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  • Maybe you have a Taurus rising (i do and I was born a day after you). ..

    yes I do like to hear what people have to say about me and to give me the blunt truth, but it's funny, i find myself more tolerant of it if I ask for it directly (I would be prepared not to take it in a hurtful manner). Sometimes people phrase their criticism in a hurtful way..and like you, I dont care what people think of me! only care about those that matter to me...we're better in that sense than cancerians let's say who continuously seek others' approval..

  • So true VofC,

    I don't really like to be around over emotional people who constantly seek validation from others! Not saying I'm unfeeling; if harsh critism came from someone I cared for, and they were being unreasonably mean about it--I'd be bothered. But then I'd lash out with a barrage of words (most they'd have to look up; Gemini's are like dictionaries sometimes). I really have to control myself at times because words are hurtful.

  • True! I'm to beginning to feel that feminist are such socially adept people who are also witty, so we can really crush a person's ego with our tongues as we know to hit where it hurts, in school I bullied the bullies with my sharp tongue (and yes they didn't understand half of what I said hehe)...

  • LOL! VoC--anyone who tries to match wits/words with a Gemini must be crazy! 🙂

  • Hi, I like Gemini's a lot, but they can be very hurtfut with their tongue :(. It hurts....

  • sweetie,

    I know it's true and I'm sorry if you've been a victim of a Gemini's tongue lashing...

  • My take on Geminis: Well I was with an abusive Gemini for 5 years. We almost married. Til I left hime for bigger better things. Then just recently I was attacked and almost raped by a Gemini. What a pig hope he rots in hell. Pretty sad on his part that hed actually have to force someone to sleep with him. Thank God he didnt get what he wanted his death would have been slow and painful. Infact I still hope it is one day. I hate Geminis. Geminis are evil and psycho. They are abusive and lack any kind of ambition and have no goal. They give off extreme insecurity around me. Im disgusted.

  • Carly,

    I really am sorry that you were almost hurt by THAT particular Gemini. I can understand why you sound so wounded and would blame the entire Gemini population. But I really think your hate is misguided. One individual doesn't describe all Gemini's. And what does a sign have to do with what a jerk he is period? Hate is a waste of time period, but I do understand where you are coming from being attacked like that. I hope you turned him in to the authorities.

  • Thanks Gemini4ever. Yeah I did but stupid me didnt go through with it like showing up. Just had a huge weight on my shoulders at the time and didnt feel a lot of people would be on my side. And its pretty hard when something like that happens and then you have everyone you know knowing about it. I feel now though from not following through I kinda turned my back on myself. That guy is seriously disgusting. I hate myself more because I didnt follow through to protect myself by showing up in court but I havent seen him since.

    Im just saying with Geminis cause I had a similiar psychotic experience with my ex. not rape but just mind screwing and like horror movie feeling. He was physically abusive and would have killed me. As for this pig who thought he could get what he wanted if at all he thought he would or achieved it believe me I would have killed him afterwards. The power this disgusting pig thought he had is insane. I wish nothing good to happen to him. I knew him too.. I wouldnt say he was a friend but I knew him growing up. I was very vunerable as a teen (or so people thought).. I had a "best friend" scorpio girl who was very controlling and nasty but this loser I knew it thought he could get over on me. I was scared to death and then he started acting crazier like saying why are you acting scared? Then he wasnt so tough when I finally got away from him and called the police.

  • Well don't beat yourself up about it. You didn't show up and what's done is done. I would suggest you speak to someone professionally even if only for a few sessions. YOU are not guilty of ANYTHING, remember that. Be kind to yourself--even if others don't. If others are unkind to you and you are unkind to yourself as well--well that doesn't sound like a good thing does it? Some Gemini's are known to play mind games, but again we're talking about Astrology. People are people, some are nice; some are jerks. Once you get the notion that one is a jerk stay clear of them! I'm sorry you seem to have gone through quite a bit and not very nice instances. Don't feel afraid to talk to someone you trust. Hope things are better for you now without all the extra drama...

  • My bf has a lot of Gemini and I'm a Libra/ Gem Rising.

  • Their like a ROLLER COASTER......

  • Yes but we're FABULOUS! lol!

  • i met a MALE Gemini Friend back in September, and we really hit it off. We became friends for only 1 month, then he moved back home. We admitted that we a strong bond or connection and really attracted to each other... so despite of our circumstances and the long distance, we continue to communicate through emails. He prefers emails as he is good at it, and the circumstances we both have is not really agreeing.. It was a roller coaster, as there are somedays I find myself waiting for his emails. At first he was in close contact, I will find 7 emails sitting in my inbox..I got used to it so I became closer to him and find myself emailing every other day or now and then. I find our communication is getting lesser, and realized that he always come out with different reasons why he couldnt respond right away. Since we are friends, I never told him how I feel for not writing back, because it is not his obligation to write me, i feel that I have no right or it is not right to demand for his attention.. I find him so confusing, giving me mixed signal so I feel tired with the mind games. I kept my feet in the ground and tried to get my head straight to not be involve romantically as there were times, I was being sweet as a friend, then I will find him distant he will tell me" Is the planet misalign or switching"? He never took advantage of our friendship, although I think he Knows how I feel for him. He is a big flirt but I know he does not harm or does not mean what he say. He always tease me that I am sexy and attractive but I never paid attention with it, as he told me he just want to be friends as we are both committed.

    One day, he told me he need to close his personal email due to his gf found out our emails, our emails is plainly platonic, (so I am not really worried about it). I thought that will be the end, I planned of not writing him, but then I received an email (please keep writing to my AKO email, as you are the only positive things in my life, I need you to push me in the right direction.. etc) So I continued to write. He never failed to respond but it will take 4-5 days to respond. what kills me is the waiting part. I dont mind the waiting sometimes as I understand people are busy, but when he answered he always leave a question and phrase "hope to hear from you soon." but then when I respond it will take a week or 4 days for him to reply., then the longest was 2 weeks.

    I lost my patience because the last email I received from him was long asking questions about starting a blog and so I spent time writing my thoughts, but then I did not hear anything from him in 2 weeks. So I sent him a goodbye letter, that this is it,( i closed my yahoo, fb, and skype).. I never thought he will reply as I thought he already disappeared, but the next day he responded with my goodbye email and this is what he said:

    This is in response to the message you sent on Yahoo and apparently have already closed the account. You are probably correct that we have been saying good bye for some time. Not really by choice but my circumstances are making it difficult to check and reply to messages and frankly the mess that is my personal life right now is putting too much stress on you and on our friendship. Thanks for making the effort to say goodbye, like you I sometimes run and hide versus face a situation. I will honor your request and not write to you HOWEVER I will also say that I can always be reached through this account. If you should ever need me again, no matter when or for whatever reason you can always get a hold of me here and while I may not get the message immediately I will eventually reply. You are a wonderful person and I wish things were different between us. But I agree with your assessment of what is needed right now. While I will miss you I am content to remember what we shared and to remember you as the sweet person you are.

    A friend always,


    (p.s. If at all possible let me know you got this so I can at least feel we closed out correctly. )

    it melted my heart again.. I mean why not just stop right? why not just completely ignore my email? he tell me to keep writing and yet he doesnt response anyways..

    I couldn't help myself to respond to his last email, I feel that to bring my sanity back, I need to email him back, so this is what I said.

    "You never stress me with your problems/issues and to be honest, I prefer hearing it. No matter how much you made me feel appreciated, I feel that things are slowly disconnecting and to be honest, I should have get the message, and finally, I did..... Whatever reasons you have, I completely understand... I know people change, priorities, careers, personal life, and (who knows an old friend came back).. I am just kidding. 😉 .. People just come and go, and I am used to it... Thank you for the effort of writing me back. I hope that this is the kind of closed out you need, I hope you feel better. So Goodbye, I wish you all the best... :-)"

    I dont mean to say Goodbye, but I feel like one part of me is stucked... .. I feel like if I continue to write, things will just be hurtful in the end... I love him but even though I want to continue to stay in touch with him, i know the circumstances is not right for both of us, so I have to let go... . I will admit I miss his sweet emails though, evem talking to him in skype.. But not sure what to do... We are just friends, but I do have a feelings for him.. and it is really hard to fight for it.

    I am not sure if I will hear from him again. But I do miss him.

  • I am Sagittarius 12/2

  • ostrichgem,

    12 /2 is tall for a sagittarius ! 😮 ) lol......... what year were u born ?

  • earthwindandfire: 12/2/1980. Yes I am quite tall 🙂

  • I consider myself an evolved Scorpio woman and that is wonderful news for the lucky new Gemini man in my life because he is for the most part completely safe from my possessive, vengeful, jealous stinger. I can actualy trust myself with a sensitive sign like Gemini that I would not be destructive and this is especially true b/c I am doing so much to understand his nature.

    That being said, I've only had one Gemini female friend in my life and I remember her as intriguing and considered her my partner in crime; we'd have so much fun together acting out on any idea that popped into our minds! Geminis really know how to have so much fun! This new guy is only the 2nd Gemini I've allowed to come closer to my inner is strange because before I met a male Gemini I used to think that Leos (overlooking their melodrama/histrionics) were the strongest zodiac counterpart (after Scorpios of course ;-P) but despite the at first glance seemingly inconstant flighty nature of a Gemini, I realize that their strength actually comes from their duality. After reading the comments I now feel that Gemini/Scorpios have a special connection, respect and intrigue with one other. I would have never imagined any of this I really don't know why I didn't find more Gemini people until recently...there is such an unspoken mutual respect between these two signs. Regardless of what Gemini/Scorpio compatibility predictions purport--these two signs are the ultimate power couple.

  • scorpiogirl,

    I agree with you that scorpio and gemini can get along famously. Well I get along with females...the males are know-it-alls and I can't stand them! I like scorpio women because you never wonder what is on their mind--they will tell you. You get the truth from them. Sometimes they work my last nerve but that's ok because I'm straightforward a well and tell them! THey like that as well. They are cool peeps.

  • Hello there!! I’m glad to see another thread just for Gemini, there is a few questions I would like to ask some Gems if I may. I have been talking to a male Gem for about 4 months, nothing official and we haven’t crossed the boyfriend girlfriend stage. I am a developed Scorpio as that lovely lady stated so beautifully in her post. I am not possessive or jealous (I’m sure I could be if in a committed relationship) and I do trust myself with such a sensitive sign/ I normally run for the hills when I see Gemini but this one is a little different. Not only does he text and call (as much as a Gem will to a love interest in the first stages of a relationship) but he’s been asking questions about my past relationships and if I’m seeing anyone else besides him and quickly adds that he’s not ‘wooing’ anyone else. I give him his space and he’s always saying he’s missing me, wants to see me etc… and that he thinks he’s falling for me. Now I know Gem’s say things and I need and inside look. Advise and tips would be so appreciated!!

    Oh, and I have seen his evil twin, his cash flow has dropped significantly and he’s not asked me for a dime and tries to keep it quiet but will vent every so often and even spilled a few family issues he’s been having with his mother. As much as I hate to say it, I know telling personal things to someone else is a good sign for Gems.

    He's a comedian/minor leauge baseball player

    and I work in a medical laboratory (I also hold a PhD in religion)

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