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  • try doing what u really want..2 do instead of what u think others want u 2 do..

  • i wish he would let me listen to what he has to say ..i would listen but he does not want to tlk to me..i love him and he loves me to but he wont express that..he loves the game and at the end of the day i love it toooooo so i allow him to play and i play at the end of the day KNOWING HE LOVES ME allows me to live in peace and KNOWING he KNOW i love him is enough..i do love him and to love a gemini show true love because in order to love them u have to truly love cause they would give u a million reasons not to love them the games r just a cover up and u have to be able to realize it, give them their space, listen and i would IF he let me..xoxo ..i am a gemini woman in my moon and i fucked up now that i look at it but im a Scorpio and i cant hel it..he deserved everything he got and i could have made it worst if i had wanted to ..but I THINK he got me now..DO NOT FUCKING PLAY WITH ME..if i love u ..ALLOW ME TO ...and if not ,,STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME ..I WILL love u FROM AFAR IF NEEDED .I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS....I have TRAINED myself for this MISSION..and a MISSION IT IS..AND I HAVE PROVED TO myself that i can do it..I NEVER fail..xoxo shali

  • Hi "Sexysecretscorpio" your comment there made me think, i found it very interesting But how can you keep loving somone that keep pushing you away or keep challenging your love for them and the love you have for yourself???

    It seem the more they test you how much you love them the more you are losing the respect for yourself

    the more you try to love them and try to show that love to them the more you are getting far from what you wanted from them in first place and that thing was to actually show them love and feel loved back

    if you could help me to understand that part i be greatful, thanks

  • I agree with your comment and I will add that if we are betrayed we will end a relationship lickety split...and then move on like we never knew you.

  • Hey.... I'm a gemini... the typical gemini types... People who know me well call me a study in paradoxes..... I can be the most attentive person u have ever met... nodding at all the right times.... saying the right things too.... but i can be absent minded the very next minute... i can be very loving and caring and the very next minute change my mood to become unreasonable and contrary.... thats just me..... i'm just saying we can be a lot of things if u have the patience to unravel the mystery that we usually are

  • Omg im the same way!!! what i also noticed is since gemini people are twins right i always take that as we have two personalities i canrelate to my friends but thats the only way where alike. I also have a friend whos a gemini thats also very different but we are more alike then my friends becasue we go against everything people would think were into. Like she blond and really tall, dutch and wears cloths that are mellow and sort of plain but shes an artiest that likes a lot of intense art and shes into music from the Beatles and the Yeah yeah yeahs (idk if u would know them) and Im from spain and dress really girly and is into things like hellokitty and makeup and stuff but i also listen to alternative punk music and sometimes even rap and so i guess thats sort of how we can relate to each other so well. We area like cause we both have 2 personalities?? idk if any one else felt that way but i can understand where ur coming from when u say we are like a mystery.

  • Hello "Gemini's" i need help from a gemini man, can someone help me understand one situation i have right now in my life please? thanks

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  • I am 1 of 5 Gemini's in my family and we are all very different. My Sun sign is in Scorpio, so I have a tendency to be more secretive, less verbal and more cerebral. One thing that I can say the 5 of us share is, the distain in owing anyone anything. I can only speak for myself when I say that I need to feel a sense of personal freedom in order to stay put (camping, spontaneous picnic in the park, or just a walk around the block). Creative freedom also applies.

    All 5 of us love four legged creatures. I can't walk through a neighborhood without talking to all of the cats and dogs who decide to follow me. And given the right circumstance, I think that Gemini's make great parents. Some call me selfish because I didn't want to take that journey. The truth is, that early life lessons left some permanent scars. However, I am an optimist and a spiritualist. I'm more sensitive than I let on to be and I've learned to let others make their own mistakes ... No, I told you so!

    The last thing that I will say is this, "find out what planets govern your Gemini and then listen to the story of how that person was raised (nature/nurture)." One characteristic that will show up in all Gemini's is one of originality.

  • Woot for Geminis!!!! i am a gemini =]] June 16th 1991!!!! my sun and mercury is in gemini so i act and think like a gemini haha!! I am excited about everything and interested in everything and random as all hell and moody (but this is probably because of my dual personality..and maybe sometimes my "time" of the month, haha) and crazy lol... alot of my friends always say "wow..I never thought anyone would ever ask me that!" I do tend to drive my fiance crazy too lol he is a virgo sense gemini's take NOTHING seriously .. and virgos tend to take EVERYTHING seriously .. this may be the reason why lol.. but i love him to death!! so so sweet!! thats what I love about virgos!! I literally live around wayyyyy to many virgos haha!! my mom, older brother, fiance, some friends, all virgos!! but my bestest friends are libra and taurus.. I saw that someone in a post said that gemini's get along with aries and leos... the leos is deff true!! love them!! my moon and 4 other planets are in leo haha!! so im pretty flamboyant too as you can imagine with outrageous leo in me!! but the aries thing ...meh lol .. i tend to get along with anyone because i can adapt to that person and how they are feeling (many people who are not gemini's can not even begin to imagine how adaptable a gemini is!!) but the aries i meet are never intellectual enough to keep me occupied .. they do not think before they act a lot of the time .. and this deff irritates gemini .. sense gemini's try to look at everything from EVERY perspective possible before they do something.. even though (as i said before) one of my besties is a taurus.. her moon is in aries.. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!! lol and to all the women who are talking about the female friend thing -- (not counting other friends ..because I dont let them know me quite as well, since i dont think they could handle me) i have 3 bestfriends total (may seem like a few but these are the people i saw as loyalties that i could let in and be my friend for life!! ) the libra and taurus are girls LOVE THEM!! and another taurus is a guy -- these people intellectually stimulate me completely, and they have my best interest at heart, as i do them ..thats what makes good friends .. not their gender .. the other females in this forum have met too many jealous women (i have met them too and have been hurt) those women hate us because we are good at everything (jack of all trades) haha!!!! but i love you gemini ladies!! i bet we would all be awesome friends in real life!! so much in common!! i know we gemini female and males alike think we know everything but ..most the time.. i think we actually do hahah!!! my fiance has a gemini moon (so that supports my sun in gemini) but its hard for me to see it in him sometimes .. he doesnt like to talk as much as me lol ..but no one does except for other gemini sun signs im assuming lol... oh geez im sorry to go on and on .. but i cant help it it seems ... i literally laugh at everything haha!!! i am optimistic and CRAVE CONVERSATION .. but not just any (even though that may suffice for a time) overall i need INTELLECTUAL conversation and i am very sad when i feel like talking and there is no one around to converse with =( ..but other times i am perfectly content with being alone and "living in my head" ..another post i saw said that he would drive home and like zone out and have no idea how he got home haha!!!! so completely true!! i do this all the time!! i am going to college right now to become a writer and poet 😃 creativity is my most treasured trait!! if anyone, man or woman, wants to know the way to a gemini's heart .. then stay up all night talking to them!!! and give them plenty of crazy topics for them to feed on and they will always come back for more!!! it really is simply that ..we just love to talk one on one with the people we love!!! and depth is key .. gemini's get bored.. REALLLLY EASY haha!! you have to be light hearted and laugh at everything with us 🙂 and we absolutely admire wit .. because we enjoy witty banter so much!! hope i helped someone who is courting a gemini haha!! I think i intimidate people with how honest i am, i just dont believe in beating around the bush when you can just blow up the bush instead and be down with it haha!!! i am a perfectionist..which sucks since im a writer .. takes forever to write anything!! my mom has been studying astrology for over 20 years and has taught me a lot about it 🙂 she has a gemini ascendant and you can totally tell!! haha!! I also believe in God as many of these other posts are mentioning ..but i believe everyone has their own path to God .. so i do NOT label myself a christian because today the definition of christian has changed into something that is not accepting and loving of everyone anymore..they want to exclude everyone .. I believe all the religions connect together...real spirituality is key to a full life .. i believe God is a love incarnate.. ..................ummm I forgot what i was talking about .......oh yeah!! Geminis<3


    P.S. I really love chinese food!!!!! you guys!!!!! mmm calamari!!!! and i want to learn japanese!!! but that prob wont ever happen since I never finish anything!!!! but maybe I will someday ;D Love to all!!!

  • Hello myviewpoint !!! I am a fellow gemini writer and i am happy to say that I discovered it as my creative and energy outlet early on 🙂 in whatever you do (whether it be publish self or through an agent) you should absolutely publish!! you will feel on top of the world!! I only have one poem published(only because of a contest i entered) and I am still trying!!! Writing is so much fun!! we get to be real geminis and live out our crazyiness through made up characters instead of annoying our friends with all our ideas waiting to scatter and smother people!! so they get a break and we get to live out a fantastical career =]]

  • I hope not, we geminis are nice people !

  • I am a double gemini,my moon and sun in gemini. I can talk longer and more than most people. I change my mind alot ; it is frustrating. I also am a photographer and write alot of journals. I like to communicate.

  • Gemini are very intersting people to me and I just love them. I am with a Gemini and he keeps me on my toes and always having an interesting conversations, very up lifting. They are known to be communicaters and very intelligent.

  • i am a gemini and get on great with gemini boys all the time but only get on with the girls depending on my mood ha x

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  • Yes, Gemini's are very moody. I;ve learned how to deal with them. On the other hand very sweet.

  • what do Gemini men act like when they are in love? <<- I'm just wondering. I've had a VERY rocky year with a Gemini man who CLAIMED to have loved me but there has been a lot of s*hit to hit the fan lately...I'm a scorp

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