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  • I think that most people read us wrong because we are so very intelligent that having so many thoughts and and opinions on any given topic can be downright exhausting for some people.

  • Jaid35, I completely agree with you and I don't know about you but I have met some really different kind of men in my life and all those different personalities and experiences due affect how and when I let a man get next to me.

  • I've run across a gemini description that gemini men can fall in love but they feel dumb with the one they truly love. So, what happens to those feelings? Would the gem eventually ind a way to express himself? Or does it buried forever?

  • You could not have said it better!!!! I have many acquaintances but VERY few close friends. I usually can sense or feel someone out when I meet them or talk to to them for a bit. For me, it is either they have it or they do not.. I have read alot about Gemini's and sometimes I question it b/c while I can be gregarious, I am also very picky about who I choose as my friends. So in reality, I do not have alot of friends. I can be a loner sometimes b/c of the energy it takes to absorb so many people is tremendous. I am very honest and I can also put myself in everyone's situation and understand their point of view. So as you said, we do come off as superficial or two-faced, but that isn't the case at all. That is why I choose to have very few close friends. If I wanted, I could be friends with anyone and everyone b/c I can adapt to their personalities and mirror them so to speak. That isn't being two-faced. It is simply being able to understand their point of view and that we are all human, and we all have different qualities, personalities, characteristics, etc. etc. But I do have my dislikes and will definately keep my distance if someone is "not right in the heart." So with all of this said, it is impossible to have many close friends b/c at some point, there will be a fall-out of misunderstandings and I will most definately be stuck right in the middle of the drama. I really wished that we Geminians would quit being labeled as superficial or shallow. This is definately an error in judgement.

  • GeminiX 1000.....

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I was born June 7 and I too can become quite exhausted b/c of too much "thinking." I am not telling you that I have it all figured out, but you have to accept that you cannot be everywhere at once. You cannot do 1 million things in one day. It is impossible. I can tell you are just trying to figure yourself out by all this thinking you are doing. The best thing you can do for yourself is to KNOW and ACCEPT that you were not made to follow schedules, even your own. Live your life day by day, hour by hour. Don't consume yourself with what you THINK you should be doing. Just do what you feel like doing at any given moment b/c it is out of our control. That is the problem with all this thinking. As Gemini's, we cannot control what we will be doing in the next hour or tomorrow or next week. That is why it is important to choose your friends wisely. Choose intelligent friends who have the depth to understand your complexity and the unintentional confusion it may cause. It is important however, to keep your word. All that takes is common sense. Do not plan too many things at once. If you do not want to do something but you said you would, that is where the exception to the rule comes along. Do what you say when it involves the well-being of others. This will build your credibility and also where you will find true friends. Live simply, don't overbook, and just go with the flow. Too much thinking can literally make you go insane. By doing all of this thinking, you are not solving anything but only creating more questions. There may always be answers to questions, but those answers will always create more questions. STOP thinking and just live.

  • Geminitoafault: You just described me EXACTLY! I WAS FLOORED WHEN I READ YOUR POST.

    I have always felt different from everyone else. I also have said "I just don't fit in." So I just remain quiet and observe and if I "feel intuitively" that someone is intelligent enough, I just might try to explain to them how I am. Otherwise, words are just a big waste of time for me.

    AMEN to your post.

  • you explained it pretty good gem32

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  • libra gemini rising has to be amazing ! lol besides too many projects at a time and too many interest, my worst fault i think is not wanting to hurt anyone, so i stifle my wants and needs and end up suffering... i think being empathic makes this way- worse, cause i feel the emotions of others. also its like i have a duel personality. one is okay with the life i have and the other wants

    something totally different. its always a battle !

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  • news , ive got the fire of leo rising im not sure how that plays in and the earth of capricorn moon to ground me. if it wasnt for the cap moon , i would be a mess.

  • Try Gemini Sun and Moon in Scorpio! That is the definition of insanity!

  • I'm like most on here; I can get along with few women. Men are less drama--most of the time. My b-day is 22 May and I think I have the luxury of being a Gemini with remnants of Taurus--love that! Lot's of men are attracted to me and say I'm super sexy! I don't see it but I've been told that all of my adult life. Even at the job I talk to the men more than the women and they hate on me big time. One girl (Aries) loves attention from men and women alike and she HATEs it that I don't give it to her! I would tell her I like the way she dresses but I don't like her because she's snooty and fake--really full of herself. I'm just wondering why it matters to her so much why I don't have much to say to her? I've been told by others that she wonders what my problem is. LOL! If she ever asks me directly you can be sure she'll get told exactly what I think. That's how we Gemini are very honest and sometime tactless---just being real.

    The females I do get along with are Virgo, Libra, and Leo. I'd say Aquarious too but they get weird sometimes! LOL! I like this Virgo male but he's too wishy washy and slow about things. I like a man who "tries" to run me. Notice I say try. LOL! I like them aggressive as I'm very sassy. This Virgo is fun sometimes but doesn't "get" me alot. Alot of things I say go over his head. SIGH Maybe he should read up on Gemini and learn that you have to "try" to be 2 steps ahead and not get lost in the process! LOL! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • My best girlpal is a Gem. My man, and the love of my life is one as well. I am a Leo sun, Leo moon and Aries rising....I have always gotten along really well with Gems, don't give you lies, or tell you what you want to hear, I love that. Their honesty is something I can count on, and being a very trustworthy person, we get along swimmingly. I am lucky πŸ™‚

  • Gen4ever, LOL y do u dsay that Aqu are weird. I am a Aqua and I get along with mostly Gem. One of my best friend was Gemini. I don't know what it is but I just click w/Gem's, and I love them. I also work w Aqua's and some of the things that they say are Like, REALLY.... Don't understand their logic at times. Like WHAT....

  • Worthy, Aqua people are eccentric is what I should have said. It's probably what makes them so endearing to me. I was married to an Aquarious and he was too busy trying to save the world instead of paying attention to his marriage! I liked that about him but he carried it a tad too far. I need to feel as if I'm #1 but that doesn't mean smother me yanno what I mean? LOL! I get along with female Aqu as well but as I said sometime they are a bit odd. They like me for my bluntness and honesty--I liike that about them. They aren't phony people--most of them. We Gemini abhor phony people and those who lie for stupid reasons. If Gem people are caught in something we 'fess up, no problem. But for the mos part we try to be on the up and up in the first place. I do have to admit I do like juicy gossip but if I said something and someone found out I have NO problem saying, "yes I said it, and?" LOL!

    Worthy you probably don't understand Gem logic because we see both sides of a situation--sometimes to our own detriment. We can't help it. We want to be fair so we look at both sides of a situation and sometimes both sides have valid points! LOL! It's fun to be a Gem but complicated at the same time. What folks see as wishy-washy isn't that at all. There are two of us contradicting one another at times...ah such is life. But a fascinating one...LOL! I love being a Gemini!

  • I love Gem's also. Trust me I do understand Gemini's, I deal with one every day of my life. I also think that Gem and Aqua has a lot in common πŸ™‚ It's tiresome dealing with 2 personalities sometimes, but u have to love 2 put up with them πŸ™‚

  • LOL Worthy! Yes I think to myself sometimes, "would I deal with a person like me?" LOL! I admit sometimes I can be a handful but believe me it is not intentional! You either love us or hate us! Not that we'd care, we're too busy moving on to the next interesting person or thing. But since you love Gems you already know that!

  • I've recently come to the conclusion that our duality is not as 'evil' as people like to manifests in many forms and can vary from person to person. In myself, probably because my major planets are in Water/Earth signs, I find myself torn between two sides: One is the logical, light, fun, flighty, versatile, expressive and highly intellectual Gemini, the other is the more emotional, feeling, shy/reserved, sensual Scorpio/Cancer. My Sun is obviously in Gemini, ascendant is Taurus, Moon is in Scorpio, Venus in Cancer (same chart as Morrissey if you know him!), Mars in Capricorn and Mercury in Gemini (which explains why I'm very talkative still!)

    Our duality is usually reflected in the fact that we can be objective, even if the matter concerns us, we have an amazing ability to detach and see things from bird's eye view, so we can really see both sides to a story. I find that Geminis are genuinely honest, we really don't sugar coat things, but we are highly social creatures, so we can work a room, mingle easily, socialize and mix easily. However, we don't let people in easily, and often change friends frequently. We are opportunists, sadly, selfish sometimes and rather self centered, which I really dislike about myself. When I meet with a Gemini friend, it can be hard to compete for air-time, but we're always there for each other, no matter what.

    We like puzzles and really like to figure stuff out, learn. The problem is that we are not persistent, and give up too quickly - this is balanced out by the Tauruan rising for me, which are quite determined creatures.

    I disagree with people and resent them who say that Geminis play mind games, lie, manipulate, scheme or gossip and hurt people...

    We don't play mind games, but definitely like a challenge, and find cryptic signs (think Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) very interesting.

    We don't lie and on the contrary are rather straight forward and direct - however, I do find myself trying to hide the truth, or giving it out in small doses, to sort of soften the blow - this doesn't essentially apply to everyone.

    We don't intend to hurt others and are not vindictive, in fact, we like to please others and just be pleasant (which apparently is annoying to Earth and Water signs, who see this as fake). We just are socially diplomatic, and won't fight someone if it's not worth it.

    We definitely don't scheme, or at least not in a bad way, but yes, we do take our time to plan social interactions and maneuver our way to get what we want. But usually they aren't bad things...I feel.

    I don't know...of course this all could be is just based on my observation of others and introspection...

  • VofC

    I agree with you; people have us Gemini's all wrong. I especially agree when you said we might hold a little of the truth back to soften the blow--because some people just can't handle the unvarnish truth. Me, I don't mind people giving it to me straight--even if it is about myself because it causes me to think. If I need to change something about myself that someone pointed out, I do. If I don't think there's anything to change I don't. One thing about me is I don't particularly care what folks think of me--the either like me as I am or they don't...I move on. I'm a cusp born May 22 so I think I have the best of both worlds being a somewhat grounded earth sign and the air sign. Most folks don't believe in cusps but I do find I have a lot of Taurean characteristics. Might be the other elements in my charts as well. I have Virgo and Taurus in my chart.

    Good comments VofC--thanks!

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