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  • Hi Myviewpoint....

    I am not published yet, but I am almost there, haven't decided if I will self publish or use a literary agent. Any thoughts on that would be helpful for me.

    Being a Gemini...How about both....Self Publish and be your own literary agent! 😃 just a thought!

  • Once you go with an agent you sign your rights to do anything on your own with it. They want to make sure they get their share of all the sales. Also, if we do use agents, and the books are good enough, they may be willing to sign us on for future novels...

  • I have also been told that I look younger than my age. There are times when some of my older patients point out certain issues than make a comment oh sweetie your not old enough to know about that subject, then they are surprised to find out that I have a 13 1/2 year old. There are even times when I went to my daughter's jr high school, and the staff looks at me like I'm crazy, even some of her friends thought I was her older sister at times.

    But that is also a characteristic of the GEM's.

    Also as for the May and June Gemini. I met a Gemini male who I have know for a short period of time, but felt like I've know him forever. I believe he may be my mirror half, same age, sign, Chinese zodiac, humor and personality. Where I may be thinking of something and don't have to say it he just gets it. He's the only person that see's through my tough act and point it out to me. It even get to the point where we give that famous GEM lip curl just opposite sides. The only difference between us is that to some people he can seem mean or insensitive very blunt, but I'm more the nice one and sensitive don't like to hurt people feelings. I guess it's because he is close to the Taurus sign and I'm close to Cancer. Go figure my male best friend is a fellow Gemini. I can be me around him and don't feel like I have to be on, and with him its the same. Any body else found their mirror image? If so what sign are they??

  • I am a female gemini and i can honestly say that life is difficult. My feelings are all over the place and i find it hard to cope with as one minute im up and the next im down. I can't stop thinking and it becomes so very tiring both emotionally and it's physically draining, i think even when i think im not thinking. I find it hard making decisions because my mind flips from one decision and outcome to the next. I dont know how i feel most of the time and so i crawl into the depths of my mind to determine the answer which often confuses me more. People think im difficult and complex but what can i do??? I am very sensitive, too sensitive and my perception of others thoughts and feelings is sometimes way too scary for me to handle. I love talking but find it difficult to reveal the true me and maybe thats because i feel there are so many me's and i'm never quite sure which one im going to be from day to day.

    I do however love being so free spirited, i just cant stay still and i dont know the meaning of conventional relaxation. My way of relaxing is actually going on 6 hour walks or 5 mile runs it's the only thing that stops me from thinking. I love the outdoors and nature they bring me inner peace and calm. I dont want to think im going to be like this for the rest of my life as i find it hard to concentrate on any one thing as there is so much traffic within my head. The highs are high and the lows are low, it's all about balance which i just cant seem to find.

  • I have always referred to myself as "jack of all trades". I love being a Gemini. No one can quite figure me out. I don't have very many close friends because I am not very good ao strong ties or commitments. Except work, I am a critical care nurse. The love of my life lives in St. Louis and I, alas am in central Illinois. Treebeard, are you out there?

  • I walk or run every day. Not to mention the 12 hour shifts I work on my feet in a busy ER. I am right with you, I don't understand conventional relaxation. I have not taken a vacation in 18 years.

    My girlfriend and I sum up our existances as "work, sleep, eat, workout". Nice to hear someone else actually will walk 16 or 18 miles just for fun. Must be a Gemini thing.

  • I'm a Gemini and I agree that all of the terms used to describe Gemini's are true, curious, talkative, versatile, bright, perceptive and adaptable.

  • rudygreen, I'm a May gemini the 26th..and hello catsnake. not a critical nurse but a cardiac stepdown it..I enjoy going to work ..go figure..also work 7p-7a and love the night shift....don't like to be around "managment"..I find that throughout the years night nurses learn to depend on one another and I have learned so much because of it..

  • As a fellow gemini who shares many of the same challenges--I related so much to your post about having a boring job and meditating for clarity....really weird. Okay, here's the advice:

    You should definitely go with an agent. You know yourself that you're an artist/writer, and you should leave the business stuff to someone who's better suited to it. That's not to say you can't do it, b/c you're very intelligent and saavy, but if you're like me you'd MUCH prefer that these details get worked out by someone else. The types of things a literary agent will have to deal with will just take the wind out of your sails, and that fresh wind is what makes you such a great writer in the first place. And, since you're probably not motivated by money but still love having it, it just makes sense that you get a literary agent.

    Plus, don't you think that even the process of finding the right literary agent sounds like a fun challenge? Think of all of the great people who you will get to meet and talk to about your book?! And with your great intuition, you'll just KNOW when you've met the right person to represent you. That's how we work. 🙂 Much love and prosperity!! ❤ ~L

  • My response was to Myviewpoint.

  • GOOFYGIRLRN....ahhhhh...May you sing also? That's Stevie Nicks birthday!

    The singing night nurse! hahahahaha....I find gemini's may have a dual career's, dual incomes or two homes, sometimes a winter home in one country and a summer home in another country or two homes in the same country. Is this true with any Gemini's?

  • All of this is why Geminis are some of my very favorite people . They are never boring .

    There are exceptions of course. I was married to one for 31 years. He was definitely the exception to the rule . We seperated because he refused to do anything to help himself.

    He has a heart condition. He had two stints and was told open heart would be next.

    I beg him to take better care of himself and tried to do everything I could to help .

    He just got mean and nasty, didn't want the kids or the grandkids around . In fact he didn't want anyone in the house at all. I asked him to get help , see a doctor and a counsler but he refused.

    I finaly had enough and asked him to move out. He is now getting the help I tried to talk him into getting for the last six years. I'm glad he's taking care of himself now, I just wish I had been worth the effort .

    I am a Libra so the strain of dealing with everything and I do mean everything, the housework, the yard work , the firewood for winter , working,(I did it all ) was making me sick. I quit eating ,lost way to much weight. I was on my way to nervous break down. I knew it was time to take drastic measures when I started thinking how nice it would be to never have to wake up again . Just go to sleep and be done with it. I was exhausted all the time .I need balance and there was none . ending the relationship was the hardest thing I've ever done . I hate giving up on people . I know this is not the typical Gemini . I have Gemini friends who are nothing like that. My grandaughter is a Gemini .

    I have recently started seeing another Gemini . This man also has two sides to him but he is nothing like my ex. My ex was born May 27th 1953 . This one was born June 8 1959 . I'm not sure if that's the difference or not . I probly should have thought twice before seeing another Gemini, but for some reason I'm drawn to them like a moth to a flame. This one is a least only a few months older then me. Oh well, it's all a learning experience that adds to our life lessons.

    I have to believe everything happens for a reason .

  • We geminis are CRAZY people. In the most awesome way possible. So oxymoronic!

    We are nice, but naughty. We are calm, but quick-tempered. Open-minded, but stubborn. Super friendly, but picky. We are honest, with minor embellishments. Messy, but we're perfectionists and yet, not necessarily maticulous, but extremely organized. We are so good at coming up with ideas, but suck at following through with them. However, we will still go out and buy all the materials necessary for starting our projects. We're the life of the party, but love to clam up. We never doubt other people, but we do doubt ourselves. We act like irresponsible kids, but also are super motherly and nurturing to our friends, kids, animals significant others. We expect other people to get us, yet we hardly get ourselves sometimes. We are the smartest, most charming, clever kids out there, but our GPAs suck. We can be so sad at times, but someone else would never know it. We save everything until the last minute, and still come out on top. We make to do lists that say, "make a to-do list," just so we can cross it off, and that will be the only thing that gets done. I love most how excited I get when I do something. I don't think any other star sign is lucky enough to get the satisfaction we get out of every experience!

  • Gemini618,

    Thanks for the gret advise, you are exactly right. Before I decided to become an author, I was a chief financial officer of a large medical group in Los Angeles. Ultimately, I left California for the quiet I would need to write. I am in Nevada now (not Los Vegas) and my life has slowed down considerably, in fact if I ever have to travel back to LA for any reason I have terrible anxiety attacks just from the traffic!!! Anyway back to my point, I am completely able to handle all my negotiations, but why bother, I should focus on my creativity and leave the business to someone else, after all that's why I left CA.

    Thanks again

  • geminix1000000

    When I read your post I felt like it was me talking. Listen when the activity in your head is so crazy that you just can't stand it, STOP, SIT, take a deep breath and just ask for relief (Spiritualy I mean). Beleive me it will help. I have struggled the same way you have, but I would never want to anyone other than a Gemini. We live full productive lives and I am grateful for that trait, it far outweighs the bad qualities.


  • to sing but have been told 2 keep my night as of yet, only one home...but my goal is to have 2, 1 here in Florida and 1 in North Carolina...want to have a cabin on a mountain..wish me luck...

  • "I am a Capricorn girl and have a Gemini husband and a Gemini Neice. She bounces off the walls and does talk her head off. She is alot of fun to be around but does tend to drive me crazy at times. She is always willing to help me out around the house and enjoys the simple things in life. She is a joy to be with. As for my husband, we have been together for over 17 years and still to this day I don't get some of the things he says. I have felt lonliness, hurt, aggravatted and love. It is a trippy thing. He does have a split personality I minute he is fine the next he is mad. I don't get it. I sometimes think I am going crazy. He is very honest with everything I will give him that. I am trying to understand the way his mind thinks and just can't. He has explained to me some of the things you all have posted here and now that I am reading your comments, I can see a little how you all think. I have sometimes thought that he is cheating on me going to the strip bars and such. He tells me he is just friends with these girls and has also told me there are two things he isn't one is a cheater and two is a liar. He likes to stir the pot with me by bringing up going to the bar and having a girlfriend but he says he is just joking. That's when I think I am going crazy. I am very sensitive and I think he picks up on that. I have tried to understand but it really upsets me and I have told him this. Is that being insensitive to my feelings or am I just overly sensitive? Help..... "


    By any sign, he is cheating. You are not sensitive your instincts are spot on. Geminis are just a little bit better at charming the hell out of you while they cheat. Take heart your in love with the Good Twin and the Evil Twin just has to mess that up.

    Been there done that. I was married to a Gemini for two months. Strip clubs the whole nine yards. I listened to my instincts and kicked him out. I found out he was up to worse.

    Any sign can cheat.

  • Goofygirlrn.......That sounds nice....a cabin on a mountain..Sounds like you like a view! If you want it bad enough you'll get it! and if that doesn't work out, you can always have a picture of a mountain in a cabin. 😃

  • Ah libralibrarising...he maybe doing exactly what he says and he is not joking

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