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  • Up until about 2 weeks ago I had always believed that Astrology was dumb. I started getting daily horoscopes from this site and from another site and couldn't believe how much it felt like they knew me and how my mind operates. I decided to google Gemini to see what came up. Everything I've seen or heard of about how Gemini's are, is totally right for me. I'm a fairly young guy (23) and I like to think I'm intelligent. I don't think my friends think I'm as intelligent as I am because I joke around a lot. I think a lot to myself about everything and everything. I noticed on the first page of this thread someone mention that they didn't believe in god in a church sense but felt like god was something within us or something outside of what we call our universe I can tell you I've felt the exact same way. Sometimes I completely lose myself in thought on the drive home and I can't remember how I got home haha. I try to explain the stuff I think about to my fiance (libra) but she just stops paying attention to me lol.

    I was always very competitive, and I have been good at every sport that I've played. I've always felt i'm a great teammate. Not a great leader but I'm always a good asset. I'm the guy that you want to have on your team because I'm going to make the right decisions.

    I definatly try to get involved in too much because I want to try everything. I get bored with it, not necessarily 15 minutes, but within a few days I won't feel the same way about it. I have still excelled at many things, more than any of my friends, and feel like I'm a jack of all trades.

    I like being social but I'd much rather hang out with just one other person and talk. When I am social I am well liked by everyone and I'm not sure I've ever met anyone who outwardly didn't like me. When I chill out with one or two other people we can get into very in-depth conversations. Don't judge me as a bad person because I do this, but I smoke marijuana I don't know if any of you guys do or have done it but I like it because it's the perfect thing to do if you're going to sit around and talk with people. I think that's why I hate getting drunk and going out to bars. Drinking makes you stop thinking and for me 99% of the time the people I go with are off trying to find girls to make out with them etc. I hate going out with people only to have them all leave me alone. If I wanted to be alone I'd stay home.

    I've seen a lot of females saying they make great friends with males and not so much females. I get along better with females. I have good friends that are guys but I prefer to chat with women because they are smarter than most of the guys out there hehe.

    I am loyal to everyone I love and most of the people I like. I'm am completely in love with my Fiance and feel like she's my soulmate. She my favourite person in this entire world along with myself. It's weird because we just get eachother. We can just hang out together and never get sick of eachother. I can always make her laugh and she comes out with some pretty good things to make me laugh too. I like to hide around corners and scare her as she walks by, I get her every single time (i've got silent feet hehe). I definatly keep her on her toes and I think that's what she likes about me.

    I think animals understand me, not so much like that girl that meows to her cats lol. But I can talk to my cats and I think they get the gist of what I'm saying to them. I just treat them as if they were human not like "a dumb cat or dog". I get weirded out when they look me in the eyes though.

    Anyway I'm being a typical gemini and making this long, but I guess you guys are cool with it cause you'd do it to. Thanks for sharing about yourselves. It's nice to hear the commonalities we have

    I'll leave you something to ponder. I was thinking about a book I read "Sojourn" by R.A. Salvatore...awesome series of books btw. In the book the main character Drizzt and his Mentor Montolio were dicussing their gods. Montolio told Drizzt that god is not necessarily a diety but it is that which you feel in your heart. The way you act and what you believe in. If we have such similar feelings in our hearts is our "god" Gemini?

  • Hello Hammydiaz,

    I agree with everything you said here. I am female and never had very many female friends. Even the ones I considered to be close friends are no longer a close part of my life. My best friends are male. Everything you said here is also true with me. I was born May 22,1963.

  • Sorry Hammydiaz, I replyed on the wrong post. One thing everyone can agree on is Gemini's are HONEST!!!! lol We all have a lot of the same feelings. What seems to make us different is our moon and rising being in different zodiacs at the time of our birth. I hope you have a wounderful life.:-)

  • I am a female Gemini in love with a male Gemini. Our sun, moon, and stars are exactly the same. I was born may 22, 1963 he was born June 2, 1959 both with in 30 minutes of the same time of the day. My question is, can two Gemini's exactly the same "mirror image" make a life together? We challenge each other so much, sometimes I think if we stay together we will kill each other. Why are we so hateful to each other? But yet love each other so much we can't stay away. Is anyone out there married to their exact self?

  • Hi Sweethang! This is my first post here! Though I'd respond to your question about relationships working between people who are similar. I think you' got a great chance to make a go of it. My Mom and Dad were both Gemini and they were very happily married until my Dad passed (almost forty years). So, hey, if you guys love each other, sounds like a good match to me. There is probably a whole lot of mutual understanding going on, which I think is one of the most important things for a good marriage or relationship.

  • Response to Purplemaeve: I was a Gemini daughter (my Gemini mother passed away four years ago), and from what I remember of my childhood, my curiousity and need to communicate are what I remember the most. Oh, and also the MAGIC of everything around me. I was very empathetic and also very vulnerable. Always wanted to please my Mother, felt horrible when I didn't. So, even if your daughter (or son) seems like they are too mental to be hurt, don't believe it - its just a defense.

    If you give your Gemini love, and respect - you will have a magical, loving, forever friend.

  • i'm a Gemini and i don't know if its a Gemini thing or just me but

    i'm VERY good at math and science it all just comes naturally

    i can communicate with people that speak diffrent languages without know one word in the language

    so is this a Gemini thing or am i just gifted???

  • my partner and i get along VERY well

    but sometimes i'm worried how long it going to last ...

    do Gemini's and Taurus's get along love wise?????

  • Do Gemini's usually DETEST Scorpio's??? because i try to be-friend them and i ALWAYS end up HATING them

  • Im a gemini, born May 24,1996 XD. Ok, I think I know quite a lot about astrology and horoscope and things in that catagory, for my age, and I would like to point something out. From what I know, gemini get a long best with Leo, Aries, and even better with their polar opposite, Sagittarians. Another little thing i know is that Gemini are attracted to Virgo...or maybe the opposite way around...or both? Im not so sure, but I know it is either one.

    When it comes to what I said about Gemini getting along with Leo and Aries, there is a little thing you should know. For any sign on the Astrology Wheel, any sign, there are two other signs that they best get along with, with a few exceptions which I wish not yet to mention.

    Let's start with Gemini. Look to the right, you see Cancer, then Leo. Look to the left, you see Taurus and then Aries. You can look at any sign in this way. Look to either the left or right, skip the first one, go to the next, and these are the signs that the starting signs get along with pretty well, of course with the little exceptions that I mentioned that I wouldn't mention, earlier. For geminis, it's aries and leos, sagatarius aquarius and scorpio, etc...

    Go figure this stuff can be sooo interesting XD Another thing, geminis are interested in a wide varieties of things....

  • Thank you peasblossom for your input. We are trying to work things out. We know how to push each others buttons and then we know just what to say to get over it. It just seems to be a routine. You know how us Gemini's get bored with routine. Thanks again and have a wounderful day!!!

  • LMAO! I love youre posts.. Its like reading about myself..

    One of my good friends at work call me "spinner" cause my mind and mouth changes subjects at the speed of light..

    Im may 22..when is ure b-day?

  • Some really great Astrology books I thought I'd mention incase interested:

    "Astrology for Beginners" by William W. Hewitt - This I found to be a terrific book to understanding yourself, others, and astrology better.

    "Darkside Zodiac" by Stella Hyde - A very humorous book. It makes fun of the negative aspects of each zodiac sign.

    "The Birthday Book" or "The Book of Birthdays" - don't remember by who, but it's a large book and really accurate.

    I'm a Gemini born on June 2nd. A lot of people say I'm extroverted, random, and completely aloof except for when it comes to work; I'm very hard headed, organized, and don't let anything slip. Oddly enough my rising sign is Capricorn. Also, many of my friends are Scorpio, and it turns out the ruling sign of my friendships is Scorpio. It's true that we are the "Jack of all trades, master of none"....well maybe not that harsh, but it perfectly represents our eagerness to be involved in many things, or interested in many things in life. Yay! Geminis!!!! 🙂

  • Hello all: I am also a fellow Gemini June 17th a (G.E.M) as I like to refer to us, and I kinda stumbled on this form by accident. Especially when I'm supposed to be cleaning my room at the moment, funny I turned on my computer to listen to my play list while I cleaned, sad to say that I will most likely find something else to do before I engage in what I actually started.

    I'm glad to hear that I am not alone with my inner behavior what some people may consider odd but I see as completely normal. I see that astrology may be one main characteristic interest for the G.E.M's as we are completely open minded and intelligent enough not to only understand it but to actually be able to break it down and explain it to others. When I read about my G.E.M characteristic it's like I'm wowed because it is me. I even did a past life reading and it pointed out when I experience certain things that I do as well as why I excel in many subjects or trades that I do, English, Math, Art, Music, Computers, Fashion, Hair, Teaching, Languages (haven't taken any) as well as sports that I do give a shot, even if I don't mainly have an interest in it. I think we can all relate with the cat lady, who owns no cats, lol. Funny about the language barrier or lack of for us. When I was doing my externship at my chosen clinic most of the girls spoke Spanish and on class I must say I couldn't get not because I wasn't smart enough I just became disinterested in it because I couldn't roll my R'sss, lol any way during mutual conversation they would forget and ask me questions in spanish and I would answer them in english, and they were amazed that I understood but what can you say about the fabulous gemini.

    I also have to admit that I am a "Jack of all trades, and a master of none" I can basically excel at any choice of occupation that I choose to work in, and I believe that the reason we are so gifted is that we take some of what we learned with us from out past life, and when it's time to learn it again it becomes second nature (no I'm not insane, but what Gemini actually is right?, lol) I find it funny when people thing that I am a mean person and have no feelings, when I believed that I was extra sensitive. I later learned that I can sense other people feelings funny because I work in health care I can tell by looking at someone when they are hurting (mentally not physically) and I can tell when they try to hide it.

    But not actually trying to write a book here but I guess it is okay, since we all do it. I should put Arthur on my resume as well, lol. But I will definitely stay posted, you will never know what you can learn with a group for gemini's . BTW Cat lady you ROCK!!! Another example of a Gemini twisted sense of humor. Take care my fellow G.E.M's

  • I'm a cancerian male and have Venus & Jupiter in Gemini. This is what my chart says for Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Gemini


    In love, you are more

    interested in a person's sense of

    humor and intelligence than in

    their physique. You like a partner

    who is mentally alive and who keeps

    you guessing a little bit, and you

    become restless and bored with

    someone who never asks questions,

    never changes or surprises you.

    Talking, sharing ideas, going

    places together, and learning new

    things together is very important

    to your happiness. You need lots of

    social stimulation, are something

    of a flirt, and like to have many

    friends of both sexes. A

    possessive, jealous partner is very

    stifling for you.


    You are a very sociable,

    congenial person and you wilt very

    quickly without the company of good

    friends and people to share good

    times with. You thoroughly enjoy

    working with others on group

    projects or community activities.

    You are quite happy when you are a

    part of a club, support group, or

    team of some sort.


    You have the ability to see

    connections between seemingly

    unrelated ideas or worlds, and to

    bring them together. You excel in

    any field requiring clear

    intellect, and verbal and

    communication skills. You have an

    insatiable curiosity and may read

    or watch television constantly in

    order to satisfy your need for

    mental stimulation. Your mind never



    You have good fortune working

    with groups, organizations, and

    others who share your ideals. You

    go further if you unite your

    efforts with others, as in clubs,

    networks, or civic associations.

    Social improvement, or benefiting

    your community is very important to


  • Hi, I am a Gemini also. I have lots of nick names, given and taken. LOL. One of my favorites is TURBO. 🙂 Makes ya think, hun?

  • I can see much of "me" in what you wrote, lately some personal issues have fallen upon me and I am alone involved in nothing and it is driving me CRAZY....looking into some outside activities that will bring new friendships and hopefully get me out of thgis daily routine of "nothingness"..wish me luck..

    Oh, new to this and I do have a question for all Gemini's ou there..Do you find that there is a difference between May gems and June gems, and if so what are they?

  • Hi goofygirlrn ...I guess I'm in a similiar boat as you are. I'm kind of stuck in a similiar rut and need new things to stimulate my mind. Are you a June Gemini or May Gemini, or a Cancerian?

  • I'm a Gemini, 09 June, and I'm very inquisitive, always exploring new things. I never stop learning and studying (my degree this year is a perfect example). I have also got a deep physic ability, which I use often, and I can feel other people's pain, especially if they lose someone close. I am extremely adaptable (a jack of all trades) and can memorise most things. This is what makes a good communicator as Geminis are know for. And, like other Geminis on this site, I am very open to everyone I meet; my partner gets mad with me, he says I will talk to anyone, especially ones I don't know. This can also be a disadvantage, as I am a very kind person also, and some people I have known have taken advantage of this. I am also very open minded, and I have been told many times that I don't look my age, I am a young 59 year old. Perhaps this is because I'm a Gemini - is there any other Gemini's who are Peter Pans.

  • Gemini May 27, and I must tell you my mind never, ever, ever, stops. I however found a way to funnel the craziness, I recently left my boring career of over 26 years to be come a novelist, yes writing is the outlet for me, and I am good at it. I never even knew it, I was meditating one day (which is a miracle in itself, cause my brain rarely slows down enough to achieve a meditative state) and I just asked for clarity, plain and simple. I asked, " How in the world can I funnel all this energy and craziness in my head". The answer came within seconds, write. I am not published yet, but I am almost there, haven't decided if I will self publish or use a literary agent. Any thoughts on that would be helpful for me.

    I hope this helps some of you, It saved my life.

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