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  • Born May 22nd in 68, the year of the Monkey. I believe the date also means I'm in the Taurus/Gemini cusp. While I exhibit some of the Gemini traits like being easily bored, jumping from one activity to another before completing anything, intelligent; I find that I can't stand a lot of people and I do not talk very much. I believe the personality traits and actions that make me different from the Gemini norm has more to do with my Rising sign being in Cancer and my Moon being in Aries. Like Cancers, I do not open up very easily and what few friends I do have, I will have them for life. And like Aries, my moods change quickly, I have quite a temper, but it cools quickly. I'm also very independent, and I can be impulsive, careless, and reckless. In relationships I am very affectionate and I tend to show this by being physical rather than "talking" about it. When the physical side of the relationship slows down, I get bored. And like someone pointed out in a different thread, I have on occasion ended relationships for no apparent reason. So there you have it.

  • I'm a Gemini woman (5/26/68). I recently had a discussion with a Picses male friend (3/11/58). He asked me if I knew about some odd topic and I said yes and described what I knew about it. He replied, "You really do know something about alot of different subjects." I laughed and replied, "I'm a jack-of-all trades and a master of none. He started laughing then asked me seriously, "If you could be a master of just one, what would it be?" For the first second, a million thoughts ran through my head simultaneously and then in the next second my mouth was open without my even thinking of what I was saying, "I'd want to be the master of knowledge or information. I'd want all the answers." In that instant I wished I could be the jack-of-all tades and the MASTER OF ALL. I think that's basically how Geminis think. My Mom (Taurus 5/14) and most of my friends say that I have a deep seeded desire to know everything. I have also been accused of being a know-it-all. Nothing is black and white with me or Geminis. We have a unique ability to see the duality in many situations (such as good and evil, right and wrong) so it appears we are wishy washy, flighty, no courage of conviction, playing both sides, hypocrits, and yes, even evil because we give it it's due recognition (we're not evil but VERY loving). You'll know a Gemini likes you if they talk to you. Once a Gemini shuts down on you, the jig is up but usually not forever which gets us hurt and a weakness (but forgiveness is a good one to have). We normally don't hold grudges. We show love through thoughts and words often. We tend not to be action-oriented but think things over to a fault. We are extremely analytical and intelligent. We thirst for knowledge. We are diverse, multi-faceted, multi-tasking, and multi-fill in the blank. We are extreme. We can embrace one end of the spectrum and it's polar opposite. I think this quote from fellow Gemini, Walt Whitman, tells the whole story...."Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. I am large and contain multitudes." That's my motto!!!

  • Hi I think Gemini's are just awesome. Most of my friends and associates are Gem. My sweetie is also a Gemini. I think we get along so well when he's not going thur his moodness. They are so unpreditible and that's one part I am not very fond of. But they are still loveble. They for sure keep you on your toes. They love to play games, so I always so be ready for the bumpy ride. BE READY.....

  • Well, Well, Well..... Aren't we something special!!!!

    I have just spent an hour reading all about me in this forum... its so fantastic to know I'm not so alone as I always thought..... I am a MERE MALE! But hey nobody is perfect! But like most of you ladies I have never had a close friend of my gender either. All my life my closest friends were females, mainly because I found most males to shallow in their thinking.

    Jack of all trades and how? I have actually worked as: electrician, plumber, motor mechanic, biomedical engineering technician, masseur and natural health therapist, + + + + and you know what??? I did master all of them. No not bragging, just truth! I found that with just a little bit of extra attention (I know it can be hard for us,BUT) we can be masters of whatever we choose.

    I have four kids 44- 39, youngest also a GEM, and I get along fine with all of them most of the time. At 67 in June 7 this year, I'm told I look and act more like a 45YO. I was married for 27 years to a cancer/leo girl who I still love very much, and still good friends, but had to leave to regain my health after cardiac surgery at 44. Lived on my own with a few flirting relationships for over eighth years, then fell in love again with a Capricorn!! Wow!!

    I'm still involved with a number of voluntary jobs and do a lot of travelling around OZ!, which is really my passion.

    For what its worth... Love till it hurts, live as if tomorrow is your last day on this beautiful planet, and do something daily to improve someone else's life in any small way you can.

    AND--- Be grateful, then just BE!

  • lilbirdie , thats awesume ! i luv gemini girls !

  • Hello Fellow gems,

    I am really happy I stumble on to this forum.. I am a May gem (5/24), aries moon and gemini ascending.

    I knew a bit about astrology before but started researching the personality aspect after Alanis Morissette spotted me in a crowd while she was sing at one of her meet and greet events and asked me if I was a gemini when I went up to meet her. It was surreal, when I answered yes, we both did the burst of energy laugh, her manager gave both of us a strange look and smiled..After checking out some of her songs she helped me realized that I am not alone, I embrassed my twinhood.--if you want check out ( hand in my pocket (Alanis calls it the gemini song), everything, so unsexy, and out is through).

    Also another co-worker of mine asked me the same with once, after minuites of observing me, he happens to be a gemini as well.

    I love when I meet out geminis I always feel an instant connect and that it is save for me to let my guard down, and it is equally fustrating when people get my personality wrong, sometimes i just smile and move on.

  • Geminis are some of the funnest conversation you will have-and educational. i have a gemini ex, and his life revolves around communication. the only downside was that he uses his communication skills to pull the wool over ppls eyes (mine included, until getting liable proof). but he very well fits the gemini description.

    a very close friend of mine is a gemini, and i love her to death. she is never boring, and a great person. she doesnt speak english as a first language but more of a third. and she is very well at self expression and communication. she goes one way for a while then out of the blue makes a 90% angle.

    what I've noticed about gemini's(or the ones in my life) is they, romantically are drawn to fixed signs.

  • Hi which ones are the fixed signs?

  • Hello worthy1248, I was curious about what the fixed signs are as well, According to google the are Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo.

  • fixed signs:

    leos(fire fixed)

    scorpios(water fixed)

    taurus(earth fixed)

    and auquarius(air fixed).


  • oy all late. cozh'al'ef ob etom...

  • I cannot not picture Gemini's being attractred to Scorpio's. It seem to me that there would be a battle.

  • my favorite gemini likes this ego waving scorpio, shes wanting to not care about him, but i know she still likes him. and yes, there was some conflict!

  • hi to all wonderfull people born in Geminis!I was born on 31.may.I love to be geminis,i enjoy every bit of it.

  • What makes you so happy to be a Gemini? Are you a mess?

  • A question to the fellow gemini here ... don't you just hate it when people see you as a completely different person than you really are or get your intentions completely wrong ??

    I know I do ... and even trying to explain your true intentions will make matters only worse in most cases.

    Oh well, I guess it's our duality that does that 😉

  • i think its like that for everyone. it depends on what you allow them to see in you.

  • Hi gemini's I was born June7th so I am a true gemini and I love it. We have a unique sense of

    people and see things that a lot of people don't (my opinion). I can read a person pretty well and

    I can tell how that person picks up on me. I can see through so much and I believe that is a

    gemini trait. Correct me if I am wrong! I also have people pass by me and just smile and I

    wonder what they are smiling about? Well I believe it is our nature to be friendly and most of

    the time happy go lucky. People strike up conversations with me in stores or where ever I

    go and I don't even know them. Does this happen to a lot of you gemnini's? I am just wondering

    if this is all related to gemini's or not? Any feedback would be appreciated to let me know if

    I am correct or way off base. Many blessings and light!


  • Also, why the heck does my typing always come out like this? What am I doing wrong that it

    doesn't line up like everyone else?

  • Hi theneed2know- I'm June 6th- and yes, random people talk to me. My bf gets so frustrated when we go out bc often, people do talk to me. I think they are just being nice- and what's wrong with that?? I admit, that when I am not in the mood to be social, I tend to wear a hat, glasses and "hide" as much as possible. 🙂 Sometimes, I think it works!

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