sure where he wants to take his life right now. He is a good man though, so I feel it's worth giving him some time to figure things out. Not too long though! Time is too precious. So he is sort of on the sidelines right now trying to sort it all out. Hopefully he will not choose to remain the perpetual bachelor Gems/Sags tend to be! I have a little boy, and he needs a good man in his life. (My husband died suddenly last year, and we are both going through the grieving process still.)

    I must comment also that not all Scorpios are secretive. My rising sign and moon sign have a major influence on me. I am very open really, and very talkative. I do not tolerate deception, and have a very strong aversion to hypocrisy of any kind. If I am deceived in any way, it's goodbye for good really. Maybe Scorpio men are different. Well aren't they all?! I laughed at the comment that Gemini men suck! I can see where you would say that dealing with one myself. I have 3 Gem females in my family, and we all get along great! It's always the men that make us crazy...

    Thanks for your posts Gems! I would love any tips I can get from you regarding my Gem man!

  • Yes, I feel that I am all of those things and more. My husband, who is a Cancer, has had a challenge learning to live with me. I change personalities all day. He leaves for work in the morning, and I may be introspective and quiet, but he comes home to an entirely different woman.

    I can feel my self change and sometimes it takes only an moment to switch. It even surprises me at times.

    I might enter a room to take a class and be very quiet during the first part of the class. But sometimes, when I ask a question outload during the class, I feel myself switch into Chatty Cathy.

  • Hi melinie,

    Gemini women are quite different from Gemini men. I have 2 Gem sisters, and my mom too, and we get along just fine. I feel that although you have dual personalities (who doesn't?), you are much more consistent than Gem men. Most men are hard to figure out, but my Gem is making me crazy. He doesn't know what he wants, and is afraid to open up to me. We Scorps require that though, to make the emotional connection we so crave. With my rising and moon signs influencing me, I am much more open than most Scorps. You must open up to me though, or I will not tolerate it. And if you deceive me or hurt me, it is hard for me to forgive. I know, intense and complex...

  • LOL - to the Chatty Cathy - guess what one of nick names is>>>

    Well Scorpio men being secretive and liars, it must have been a scorpio man I encountered!

    Bold face liar, even publishes lies, lives his live a complete lie to and will destroy harass and stalk you till you are destroyed to prove he is not lying. LOL he is the biggest meanest b....... i have enver ever encountered and he hooked uo with a scorpio little witch too. same thing stlak kill destroy that has been my encounters with scorpios

  • im a gemini and all those words describe me pretty good.

  • Yes Gemini's definitely like to talk & have friends who are also talkative, witty & fun to be around!

    My daughter is also a Gemini & of course we have some different personality traits. She has

    many friends & between emails & texting & Myface, she has many chances to use this as a way

    to express herself. I use my computer to communicate w friends & relatives who live far away.

    The truly seem to enjoy my messages, pictures & musings about my family. The need to

    communicate is very strong & I feel Gemini's really like sharing ideas & using humor is a great

    way to satisfy this need. To see the other persons reaction is always interesting to me. If a

    person can't laugh I usually look at this as a challenge & try harder to make them lighten up.

    Most of the time I am successful. It's fun being a Gemini for many reasons!!

  • A sun in pisces, moon in taurus and rising in gemini makes me behave like a gemini too most of the times. Infact its tough being what i am with two 'dual signs' ruling my natal chart at the same time,Lol! I am not supposed to be chatty being a piscean...but the twins do show up and I end up talking like there's no tommorow 🙂 And I tried being true to my piscean self by being an introvert for past coupla years. Needless to say, life WAS'NT much fun. But as I switched onto my gemini personality, I found more and more people getting drawn to myself and I now attract so many strangers...yes, they do open up to me 🙂 and they tell me there's something very positive about my persona that draws them to me. Well, I can happily conclude saying I am happier with gemini in me showing up every now and then when dealing with people..Its as if I can switch on and off on people!!

  • I have a gemini moon, although I do not know much about these guys personalities I know that I do seem to have a split personality. I am quiet, non talkative for the most part (thats due to my taurus side) but then BOOM! I am the life of the party and will chat up a storm. That's the biggest thing, I am really quiet in general but deep down have this pining desire to talk to people. And it's usually I have to find the right person to talk to. I guess that makes it why I am attracted to gemini's :P. I usually attract gems, cancers, taurus's and pisces the most.

  • I asked for feedback 2 months ago. If anyone can help with some good advice, it would be much appreciated. THANK YOU in advance for any insights!

  • No you are not alone. Most of my friends as aassociate are Gemini. I at one time dated a Gemini. Very confused sometimes. But,to catch them on a good day they can be very charming and very sweet. I nave been in love with this Gemini for years and is still getting to know him, I am a Aqua. We are always off and on even with our friendship.I just think that he is afraid because of his pasted relationship. He still has not relized that I am God sent. I am so true to this guy. I do believe when he reconize this it will be to late. I know that I will alwys love this guy. He is much older then I am. I have never had a problem with this. This Gemini just turns me on. I think he allows this to get in the way. There is a 14 year age diference. But, hell who cares. Will alwyslove this guy. Really love this guy. There has been this Aqua trying to show an interest.

  • I am a lovely gemini part cancer my birthday is june 21st so i am gemini in some books and cancer in others. I have been dating a scorpio for almost two years now and we are expecting our first child. However some things about his personality are revealing themselves more and more that i can't stand. He does stuff without thinking about the consequences and I have to say I think things through for the most part when it comes to peoples feelings. I agree with both signs being strong willed because once i set my mind on something that's it for me. Same thing for scorpio but they have ways of getting upset when you don't agree with them that burns me up inside. So thank you so much on the insight about scorpios and geminis i don't feel alone in the world. thanks again

  • Why are Gemini men so hot?? I have to say, they are some of the most attractive men I've ever seen.

  • gemini063 what page was your post on where you were looking for advice?

  • squabull, what can i say! lol

  • Please help this aquarian...I'm in love with a gemini i've known for 22 years. We have always had a strong bond 2 eachother,very flirtatious realationship...We never have done anything 2 gether until about 3 months ago. Lets go back 2 a year in a half ago when we went 2 a bar together n some friends including my not so faithful aries husband. While my husband was playin pool with my cuz my gemini was filling my ear with lots of sweet nothings. Some how we ended up out front ,full heated kissing insude...Oh God!! There it all begins

    For a year in a half we have been flirting through texts n phone calls n one day 3 months ago my husband was out of town n upset me very bad n I made the call 2 my gemini .

    You now how you think of how something will be for so long and when it happens it's never quite what you think...well it was and more. He has me under his spell n I can't get free.

    after all was said in done he told me he would like to do this once a week in witch i laughed and said ya maybe once a month...Well afew weeks went buy and a few texts went buy n then all of a sudden he says to me to close to home,And that he did not feel comfortable seein me anymore...WTF He himself is a forever single...n i guess thats how he likes it.

    He also tells me he hates to text. whats up with that I thought geminis are all about that...

    I know he loves me cause no matter how hard he tries to cut me off he cant find it in his heart to do so!! Why all of the sudden would he change his mind. He also told me he should have never done it in the first place because he does not want drama and i'm married......Well why the f*c# did it not bother him the night we all went out n why did it not bother him the night 3 months ago why now...???

    I ask him n he says he's in a bubble and no-one can get in atleast not for now!!

    Well so now when I text him, because we all know aquarians will do what-ev they want!! N gemini love them 4 this...I call him bubble boy

  • You Go Girl. I have BEEN SEEING MY Gemini friend for a while off and on. We have a very good relationship. But, the don't committ.

  • sounds like he is coming to his senses even though he doesnt want it to end. he made a mistake but realized it was wrong too late. he should have known better up front but maybe he has learned now and wont repeat these type of actions in the future. it seams being a gemini is a constant battle of the mind . its like good and evil fighting it out on a daily basis.

  • Earthwindandfire, you hit the nail on the head. But, you can't help but love those deliciate beings. It's just a battle with theselves that why they need that time for themselves.

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