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  • You have spoken about Gemini's true self lol IU was just laughing so hard go forth my goddess and spread the joy.Peace Out

  • @ Dalia..I am a gemini, and yes sometimes our words do not match our actions. I t is because our minds can think a million things and we say what ever comes first without thinking if we can actually pull it off. However, We will try with everything we have to live up to it. We are not quitters , we may put something on hold for a little while(if its too boring or it gets overwhelming) but we always keep it in mind and go back to finish. I hope that helps you a little. Have a happy 4th of July!!

  • I can see why ppl say that Gemini's are so fickle minded. If they get to boring or to overwhelming they pretty much choke up. Well dang...... When will they ever learn how to deal with their feelings. What are the afraid of. I am alwys asking this question.

  • worthy1248 if a gemini does not share their feelings with you it because they don't trust that you can handle it.. Also because we are twins, we have the ability to resolve our feelings ourselves and by the time you will hear about it, we have already moved past it.

  • I am new to this forum, and I must say I am glad I decided to follow the link. I am a Gemini, if I didn't know it before..I certainly know it now after reading many of the posts. OK, I did know it before. I knew I had all the traits..curious, open minded, talkative, able to read people, and the hardest for me is the ability to feel emotions of other's so strongly. I guess that's why we are so optimistic, we have to be! What I didn't know and found most comforting, is that many of us have a tendency to keep people at arm's length. I too, am very outgoing, at the same time I am a very private person. Like other's have mentioned, people think they know you, but they only see a few sides of you. I will allow only a very few select people in, and that mainly consists of family members. I wasn't always this way, when I was younger I was just the opposite. I should mention I am 51, married to a Leo, and have two grown sons. For many years I thought I could only handle so much, and seeing I was always the go to person, the decision maker, I felt I needed my time alone, hence keeping other's at a comfortable distance. Seeing things have settled down a bit, I found myself puzzled as to why I still did this with people. I do get along with other women, although, I find men to be much more up front and I am more comfortable with that.. I like an open, honest person, who isn't afraid to lay their cards on the table. I am struggling with this, on one hand there are times I feel lonely, on the other hand, I like my privacy and don't want people calling me up to do this or that. Unfortunately, our ability to amuse and entertain ourselves, comes all too easy..not that I'm complaining about that! Also, like Geminirules said..we can resolve our own feelings. Thanks for helping me to see I am not alone when it comes to people. Yes, we do have what appear to be contradictions, I too love people. I have a quick wit, and need other's with the same. I love deep conversations, and debates, but debates freak most people out. I like learning what makes people tick. I am strong willed and at the same time easy going. Still it's best not to piss me off. To the woman that had concerns about having a Gemini daughter, I had to laugh, you will be pleasantly surprised! We aren't bi-polar, are we?

  • My sun and moon are both in Gemini.....from age 22 to 36 I was a financial analyst...more recently I practice Kabbalah and work as a hospice chaplain. I use to talk to anyone, about everything...what ever came to mind I would share it...more recently...I am quiet....shying away from unnecessary conversation. Gemini's can have two personalities...not necessarily at the same time.

  • Like I mentioned before, I am new to this forum. I have never read so much in my life..about other Gemini's. I have to ask, are we really all that complicated? Maybe since I am one, I don't see it? It all makes perfect sense to me, I'm not sure what the other person I am dealing with..wouldn't get. I have to agree we don't give our hearts easily, we have to be damn sure of the person we share our life with. I am married to a Leo and he thinks he knows me better than I know myself, which infuriates me at times.

    Worthy1248, I don't see us as fickle. I have read this before about Gemini's. We do deal with our feelings, probably more so than other people. I totally agree with Geminirules, maybe we don't think you can handle what we have to say. Believe me, we are rarely at a loss for words! But, we do have the abilty to keep them in our heads, until things calm down. We are very much in touch with our feelings, and the feelings of other's. When we are troubled, we look inside ourselves for answers, we make peace within ourselves. It's not like we don't need anyone or don't discuss what we are feeling with other's, other's can and do help lead us on path to healing. But, when someone tells us something we are not magically healed. We know what we need and we know we will find it.


    hahahahaha i laughed at your nickname for him ! "bubble boy " ! Goodness, that really tickled me :))

    i give my gem lots of nicknames too. i give everyone silly nicknames hehe ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Jaid35 you are so right.. when something is wrong we look inward, and go through every scenarios possible to analysis it and solve it, we see the good, the bad and the unbearable to many. And by the time we are done we move on, so most time it is pointless to share it.

  • kabbalahkutie.. I see myself shying from unecessary conversation as well, especially those that feels like been there done that, and able situation i find mean. Gemini crave variety and it is difficult to stay present when your mind is not getting any stimulation from a conversation.

  • So many people in entire world , mister, government ect, meet to exchange and idea

    If you donโ€™t exchange the result of your analysis how cant you be sure your analyse the subject in right way

    But maybe some believe they are God and as God their logical are simply perfect and unchallenged

    Its seem more to me that this kind reaction are more born from fear to be criticise and not be accepted then the โ€œNo want to bother to shareโ€

    Complete no sense

  • GeminiRules, Gemini's are not good at exprssing their feelings that's why they need that space they cannot nor deal with true feelings.and thst's why they play games. Gemini's are known for their game playing and it is sad. Gemini's don't be afraid to fall for someone or to fall in Love.. It's a gift and at the end of the day tha's what it is all about.. It;s a wonderful feeling.

  • Worthy, we are who we are. That includes everything in life we have seen, lived, learned. We have all had different experiences in life. Every person on this earth, no matter what day they were born, are unique individuals. I was born under the sign of Gemini and yes, I do have some of the Gemini traits. Although expressing my feelings is not one of them. I also have to say not all game players are Gemini's. Yeah we screw up, just like everyone else. Maybe we are a little harder to figure out, maybe you see that as game playing, we just want to make sure our choices are right for us.

  • Star2u, I take my time with people and listen, really listen. I have always been like this, it comes naturally. It is part of our curious nature. It also plays into our need to understand people, among other things in life. I am not looking for something to judge, just the opposite, for example: My youngest son has a friend who's mother is very strict, she lays down the law, and after a few days feels bad and goes in the other direction, being overly kind. The mother was seen as not being able to follow through. We would talk every once in a while. During one of our conversations, she told me about her mother, the things she did, how she never said she was sorry, this stuck with the woman. It made me see the why behind her actions. Have you ever heard the phrase "I sound like my mother?' The woman's first reaction ( in her irritated state) was to do what her mother did, realizing she was doing the same as her mother, she would change what she did and do what felt right to her. It gave me a much better understanding of her. There is always a why, if you give people a chance you will learn that why. In doing so, you are not judging, you are understanding. Did I run around town telling everyone what the woman told me? Of course not! But if someone brought it up I would tell them, so they too..could understand. I do not believe I am God, or perfect, perfection can never be obtained. As human beings we all have faults, we all make mistakes. We all have stress in our life, we need time alone to recharge, regroup, get our thoughts together, so we can go on to deal with the next stresser that comes our way. I don't always need to share my personal problems. I need to find a way to deal with my problems. That has nothing to do with being accepted. I think dealing with the issues that come into your life is much more important than sharing or being accepted. At the same time if someone told me they were having a problem with something I had experienced, I would be happy to share what I had learned, in the hopes that it may help them. There is a time and a place for everything, knowing that time and place, is knowing when to share.

  • I am Gemini born on the 11 of June- I am all the things listed in by admin and more- Jack of all trades, master of a few- placed on this planet to cheer people up and make them feel good, I am not well tolerated by others if having a bad day or a grouchy moment-We see both sides of the story which can make it hard to pick a side when needed. We need constant mental stimulation or fall asleep so to speak. Communicators of the first degree, we can bring opposing sides together to settle disputes. We do not care so much about money but we like a nice home and to dress stylishly. We have high standards and this can cause problems when ourselves and others do not live up to them. We must learn to let it go and understand that others cannot multi- task the way we can. We are very loving and wish only the best for humanity. This is me as a Gemini- hope it helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MMh I was thinking about this and in a sense you are right- " Geminis" are not good at expressing our feelings" But in another sense I believe it is that people do not like it when a Gemini is expressing their feelings- not well tolerated- if they come to us to be heard/ cheered up they are not going to come to us to listen to our rants ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband knows that I do need to vent now and then and it really only matters to me that he will be there, be quiet and let me get it out- he does not need to fix anything (unless it is his fault)! We need to be verbal at times and really we can do that in an empty room. the release is the important thing- if I worked on expressing things better it would likely become an epic speech on the scale of Martin Luther King ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • im a retired female Gemini. raised all my kids myself after bad divorce. never married again after 30 yrs on my own.. worked a job and never missed a day if possible.. anyhow being a Gemini I wanted to let you all know that before the Divorce I was separated for three yrs waiting for ex to wake up and come back home from his mid life crisis. Anyhow He finally did give up his womanizing and fun life to come back.. This is what I thought I was waiting for.. Well being a Gemini my memory was exceptional... I could remember every detail of every hurt he ever did to me. My mind would just not stop remembering.. Therefore I had to file for Divorce no such thing as forgive and forget being a Gemini.....

  • Hello" Jaid35" Hello, how are you? Listen i understand perfectly what you wrote and i agree completely with it. I think it's so great when people exchange ideas so you can understand better the way they see things. It's a problem when you are someone and you simply dont know who they are or what is happening. A lot people come on here for example to try to understand someone they love or they really care about

  • Hi"SurvivorGemini", yes i learned this , No forgive and forget, i had to push mine away in very hard way, telling him things i didnt mean so he can go away, knowing that he had a sensitive ego, i knew he wont forgive and forget about the issue

    it was the only way for me to let go and to get some peace from the unbalanced connection we had

    sometimes you need to kick where it hurt, ever you get hurt in the process too

    I m sorry to hear about your divorce through

    i m kind like you if something happen i cant stop thinking about it, my mind wont let it go that easily

    but we all make mistake so learning to Forgive and Forget can maybe sometimes open the door to bigger things then we think

    Forgiveness can be the greatness challenge to learn in this life for some of us

  • ๐Ÿ™‚

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